(Fixed) Alexa Device Is Unresponsive – 5 Easy Solutions

Alexa is a handy device that can help you get valuable information preserving your time.

But what if Alexa device is unresponsive? It could be a big hassle for you, well! don’t worry.

I will go through all the possible reasons for this breakdown and tell you how to fix it. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it;

To clear the unresponsiveness issue of your Alexa device, you will need to follow these measures the problem.

They include power cycling Alexa in case of a software issue, checking the microphone for damages, reconnecting the WiFi for good signal strength, or updating the device software.

These will fix the device.

If you have been an Alexa user for a long time, then you would know that this device could often run into issues like these.

So, don’t worry because I will give you all the ways to fix the machine. So, make sure to stick around till the end.

5 Reasons Alexa Device Is Unresponsive

[Fixed] Alexa Device Is Unresponsive 5 Easy Solutions

There could be many reasons for your Alexa being unresponsive, depending on your situation.

Still, here I will give you 5 of the most common reasons your Alexa device could be unresponsive.

Those reasons are as follows;

1. Damaged Microphone

The first common reason for Alexa being unresponsive is a damaged microphone.

This will not transmit your voice to the machine, so the device will not respond.

This is a common issue amongst Alexa devices but can be fixed.

2. Issue With WiFi

Another common factor is the connectivity issue with the WiFi.

It could be that the device is not picking up the signals, or the WiFi router has blocked out your Alexa device for some reason.

Either way, it could get fixed through a WiFi reset.

3. Power Cycling Need

Power Cycling Need

Sometimes, the issue with your Alexa device is internal and miscellaneous.

There is no specific reason for it.

It just jumbles up its settings and desperately needs power cycling.

Details for the procedure will be shared further in the article.

4. Update Required

Every now and then, an update comes in for the Alexa device to keep all of the functionalities up to date and working smoothly.

At times, this could be the reason for your Alexa being unresponsive.

But this is the easiest to eliminate, so read till the end.

5. Wake Word Issue

Wake is a trigger word for the Alexa device to start its functionality.

The setting of this word is all up to the user.

This could also be a reason for unresponsiveness because you could be using a word that is different from the set trigger word for the device.

Only the user would know that word.

How to Fix if Alexa Device Is Unresponsive?

How to Fix if Alexa Device Is Unresponsive

Once you know the issue, you must perform a particular set of measures to fix the issue altogether.

For that, you will have to follow one of the following tips accustomed to the problem you are facing;

  • Replace the microphone of your Alexa to transmit a valid message every time.
  • Reset the WiFi settings on your Alexa mobile application or restart the router itself to fix the unresponsiveness issue.
  • For a power cycle, unplug your device and wait for about 10 seconds, then plug it back in and use the mobile application to reset the device to its factory settings.
  • You can open your mobile application and check for Alexa software updates; if there are any, you can install them directly from that application.
  • For the wake trigger, simply navigate through your mobile application and reset the wake trigger to a word of your preference. Like, Alexa, Echo or Computer, etc.

What If The Alexa Is Still Unresponsive?

If, even after following each of the above-mentioned steps, your Alexa device is not getting responsive again, then it would be best to contact a professional.

The most optimal way would be to call the Amazon helpline and ask them for guidance.

Another method could be to ask for a replacement if the warranty period still applies.

What If The Alexa Is Still Unresponsive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Alexa show unresponsive?

Your Alexa Show device could become unresponsive for many reasons, the most common being power issues, WiFi connectivity issues, software update issues, and hardware issues.

All of these issues can be fixed by following the guide given above in this article.

You will not find it hard to complete the fixing process.
So, use this guide to fix the issue you are facing with your Alexa show.

How do I reset my Alexa device?

You can easily reset your Alexa device through the Amazon echo mobile application.

Once you open the app, go to the option that says Devices.
After that, scroll to the Alexa or Echo icon and tap on it.

This interface will show you all the speakers or devices under the Alexa designation.

Select the one you want and then scroll to find the factory reset option.
Once you tap that option, the reset process will start.

Why is Alexa orange and not responding?

Alexa has built-in light indicators for errors.
A glowing orange light on this device is also one of them.

An orange light gets ON in an Alexa because it is facing trouble connecting to the WiFi or is in setup mode and needs manual override.

For the first issue, you can fix it by resetting the WiFi on Alexa using the mobile application.

As for the latter one, you will have to override it using the same application.


Facing unresponsive issues in an Alexa device is very common, but you need to access the information and privileges Alexa provides.

So, you should get them fixed as soon as possible.

Fixing these issues is easy if you know what the problem is.

This article aims to familiarize you with the reasons for this specific issue and how to tackle them.

You can follow this easy-to-understand guide, and if you still have any questions, you can freely reach out to me.

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    1. Alexa devices generally experience low rates of unresponsiveness, but occasional issues can arise due to connectivity issues, firmware glitches, or device-specific factors. There isn’t a clear pattern of specific models being more prone to this problem, as individual experiences vary. Regular updates from Amazon may address performance issues, and troubleshooting steps can often resolve unresponsiveness. Users can check official support channels for the latest information and guidance.

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