How To Fix Alexa Problem Entering Pairing Mode

Alexa is a smart assistant that works on connecting with your other smart devices.

You enjoy your time when you connect Alexa to any device without hassle.

But sometimes, it gives you a headache when you face pairing issues, which take enough time to fix.

One issue is the Alexa problem entering pairing mode.

As a quick fix, check your Alexa software; if it is outdated, update it.

Plus, check if your devices have a supported Bluetooth profile.

When trying to connect, keep appliances like ovens away from your space.

When Alexa shows a “trouble entering pairing mode” issue, you must fix it.

If you have a problem pairing Alexa to your Bluetooth devices, this blog is for you.

We’ll discuss the reasons and 4 different methods to connect your Alexa with other smart gadgets.

Reasons Alexa Doesn’t Pair With Your Devices

Alexa Doesn’t Pair With Your Devices

So, you would not like to spend time without your smart assistant, Alexa, right? Yes, no one would.

If your Alexa device has issues pairing to your devices, it might have multiple causes.

However, some reasons are expected for most users, and we’ll list them here. 

  • Your Alexa device’s software might be outdated.
  • The device’s Bluetooth could be incompatible with Alexa.
  • A longer distance can cause problems with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Bluetooth signals might get disrupted by other devices.

Best Methods To Fix Alexa Problem Entering Pairing Mode

How To Fix Alexa Problem Entering Pairing Mode

As mentioned, multiple reasons could exist if your Alexa is not connecting to other devices.

So, you need to try different solutions, and any one of them can work for you.

Before trying these methods, ensure you are within your Wi-Fi range.

Update Your Alexa Device’s Software

On any device, outdated software versions cause problems in performance, and the same goes for Alexa.

An outdated version of your Alexa could be a reason for the problem entering pairing mode.

In such a case, check your Alexa device software to see if it’s updated.

If the Alexa device is not updated, you must update it to fix the pairing issue.

To update it, say, “Alexa, check for software update,” and wait a few seconds.

If a new version is available, Alexa will install the update. However, if your Alexa is up to date, try the other methods.

Check Bluetooth Support For Your Devices

As Alexa’s technology is the most advanced, it works on the latest Bluetooth profiles.

They include an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and an Audio/Video Remote Control Profile.

You must check if the devices you want to connect support this technology.

Read your device’s user manual to check if it supports these profiles.

If your device does not support them, you can’t pair it with Alexa.

In this case, you must get another smart device compatible with Alexa, i.e., work with these two Bluetooth profiles.

Take Out Radio Signal Emitting Devices

Take Out Radio Signal Emitting Devices

If you live in a room or try pairing in a space with radio signals emitting devices, you won’t succeed.

These devices include microwave ovens, electric razors, TVs, and even your Wi-Fi router.

They interfere with smart devices, supporting Bluetooth. So, they weaken their signals.

Remove all such devices from your living space and try pairing Alexa again.

If you want to pair a device present in another room, go and try it in the same room.

Once you eliminate all these barriers, your device will easily connect to Alexa. If the issue persists, try the next method.

Forget Old Paired Bluetooth Devices

Forget Old Paired Bluetooth Devices

Last but not least, this is the most effective method to fix the Alexa pairing mode problem.

If you have multiple devices saved on your Alexa, you may find it hard to add new devices.

So, you must unpair your old devices and try pairing them again.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone and head to Devices.
  • Click on Echo & Alexa and select your Alexa device’s model.
  • Go to Bluetooth Devices to see all the paired devices.
  • Select each device and click Forget Device one by one.
  • This will unpair all your old paired devices.
  • Reboot your Alexa device and try pairing again.

By following these steps, your device will get connected to Alexa. We hope this last method will work perfectly for you, as it usually does.

If your devices still fail to connect to Alexa, you have to reset your Alexa device and try again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I force Alexa into pairing mode?

  • First, launch your Alexa app.
  • Click on Devices, and then Echo & Alexa.
  • Choose your device from the list.
  • Tap on the Bluetooth Devices option.
  • Click on Pair a New Device.

When the search is completed, the Echo will display a list of compatible devices.

You can then pair Alexa with the device you want.

Why is my Echo Dot not pairing?

If you’ve problems pairing Echo Dot to other devices, you can unpair and re-pair the device(s). Follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on your Echo device.
  • Go to Bluetooth Devices.
  • Clear all paired devices.

After that, you must re-pair the device to connect to the Echo Dot.

To do so, say “Pair” to Alexa to activate the discovery mode on the Echo.

Why is Alexa not discovering devices?

If the Alexa device can’t discover your smart home device, restart both.
In your Alexa app, disable the skill for your device to disconnect it.

After that, enable your device again in the same setting to make it discoverable by Alexa.


Well! That’s all about how to fix the Alexa problem of entering pairing mode in 4 different ways.

These methods work for almost every smart device to pair with Alexa.

So, try all these methods, from checking the Alexa update to pairing your device again.

If none of the methods worked for you for any reason, the final solution is resetting your Alexa device.

Plus, you must check another smart device to ensure that your Alexa device has no issues.

We hope you have found the solution and fixed your problem.

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