How to Keep Alexa Playing Music All Night? Easy Guide 2023

Alexa is used as a guided meditation and allows you to relax by listening to relaxation music.

To keep you relaxed and play music all night, you can not simply trust any speaker or your phone.

For this purpose, Alexa is always present for the rescue.

But the thing that really matters here is how to keep Alexa playing music all night. But is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to keep Alexa playing music all night.

To do so, simply say “Alexa, play music.”

Alexa will then proceed to play music until you tell it to stop.

You can also ask Alexa to keep playing music by saying “Alexa, keep playing music.”

This will cause Alexa to continue playing music even if you leave the room or turn off the lights.

Playing music all night through Alexa is not something that requires too much effort.

There are only a few steps that you need to follow and you will be good to go.

Here, in this article, you will know the step-by-step guide about how to make Alexa play a song on a loop.

Can you Keep your Alexa Device Plugged in all night?

How to Keep Alexa Playing Music All Night

Not all devices are safe to keep plugged in all night. But this is not the case with Alexa.

Some Alexa devices like Echo dot and other electronic devices can be left plugged in all night.

As Alexa works on standby mode, it only wakes up when someone uses the wake word for it.

Alexa keeps on working while plugged in without any issues without the wake word.

What is Alexa Echo Dot?

What is Alexa Echo Dot

Alexa Devices like Echo Dot give the major advantage of playing music on a loop.

The echo device has no time limit and allows you to play your favorite playlist all night.

Echo Dot (4th Generation) and other generations are capable of playing your favorite music as long as you want.

When Does Alexa Stop Playing Music?

When Does Alexa Stop Playing Music

Some people complain related to when Alexa stops playing music.

This can be due to the following reasons:

  • No activity
  • When the sleep timer is on
  • Unstable internet connection
  • When all the songs have been played

If you find out that there are none of the above reasons, but still Alexa does not play the song after shuffling, then there must be something that has happened.

For this, you can go for a few options, which are:

Solution 1: Amazon Prime Music

Play the song from Amazon Prime Music and wait till a blue light appears in front of you.

Once Amazon plays sounds, loop it.

Using this solution, Alexa will turn on music and play all the songs present in the playlist.

Solution 2: Alexa Skill

If you are playing music through Alexa Skill, then the music might have stopped due to any glitch.

For this, you need to enable and select skills.

To play music again through Alexa, go to the Alexa app, go to more options, and select skills and games.

Now disable the skill that is selected currently.

Now again, select the skill and enable it to get Alexa to play your favorite music.

Solution 3: Factory reset

To make your Alexa device work again, you can factory reset it to the default settings.

By resetting it, Alexa works again.

How to Keep Alexa Playing Music All Night (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Keep Alexa Playing Music All Night2

To make sure that Alexa plays music all night without any problem, you have to decide on the music or make a playlist for it.

If you are too lazy to make a playlist then you can also broadcast the music online or ask Alexa to play the radio station.

To play music through the Alexa device all day long, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn on Alexa

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare for Alexa.

Connect your Alexa Device to the internet connection.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi connectivity is strong so that the Alexa device does not disconnect again and again.

Also, there is no way to keep Alexa loop music with no proper Wi-Fi connectivity.

So, for this, make sure that your Alexa app is opened in the first place.

If by chance, you lose the internet connection, then you can reconnect your Wi-Fi network with Alexa through the “Devices” Tab.

To keep the music on a loop, you can choose Amazon Music as well.

Step 2: Select the Music You want to Loop

To loop the music continuously, select the music.

For this, you can choose a playlist, radio station, or a single song, or you can choose from Amazon Prime Music as well.

If you have a few songs in your mind that you want to play, then make a playlist of those songs.

For this, open the music application of your Amazon account and add your favorite songs to it.

By doing this, Alexa will play music as long as you want.

Other than this, Alexa plays music through radio stations as well.

The only thing that becomes an issue here is Alexa will play the things that will be broadcast on the radio stations, so there are chances that you get bored of it.

In case you want to play a single song only, then you can select that single song and ask Alexa to play that all night long.

You can also select a bedtime story as a single song.

Step 3: No Sleep Timer

If you don’t want Alexa to stop playing music, then you have to disable the sleep timer.

The sleep timer is a sign of stopping playing Alexa loop music.

So, if you want Alexa to play music all night long, make sure you do not set a sleep timer.

To simply turn off all the sleep timers, you can just give voice commands to Alexa to disable the sleep timers.

So, your Alexa device will give you a streaming service with low power consumption and will not shut off after a few hours.

Step 4: Play Music on Alexa

Many people find it difficult to play music through Alexa.

For this, here I will describe how you can play music through a playlist, radio station, or play a song separately.

Play Music Through Playlist

To play songs from your Amazon playlist, ensure that you have your Amazon subscription.

After this, give a voice command to your Alexa device to play songs from your playlist.

Make sure that you take the proper name of your playlist.

If you have difficulty sleeping at night, you can make a list of sleep sounds, play them, and fall asleep.

Play Music Through Radio Channels

To start the radio station through Alexa, first, check the number of channels that are available in your area.

Now through the Alexa device, select the channel to which you want to listen.

Play Amazon Music

If you want to play music all night or sleep sounds on a loop.

Then you have to ensure that a specific song or sleep sound is available on Amazon.

Additionally, you must ensure the sound is compatible, so Alexa plays music on loop.

To play this Amazon music, you will have to give voice commands to Alexa using the name of the song or sound.

Step 5: Loop Alexa to Play Music

Once Alexa starts playing music; you’ll have to loop it so that it plays all night long.

For this, give the voice command to Alexa by saying “Alexa Loop”.

By using this command, Alexa plays the music until and unless you stop it.

When you are done listening to the music and want to stop playing music, say “Alexa, stop.”

Following this step-to-step guide makes playing music all night easy and convenient.

Once you stop using it, make sure that you unplug Alexa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get Alexa to play continuously?

If you want Alexa to play music continuously, you can do a few things.

First, you can say, “Alexa, play music,” and then, “Alexa, keep playing music.”

This will cause Alexa to play music until you tell it to stop.

Alternatively, you can enable Alexa’s loop-on mode. To do this, say, “Alexa, enable loop-on mode.”

Once this mode is enabled, Alexa will play music continuously until you tell it to stop.

How long does Alexa play music before turning it off?

Alexa plays music for about 2-3 hours before turning it off automatically.

Alexa keeps playing music until you turn off the music player manually.

Alexa loop on the mode will keep the music playing continuously until you tell Alexa to stop.

You can also set a timer to control how long Alexa plays music.

If you want Alexa to play music for a specific amount of time, you can say “Alexa, play music for (time) minutes” or “Alexa, play music for (time) hours”.

Can Alexa play music for sleeping?

Alexa can play music for sleeping, but there are some things you need to do to set it up.

To get started, say “Alexa, play music for sleeping.”

Alexa will then ask you what type of music you want to hear.

You can choose from various genres, including classical, ambient, and relaxation.

Once you’ve selected your genre, Alexa will begin playing music.


Following the above-mentioned steps, won’t take much time and you can play music all night through Alexa.

These steps are easy to understand and follow.

So, follow them and enjoy your time while listening to music.

While it’s easy to keep Alexa playing music all night, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Ensure your speaker is plugged in and you have set up a playlist or station ahead of time.

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