Can Alexa Control Apple TV? Yes, But How?

With the help of Alexa, you can boost the functionality of your TV.

But many Apple users frequently ask on the Internet, “Can Alexa control Apple TV?”

Yes, Alexa can connect and control your Apple TV.

But unlike other modern TVs, Apple TVs do not have a built-in Alexa feature.

Therefore, if you want to control Apple TV vocally, you must pair it with Alexa speakers.

Check out the following context, If you want to know more about how can Alexa control Apple TV.

By pairing your Apple TV with Alexa speakers, you can enable the command feature and operate its different features.

So, let’s take look at the step-by-step settings tutorial.

Can Alexa Control Apple TV or Not?

Can Alexa Control Apple TV or Not?

Alexa and Apple TV are two leading devices in the market.

Alexa easily pairs with Android televisions and provides the vocal command feature.

But many people may wonder if can Alexa control Apple TV.

As stated earlier, you can control the Apple TV with Alexa. But unfortunately, there is no direct method to do so.

Instead, you will need a third-party source to connect the TV with Alexa.

The best method to pair Alexa with Apple TV is to use a BlueTooth device.

There are multiple BlueTooth devices in the market.

But the best one is undoubtedly the “Harmony Hub” device.

The Alexa app does not have the required efficiency to pair with the Apple TV.

That is why the Hub is used to manage the complex connection procedure of Apple TVs.

The Hub simplifies the connectivity path and, thus, allows pairing between the TV and Alexa app.

How to Connect and Control Apple TV with Alexa?

How to Connect and Control Apple TV with Alexa?

To allow Alexa to control your Apple TV, you must connect it first to the TV via the Harmony Hub.

Besides that, a few other steps are essential to pair Alexa with Apple TV. These include,

Step 1: Gather the Required Equipment

Since it requires extensive set-up, pairing Alexa with Apple TV can be quite a hassling process.

You will need essential equipment to connect the TV to the Alexa device successfully. The necessary items include;

Step 2: Prepare the “Hub” Device

Prepare the “Hub” Device

As stated earlier, Alexa cannot directly connect with Apple TV.

Instead, a device like Harmony Hub is essential to establish connectivity between two devices.

The Harmony Hub device opens the connection to the Apple device and allows the Alexa app to develop a secure connection.

The Hub delivers infrared signals to operate the Apple TV and the features you can typically access via the remote.

First, you must connect the Hub remote to the WiFi.

Ensure that you use the same WiFi connection that you are using for the Apple TV.

Next, set up the Harmony Hub in front of the Apple TV device.

It is done to ensure no interruption in sending signals between the Hub and the Apple device.

If you keep it in a closed area with an obstacle between it and the TV, it won’t be able to deliver signals aptly.

Then download the Harmony Hub on your smartphone or tablet to access the Hub device.

After installing the app, you must create an account and locate your Hub remote within the devices section.

Step 3: Pair Apple TV with the Hub App

Pair Apple TV with the Hub App

After you create an account on it, you can pair the Hub with the Apple TV.

Contrary to misconception, pairing the Apple TV with the Hub app is relatively easier.

Observe the following steps to connect the Apple TV device with the Harmony Hub app on your smartphone.

  • Open the “Hub” app.
  • Go to the “Settings.”
  • Look for the “Devices” option.
  • This section will find the devices eligible for pairing with the Hub app.
  • Ensure that your Apple TV has a WiFi connection. Otherwise, the Hub app will not be able to locate it. 
  • Click on the “Connect” option to pair the TV with the app.

Step 4: Connect the Hub App with Alexa

The next step is to pair the Harmony Hub application with the Alexa device. To do so, observe the below points.

  • Go to the Harmony Hub app.
  • Create an “Activity” on the app.
  • Go to the voice command section to operate the Apple TV vocally.
  • Next, create a separate activity for “Alexa.”

You can pair the two devices once you have created the activity lists for Alexa and Harmony Hub.

After connecting them, you can control the Apple TV with Alexa.

Step 5: Activate Alexa for Apple TV

Activate Alexa for Apple TV

The last step in this procedure is to activate Alexa for the Apple device.

To do so, you must say aloud, “Alexa, watch Apple TV device,” in front of Alexa speakers.

Once done, you can vocally operate and command Apple TV via Alexa Echo or Echo Dot.

What is the Alternative Method to Control Apple TV with Alexa?

Some people find the above-described method too hassling to connect Apple TV with Alexa.

If you think the same, you can try “Homebridge Server.”

First, you should install the Homebridge app on your smartphone or computer.

Next, get the Alexa plugin and enter it into the Homebrodge server.

After that, connect the server to Apple TV.

With this process, you can command Alexa to control the Apple TV vocally.

However, it is not a secure method, and you must do it at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you directly pair Alexa with Apple TV?

No, Apple TV does not fully support its integration with Alexa speakers.

That is why you must use a third-party hub to establish a connection between Alexa and Apple TV.

Can I control Apple TV vocally if Alexa speakers are not charged?

If the Alexa speakers are not charged, you cannot vocally command Apple TV.

In this case, you must switch to the remote control to access TV features.

Can Alexa control Roku TV?

Roku TVs come with a pre-integrated Alexa feature.
It implies that you won’t have to purchase Alexa Echo separately to pair it with your TV.

You must activate Alexa on Roku TV to command it vocally.


Apple products are the most popular devices these days. But unfortunately, their compatibility with other devices, including Alexa, remains questionable.

They cannot be integrated with the Alexa app, which results in connectivity issues.

However, the above methods answer the query, “Can Alexa control Apple TV.”

You can easily pair the Alexa app with any Apple TV model with their aid.

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