How to Connect iHeartRadio on Alexa? Complete Usage Guide

Streaming services are getting popular in today’s world.

Users can now interact with their favorite music streaming platforms without even touching their devices, thanks to the introduction of voice-enabled devices.

One platform that has made great progress in this regard is iHeartRadio.

It can easily be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa.

To connect iHeartRadio to Alexa, users must link their iHeartRadio account to their Alexa-enabled device.

Once linked, users can access their favorite stations, podcasts, and songs with simple voice commands.

Using iHeartRadio with Alexa integration has enabled users to enjoy their favorite tunes without ever having to touch their devices.

I will show you how to run iHeartRadio on Alexa in this article.

I will also review the advantages and potential drawbacks of using iHeartRadio on Alexa.

Stick with us till the end to know all there is to know about using iHeartRadio on Alexa.

How To Connect iHeartRadio on Alexa?

How to Connect iHeartRadio on Alexa?

Follow these simple steps to enable iHeartRadio on your device through Alexa:

  • First, download and open the Alexa app on your device, and go to the Music & Podcasts section.
  • Select iHeartRadio as your preferred streaming service and link your account to your Alexa-enabled device.

You can now control the music by speaking and enjoy the best hands-free music and podcast experience.

And do you want to know the best part?

iHeartRadio is compatible with any Alexa-enabled devices, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, etc.

This means you can access all of your favorite tunes and podcasts from any device with Alexa built-in.

Using iHeartRadio on Alexa

Using iHeartRadio on Alexa

Once you have successfully linked your iHeartRadio account to your Alexa-enabled device, you can start exploring the system.

To access your desired radio stations, you can use a wide range of voice commands.

Here is a list of just a couple of things you can do:

1. Playing Radio

One of the highlights of using iHeartRadio on Alexa is the ability to play specific radio stations.

All you need to do is say, “Alexa, play [station name],” and there you go.

You will be tuned in to that station immediately!

You can also make your stations based on your favorite musicians or genres for even more musical creativity.

Say, “Alexa, create a station based on [artist or genre].”

The station will be added to your custom stations list and can be played anytime by simply saying, “Alexa, play my [your custom station name] station.”

2. Playing Podcasts

Playing Podcasts

If you’re a podcast enthusiast, you’ll love using iHeartRadio on Alexa to listen to your favorite shows.

You can browse for podcasts the same way as you do for songs.

Say, “Alexa, play the [podcast name] podcast.” Alexa will begin streaming the latest episode.

You can easily skip or return to previous episodes with voice commands.

3. Browsing through Genres

In addition to providing all the amazing features, iHeartRadio on Alexa also enables you to find fresh content.

If you want to explore different genres, just say, “Alexa, play some [genre] music” or “Alexa, play a [podcast genre] podcast,” and Alexa will find something new and exciting for you.

Once you start using iHeartRadio, you’ll be open to endless possibilities.

The convenience of using voice commands to control your listening experience makes it the perfect hands-free solution for music and podcast lovers.

Advantages of Using iHeartRadio on Alexa

Advantages of Using iHeartRadio on Alexa

Using iHeartRadio on Alexa has numerous advantages for taking your music and podcast consumption to the next level!

Here are just a few of them:

Hands-free joy

Say goodbye to fumbling with your device and hello to hands-free listening!

With iHeartRadio on Alexa, you only need to use your voice to play your favorite stations and podcasts, allowing you to multitask and enjoy your entertainment simultaneously.

Limitless entertainment

With access to an extensive library of music and podcasts, iHeartRadio on Alexa provides endless entertainment options.

There is always something new to listen to, from the most recent top charts to popular podcasts.

Customized to your taste

Create custom stations based on your preferred artists and genres to curate your unique listening experience.

Skip songs and episodes you’re not feeling, and revisit content you love easily.

Discover new stuff

Break out of your listening routine and explore new stations and podcasts with iHeartRadio on Alexa.

You can discover hidden gems and expand your musical and podcast horizons with voice commands.

Limitations of Using iHeartRadio on Alexa

Limitations of Using iHeartRadio on Alexa

The features of iHeartRadio are really attractive.

However, being aware of a few potential drawbacks would be good.

These drawbacks can affect the way you experience their service.

Here are some of the limitations of using iHeartRadio on Alexa that users need to know:

1. Limited features without a premium subscription

Although iHeartRadio is free, users may be unable to access some of the best features without a premium subscription.

These features may include unlimited song skips and on-demand access to specific tracks.

2. Limited international availability

The availability of iHeartRadio is limited to a few countries, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Therefore, users from other regions may face issues accessing iHeartRadio on Alexa.

3. Limited control over song selection

While users can create custom stations based on their favorite artists or genres, they may need more control over the songs played.

This can lead to repetitive playlists or songs that users do not prefer.

4. Limited voice commands

Although Alexa has numerous voice commands to control iHeartRadio, users may find that some of their specific commands need to be recognized.

For instance, they may be unable to customize the order of songs in a playlist or search for specific podcast episodes.

What devices are compatible with iHeartRadio on Alexa?

A wide variety of Alexa-enabled devices are compatible with iHeartRadio, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Fire TV Stick, and many others.

To attain compatibility with iHeartRadio, ensure your device is online and has the most recent software updates.

Is a premium subscription necessary to use iHeartRadio on Alexa?

While iHeartRadio on Alexa is free, a premium subscription will grant you exclusive features such as on-demand access to specific tracks or unlimited song skipping.

However, most of the content on iHeartRadio can be accessed for free, including live radio stations and podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is iHeartRadio on Alexa available worldwide?

While iHeartRadio is primarily available in the United States, Canada, and Australia, users from other countries can still access it on their Alexa devices.

However, content availability may be limited based on location, so it’s best to check beforehand.

Can I customize my listening experience with iHeartRadio on Alexa?

You sure can! You can create custom stations based on your favorite artists or genres and skip any songs you don’t like.

iHeartRadio also offers personalized recommendations based on your listening history to make discovering new content tailored to your interests easier.

What are the benefits of using iHeartRadio on Alexa?

You can enjoy a hands-free listening experience, access to a vast library of content, personalized listening recommendations, and easy discovery of new content with iHeartRadio on Alexa.

You can control playback, discover new content through simple voice commands, and enjoy access to live radio stations, podcasts, and more!


iHeartRadio and Alexa are great together. 

If you love music and podcasts, you’ll be delighted with the vast library of content iHeartRadio offers, which can easily be accessed through your Alexa-enabled device.

With voice commands, you can easily control your listening experience and discover new content tailored to your preferences.

While some features may be restricted if you don’t have a premium subscription, the convenience of iHeartRadio on Alexa makes it a fantastic choice for any music or podcast lover.

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