Why Is My Alexa Making Static Noise? 6 Causes and Ways To Resolve

Alexa is a cutting-edge AI that can help you simplify your life by allowing you to conduct hundreds of tasks just by speaking to it.

However, sometimes your Alexa can make a static sound and ruin your day.

To resolve this problem, you need to know its causes.

So, why is my Alexa making static noise?

I will reveal the answers in this article and give you some valuable solutions.

Why Is My Alexa Making Static Noise?

Why Is My Alexa Making Static Noise

There are six typical causes relating to this problem, including:

1. Weak wifi Connection

Your Alexa can make some static sounds if your Wi-Fi connection is weak.

It will have trouble listening for and taking action if it loses the Wi-Fi connection for a while.

Especially when the devices are playing music, your connection will become unstable.

Therefore, Alexa can create some sounds to get your attention.

2. Defective Auxiliary Cable

Many people use an auxiliary cord when listening to an Alexa or any Amazon Echo device.

There might be cable connection issues at times.

Because of these issues, your Alexa may become intermittent, static sounds.

You may be wondering why my Alexa is being so peculiar.

If the sound is good when connected through an auxiliary cable, the problem may lie with Bluetooth transmission.

3. Low Battery

This may happen if a battery powers your audio device to connect to your Alexa.

When the gadget’s battery becomes low or dead, it makes a static sound.

Besides, if your phone’s battery is inadequate, you may hear static noise once it’s plugged in.

4. Long-time Use At High Volume

That’s another contributing factor to the issue.

Long-time Use At High Volume

Using your audio output gadget at high levels for extended periods might cause permanent harm to the speakers and affect sound quality.

It’s also possible to hear static sound whenever the speakers have been broken.

The culprit is often a tiny, low-powered speaker.

Your soundbars may also be disabled at random moments.

5. Equalizer Issue

Equalizers regulate the tonal balance of a musical or audible signal.

Sometimes, static sound might be generated if the equalizer begins to fail.

When you attempt to adjust them by hand, they may be chrome disorganized and make strange sounds.

6. Bluetooth Connection Issues

One possible reason you can consider is a malfunctioning Bluetooth connection.

An imperfect Bluetooth connection, defective connectivity, or poor Bluetooth audio equipment might cause some static sounds.

How To Fix This Problem?

How To Fix This Problem

After detecting the exact cause of your Alexa making static noise, you can fix it.

Let’s follow these tips:

1. Fix wifi Connection

You should place the wireless router in a convenient spot where all your gadgets can be accessed firmly.

If there are a lot of devices in your house and your router can handle the load, please get a new one.

Some suggestions include Tp-Link’s Smart WiFi Router AC 1750S and Smart wifi Router from NETGEAR.

They can integrate with your Alexa and increase the Wi-Fi connection among your devices.

Additionally, you may have exceeded your broadband capacity.

Get in touch with your ISP if you are having connectivity issues.

It is also possible that your smart plugs’ Wi-Fi settings may need to be updated.

2. Fix Auxiliary Cable

You should check the functionality of your auxiliary cable by testing it.

You can switch to other input devices to know whether they can work properly.

If they need to be replaced, do so.

3. Recharge Battery

Recharge any low-battery external audio devices that you want to connect with to make sure they are full of charge.

Or, in case the battery is dead, you should replace a new one.

4. Limit Time At High Volume

You should not make things louder than they need to be.

Over time, your speaker can have problems or even be broken if they have to repeatedly work at a high sound level for an extended period.

5. Fix Equalizer Issue

Equalizer issues may often be fixed by reverting to the device’s original settings.

But, you must take action carefully when adjusting the equalization setting.

6. Fix Bluetooth Connection Issue

The first thing you can do is disconnect the Bluetooth connection among devices and turn off Bluetooth on these.

Then, reconnect it and test the sound. You also can restart the gadget.

If you cannot resolve this problem, which can happen repeatedly after doing these solutions, you should connect Amazon’s specialized assistant alternatives.

Fix Bluetooth Connection Issue

Remember that you have a one-year guarantee when you buy your Alexa.

Therefore, you can make requirements for them to help you resolve problems.


How Can I Get The Most Recent Version Of Alexa?

You can easily access the setting by saying “Go to setting” with your Alexa or find the Setting icon on the screen.

Then, see your version in the “Check for Software Update” option.

If your Alexa has a new version, you can look for and install any available software updates here.

Does Alexa Support Self-Update?

Yes, It can.

When an Alexa-enable device is connected to the Internet, it can automatically download and install any necessary software updates.

In most cases, these upgrades will enhance functionality and include new features.

You also can get the most recent software for your devices by asking Alexa.

Use the command “Check for software updates” to update your device.

What Does It Mean When Alexa Turns Blue?

After hearing your commands or instructions, Alexa will glow blue.

This implies that Alexa has received your voice and is now processing it.

When the operation completes, the blue light will turn off.

Therefore, you should not be concerned about it.

What Is The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Stop Your Alexa Making Static Noise?

You can just ask your Alexa, “Alexa, what just happened?” or “Alexa, why did you say that?” and maybe it will explain why it makes this noise, depending on your version.

From its answer, you may know what you should do to resolve this problem.


In short, why is my Alexa making static noise?

As we mentioned, there are six main reasons for this problem.

In most cases, it can be resolved quickly if you can detect the exact cause by yourself or with the help of your Alexa.

If you can not resolve it by yourself, you should contact the customer assistant of Amazon to make requirements, and they will help you fix it.

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