How To Change Location and Time Zone on Alexa?

Since Alexa integrates into your routine tasks, its time zone and location must be accurate for an authentic user interface.

If you use a false time zone and location, Alexa cannot provide genuine services. 

However, people new to the Echo device usually need to familiarize themselves with how to change location and time zone on Alexa.

If you also need help to do so, then refer to the following guide. 

In this context, we have mentioned how to change Alexa’s location and time zone.

Our guide will work for all if you have Amazon Echo / Echo Dot or Amazon Show/ Spot. 

How to Change Location and Time Zone on Alexa? 

How to Change Location and Time Zone on Alexa Echo Show or Spot?

Contrary to some misconceptions, the location and time zone on Alexa devices can only be changed via the app.

You cannot command Echo or Echo Dot device to change the territory of your device.

Instead, you must follow a certain procedure on the Amazon app to alter and customize the time and location.

How Can You Change Location on Alexa? 

First, let’s scrutinize how to change the location on Alexa. 

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app
  2. Tap on the “Devices” section, visible at the bottom end of the screen.
  3. Choose the device on which you want to change the location.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and choose the “Location” option. 
  5. At the top, it will ask you to choose the country where you currently live. Select it from the given list. 
  6. Once you do so, it will ask you to write your “Home Address.” Carefully enter the address, as it will be the locale where all your Amazon parcels will be sent when you order with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. 
  7. Click the “Save” option and scroll back to the “Main Menu.”

How Can You Change Time Zone on Alexa? 

Now to change the time zone on Alexa, you must observe the following steps; 

  • Go to the “Devices” section of the app. 
  • Choose your Amazon device and scroll to the “Time Zone” option. 
  • Click it; select the Alexa device’s current or desired time zone. 
  • The changings will be saved automatically, meaning you can scroll back to the ‘Main Menu” without saving the information. 

How Can You Change the Time on Alexa? 

Many people ask whether you must update the Alexa device’s time after changing the location and time zone.

The simple answer is no. When you change the location of your Echo or Dot device, its time also gets updated. 

However, sometimes due to malfunction, the time of your Amazon device might be displayed wrong even after resetting the time zone.

In such a situation, try setting the location again and see if it works. 

Besides, changing the location and time zone on one Amazon device will not change it on the other.

That is why if you want to change the time zone and location on multiple Amazon devices, you must execute the above procedures separately on each of them. 

How to Change Location and Time Zone on Alexa Echo Show or Spot?

How to Change Location and Time Zone on Alexa Echo Show?

If you have the Alexa Echo Show or Spot device, you don’t need to use the app to change the location and time zone.

Instead, you can do so on the same device by changing its settings. 

How Can You Change Location on Echo Show or Spot? 

You can do so with the help of the following steps; 

  • Open the Alexa app and go to device options.
  • Tap the Settings section.
  • Go to the “Devices” option. 
  • Scroll down to the “Location.”
  • Enter the address on the device manually.

How can you Change Time Zone on Echo Show or Spot? 

The procedure to change the time zone on Echo Show or Spot is quite the same. It includes; 

  • Go to the “Settings.” 
  • Click the “Devices” section.
  • Search for the “Time Zone” option. 
  • Choose the desired correct time zone and save it. 

Why is it Important to Change Location and Time Zone on Alexa?

When you move to a new place with a different time zone, your Amazon Echo speaker might still be using the time zone and location of the previous destination.

You may think that Alexa automatically updates its locale and time zone. But in actuality, it does not happen. Users must set the time zone and locale manually. 

Similarly, sometimes Alexa comes with a factory-set time zone and location. You need to change Alexa’s location and time zone to have an authentic user experience.

For instance, Alexa’s time zone and location are incorrect, and you set the alarm for 8 am morning.

In this situation, the Alexa alarm will function according to the specified time and location rather than your territorial details.

The following features are utterly dependent on Alexa’s time zone and location and may be affected if inappropriately set. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How is Alexa Show different from the Echo device? 

Contrary to the standard Alexa Echo and Echo Dot, Alexa Show also has a screen.

Besides vocally commanding and controlling Alexa, you can also operate it via its touch screen. 

Why is Alexa saying the wrong time?

Alexa might be displaying the wrong time because your time zone needs to be corrected.

To correct the time and date, you must change the time zone of your Alexa device. 

Does Alexa automatically updates location? 

No, Alexa cannot automatically update the location of the device. Instead, you must change the device’s locale via the app or screen device settings.


Setting the correct time zone and location on the Alexa device is highly crucial, as falsified data can hamper its functioning.

Changing time and device location on Alexa devices is relatively easy; doing so will provide you with a more customized experience. 

In a nutshell, you can easily change the device’s location and time zone with the Alexa app. At the same time, you ensure that you get the correct details from Alexa.

So that you can set alarms, and daily routines, check weather situations, road planning, etc. 

You can also explore the Amazon Echo device’s other features by going to the settings icon.

You can find this icon at the bottom right corner or top right corner of your screen.

Meanwhile, the correct data on Alexa will greatly help you in your daily life. 

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