(Fixed) Why Does my Alexa Beep at 3 am? 5 Reasons

If you have Amazon Alexa at your place, you might know how helpful and convenient this tool is.

But sometimes, your Alexa may start a beeping sound in the early morning.

Users often get irritated by this feature and wonder: Why does my Alexa beep at 3 am?

Alexa randomly beeps early in the morning because your routine settings had been set at a high volume for 3 am.

Another possible reason might be that you have a reminder or notification set for 3 am in the morning.

But if both reasons are invalid, your Alexa might have an error in its system.

Therefore, there can be multiple justifiable reasons for your question: why does my Alexa beep at 3 am?

Check out the following context to know further why Alexa chimes in the morning and how to fix this issue.

Why Does my Alexa Beep at 3 am? 5 Reasons and Solutions

Why Does my Alexa Beep at 3 am? 5 Main Reasons & Fixes

Having your own virtual assistant in the form of an Alexa app and echo dot can help you greatly in your daily Alexa routine tasks.

From assisting in cooking by reading recipes aloud to playing your favorite songs, Alexa has many useful features.

It is apt to say that the Amazon Alexa app and the smart Echo device are the most accessible virtual technology.

However, from time to time, you can encounter some issues with your Alexa device.

Of all such problems, the most reported one is that Alexa chimes early at 3 am.

It’s not a few users who reported this problem.

But multiple customers have registered this complaint on Amazon’s website.

The possible aspects behind this issue are briefly mentioned above.

But if you want to inspect the issue to its core and determine its solutions, refer to the following points.

1. The Volume-Adjustment Routine

Alexa randomly beeps early in the morning primarily because of the volume adjustment routine.

This volume adjustment routine allows users can change the alarm sound and regulate the alarm settings.

Typically, the volume-adjustment Alexa routines are set at 3 am.

Owing to this general setting, Alexa chimes daily at three in the morning, which may interfere with your sleep.

One must change the volume-adjustment settings to prevent Alexa from ringing every morning or Even Alexa randomly lighting.

How to Solve this Issue?

If you are tired of Alexa randomly beeping at 3 am, observe the below points to change its volume-adjustment routine.

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Select the Alexa “icon” at the right corner of the Alexa app.
  • You will see the “Routine” tab when you click on the icon.
  • In this section, search for the routine set for 3 am.
  • You will see the “When does it happen” option by scrolling over it.
  • Within this section, you will find that the routine is set to 3 am.
  • Change the routine to your desired time, such as 9 am or 5 pm.
  • Once you comply with instructions, Alexa’s beeping will be no longer at 3 am.
How to Solve this Issue

2. Alexa Notifications

Alexa also functions as your mobile phone and forwards you social, email, and general notifications.

Generally, Alexa’s notifications are enabled by the owner.

If you permit Alexa, it will start sending notifications.

Unlike cell phones, Alexa does not vibrate when a new notification arrives.

Instead, it produces a sound similar to its reminders and alarm.

Thus, if a new message reaches your paired device at 3 am, Alexa will beep immediately.

How to Solve this Issue?

Receiving notifications through Alexa early in the morning can be pretty disturbing.

Thus, to resolve this issue, you can either disable notifications from Alexa or mute the device’s volume.

This will keep Echo dot beeps, Alexa notifications, weird noises, background noise, and random echo beeps off.

If you lower Alexa’s voice, you will have to fix it again in the morning and repeat the process at night.

Therefore, disabling notifications from Alexa is a more suitable option.

  • Go to the Alexa app.
  • Scroll over its “Notification” bar.
  • Click on the “Disable” option to switch off notifications.

3. Reminders and Alarms

Reminders and Alarms

Another viable reason for the customers’ question, “Why does my Alexa beep at 3 am?” is undeleted alarms or reminders.

You might have set the alarm in the past for 3 am but forgot to delete it, and it may be causing trouble now.

How to Solve this Issue?

The un-removed alarm or reminder is the one that might be disturbing your sleep in the morning.

Follow the below method to remove that problematic alarm of Alexa Beep at 3 am.

  • Visit “Alexa” on your mobile.
  • Go to the “Alarms and Reminder” section.
  • There you will find the set alarms/reminders.
  • Find the alarm that is set for three in the morning.
  • Hold it for five seconds to delete the alarm.
  • Once the alarm/reminder is deleted, Alexa will no longer chime at 3 am.

4. Low Battery Issue

Like other devices, Amazon Alexa also operates on a battery, which requires timely charging.

In case you don’t charge it, Alexa will start beeping repeatedly.

Since Alexa operates 24/7, its battery can get low anytime.

Therefore, it will chime immediately if its battery gets low in the middle of the night.

How to Solve this Issue?

By regularly charging Alexa devices, you can avoid such low-battery issues.

Moreover, you can switch off Alexa before sleeping so that it does not disturb you in the middle of your sleep.

5. General Error

General Error

General errors can also cause Alexa Beep at 3 am.

Sometimes, the reason behind the Alexa beeps randomly cannot be the above aspects but a general error.

A glitch can occur in Alexa’s system, which can cause it to chime constantly.

This happens when Alexa is damaged, or changes are made to the Alexa app.

How to Solve this Issue?

To solve this issue, you should refresh the Alexa app or reinstall it.

By doing so, the Alexa device will reset to its original specifications.

You can also restart the Echo device, as it can be the source of the glitch causing the alarm to beep at 3 am the middle of the night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to know why Alexa is beeping at 3 am?

The easiest method to locate a potential issue in Alexa’s device is to ask herself about the problem.

When Alexa beeps at 3 am the middle of the night, you can ask, ‘Why are you chiming?’ or ‘What is the issue?’

In this way, Alexa Echo Dot will explain the core issue herself.

Can you resolve a systematic error in Alexa?

You can try refreshing the Alexa Echo Dot app to resolve the issue.

But if none of these methods works, you must call the Amazon Help Center and ask for professional assistance to solve the problem.

Can you switch off Alexa without deleting the Alexa app?

Yes, you can easily switch off Alexa without uninstalling the Alexa app on your mobile phone.

You can do so by pressing the button present behind the Alexa device.


I hope the above points cleared your questions regarding Alexa chiming in at 3 a.m.

Most frequently, the issue is related to the volume-adjustment routine, which can be resolved using the above method.

But if the problem persists, you can contact the Amazon Customer Care Center and ask for professional assistance.

In a nutshell, you can stop Alexa every night notification sounds with the help of the default settings and using the disturb mode.

Simply give voice commands or a volume change routine feature to turn off the ambient sounds on the Amazon Echo Dot.

You can also use the wake-up command, a new wake word, a mute button, change the volume, or give any other request command to Alexa.

Hence she will stop beeping sounds.

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