Can Alexa Routine Trigger Another Routine? Do This Now!

Adding multiple triggers to the Alexa routine can increase the device’s efficiency and make it more productive.

Alexa routines are hard to comprehend at first, but they can prove extremely useful once you become familiar with their productivity.

Since these routines boost Alexa’s logic capacity, many people ask, “can Alexa routine trigger another routine?”

Yes, you can create an Alexa routine and trigger another routine to make your daily routine easier.

You can make all the changes in the mobile app settings.

Earlier, you could not add multiple triggers to the Alexa routine.

But 2020’s software update of Alexa allows linking Routines and enhancing the device’s functionality.

Since Alexa Routines are such a complex term for new users, linking and adding triggers may seem a bigger task.

If you are also trying to understand how Alexa routine triggers another routine and want to combine them, you are at the right place.

In this context, you will find a comprehensive guide on Alexa Routines and how one Routine triggers another.

What is Alexa’s Routine?

Alexa Routine is a shortcut for all the actions or activities that Alexa can perform.

What is Alexa's Routine

It may involve playing your favorite song from Spotify at a specific time of the day, screening a movie on weekends, or adjusting the thermostat in the morning.

These routines are triggered automatically without you having to ask them.

They are accessed via the Amazon Alexa app and can be set for a specific date, an entire week, a month, a year, etc.

They act similarly to the Reminders.

However, the primary difference between Reminders and Alexa Routine is that the latter performs activities rather than just reminding you of them as a task.

Please Remember: the Alexa Routine feature differs from the Alexa Alarm feature.

How to Create a Routine with Alexa?

Since Alexa Routines is still a new feature to many, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to create a Routine with Alexa.

Contrary to common misconception, creating Routines with Alexa is easy and uncomplicated.

If you also want to set such a Routine, simply observe the following steps:

  • Go to the Alexa app on your phone, iPad, or tablet.
  • Scroll to the Navigation Panel.
  • Tap on the “More” section.
  • Click on the “Routines” from the “Menu.”
  • At the top-right corner, there will be a plus sign. Select it.
  • Enter a title name for the Routine and press the “Next” option.
  • Choose a trigger for the Routine and select “Next” again.
  • Select the activities you want Alexa to opt for.
  • Finally, select the Echo device you want the Routine to play.
  • Tap on “Save” to store the Routine. Your newly-created Routine will be displayed in the Routines section.
  • You can change, update, or disable the Routine from the “Routines” section of the “Menu.”

How to Trigger Alexa Routine?

Unlike calendars and reminders, Alexa Routine does not only use time and date as a trigger.

Instead, motion, voice commands, and linked Routines are some other aspects that can trigger the Alexa Routine.

While creating the Routine on the app, you will be asked to select your preferred trigger type.

For instance, you have chosen voice command as the desired trigger for your “Morning” routine.

How to Trigger Alexa Routine

In this case, the Routine will only be triggered when you command it with your set words, like “Good Morning.”

Similarly, you can choose a motion sensor as a trigger for your Routine.

In this case, whenever Alexa detects motion within a specified period of the day (e.g., 6 to 7 AM), the “Morning” Routine will get triggered.

Once the motion is detected, Alexa will activate the Routine and perform all the activities which it was assigned (e.g., opening the shades, re-adjusting the thermostat, daily calendar, etc.)

You can also get some ideas for Alexa routine to use this feature more efficiently.

Can Alexa Routine Trigger Another Routine?

Can Alexa Routine Trigger Another Routine? Do This Now!

Earlier, one Alexa routine could not trigger another one.

But with the newer updates, it has become viable to link Routines and use one of them to start another.

By linking Alexa Routines, you can accelerate the intelligence of the Alexa device.

Follow the below procedure if you also want to fuse different Routines.

  • Create a new Alexa routine with the procedure mentioned above.
  • Add a new customized action to the Routine.
  • Tap on the “Custom Command” option.
  • Permit the “Enable Routine” command by entering the Routine title (e.g., you link Routine X with Y).
  • Click on the “Save” option.

Once you link Routine X with Y, Routine X will always get triggered whenever Routine Y comes into action.

You can add more Routines to the X and Y by customizing them further in the “Custom Command” section.

Can you Create Alexa Routine to Disable Routine?

Another amazing feature of Alexa Routine is creating a routine to disable another one.

To do so, you must observe the following steps;

  • Create a routine titled “Disable.”
  • Add a custom Alexa command, “Disable Routine (e.g., A).”
  • Set a trigger for the Routine.
  • Click on the “Save” option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Alexa Routine call another Routine?

Yes, it is viable for an Alexa Routine to call or trigger another Routine.

It happens when you link Alexa Routines with each other and set varying triggers for them.

Can Alexa detect motion?

Alexa has a built-in motion sensor, which determines the occupancy of the room by monitoring the motion and triggers the Routine accordingly.

Can Alexa do conditional Routines?

Accessing the Custom Command option allows you to set conditional Routines on Alexa for a specified time, date, or month.


Alexa Routine is an incredibly useful feature that allows you to organize Alexa activities without constantly commanding the device.

Moreover, linking these Routines can make these actions more effective and helpful.

And as you might have known by now, it is not difficult to make Alexa Routine trigger another Routine.

You can easily link and bind multiple Routines with a few simple steps.

I hope you found your answer; Can Alexa Routine trigger another Routine?

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