8 Ways To Improve Alexa Sound Quality (2023)

Echo Dot is by far one of the best devices for Alexa.

By the end of this article, you will know how to Improve Alexa Sound Quality.

The sound quality of Amazon Echo Dot devices, especially the 3rd and 4th Generation, is outstanding.

You can pair all of the Alexa devices together for a louder sound.

You can also follow some tips to get better sound from a single Echo Dot device.

8 Proven Ways To Improve Alexa Sound Quality [Guide]

8 Proven Ways to Improve Alexa Sound Quality

Here are 8 tips using which you can make your Echo Dot sound better.

These hacks will give you a whole new and much improved Alexa experience.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

1. The Best Echo Equalizer Setting

If you want to get the best sound out of your Echo Dot, you must adjust the equalizer settings.

In simple words, by adjusting the equalizer, you can cut off ranges you don’t want to hear.

Similarly, you can enhance the frequencies in music just by playing with the equalizer.

Every music lover has a different taste, and every song or music has different frequencies.

So can you adjust the bass on the Echo Dot to your taste?

Yes, you surely can, and here are the steps following which you can achieve the best Echo Dot equalizer settings.

For Smartphone Apps:

  • Open Alexa app
  • Tap Settings on the Home screen
  • Select “Device Settings”
  • Select the device
  • Tap “Audio Settings”
  • Adjust Treble, Mid-range, and Bass as per your desire

Voice Commands:

You can directly order your Alexa by saying

  • “Alexa, increase the bass.”
  • “Alexa, lower the treble.”
  • “Alexa, increase the mid-range.”

2. Alexa Multi-Room Music

Another best way to improve Echo Dot sound quality is by using multi-room audio.

This way, all of your Echo Dot devices will be playing the same sound at a time.

This feature is super convenient, especially when moving in and out of the room.

Here is how you can make Echo Dot sound quality better by playing music everywhere.

  • Open Alexa app
  • Tap “Devices” and scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Tap “Everywhere” group

You can edit this Everywhere group to include and exclude devices that you want to play your music on.

You can also voice command Alexa by saying

“Alexa, play music everywhere.”

The Multi-room audio is a recent addition to the Amazon Alexa app.

Now you can also make multiple groups like a separate one for indoors and outdoors.

You may face some problems with this feature.

Any device may drop out of the group due to a software update issue, or the group may not work at all.

But all of these problems are rare and very easy to solve and should not bother you.

The Alexa multi-room music works like a charm if you have devices with different sound qualities.

Pairing a device of less good sound quality with an Echo Dot device having high-quality bass will give a much more effective sound.

3. Pair with other Bluetooth speakers

The good news is that you can pair your Alexa Echo Dot with third-party speakers.

The catch here is that the speaker should have Bluetooth connectivity.

There are multiple brands that are compatible with Echo devices like Sonos, Sony, and JBL.

Apart from them, there are many other Bluetooth speakers that will connect to your Echo device.

4. Upgrade Your Device

Upgrade Your Device

Maybe you have done everything right, and all the settings are correct, but the device itself lacks.

Older devices may not get well with newer bass and music frequencies.

That is why upgrading to Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Gen or Alexa Echo Dot 4th Gen will be an excellent idea.

Both of these Echo Dot models are known for producing exceptional sound.

Other features like LED clock display and smart calling are also commendable.

5. Subwoofer

Another great hack that I wished I had learned before was adding a subwoofer.

This you can add to your multi-room music, and the sound quality will be much more powerful and enhanced.

So you can buy an Echo subwoofer to enhance sound quality. It is a 6 inches small device.

It produces 100W ass that will boost the overall sound quality of your Echo Dot devices.

6. Keep the devices close to each other

Keep the devices close to each other

This tip is very helpful if you are facing the issue of distorted sounds.

Every Bluetooth device has a certain range beyond which it cannot pick signals.

So keep your audio device and the speaker in proximity for a better sound.

7. Repair the hardware

Repair the hardware

Maybe your device is broken or has some minor issues.

If your Echo Dot speaker is under warranty, then contact the manufacturer for the repair.

Otherwise, you can get it repaired from elsewhere.

Most of the time, the hardware issues cannot resolve or cost you the amount you can buy a new speaker with.

8. Add a resonance chamber

If you are not willing to invest in any of the above options and have a single Echo Dot device, I have a hack for you.

Simply add a resonance chamber to your Echo Dot device for better sound.

It is a bit technical, but if you know the right thing to do, there will be no problem.

Adding a resonance chamber will not only dramatically improve the sound quality but it will still be better than the unaltered Echo Dot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make Alexa sound better?

To make Alexa sound better and clearer you need to adjust its volume settings.

To do this follow this method:

  1. Select “Device Settings”
  2. Select the device
  3. Tap “Audio Settings”
  4. Adjust Treble, Mid-range, and Bass as per your desire

What are the best audio settings for Echo Studio?

If you want to get the best sound experience then you need to buy the Echo speakers that support Dolby Atmos.

After that, get a subscription to Amazon’s Ultra HD music format, and keep the device in a less noisy place.

Does my Echo Dot have Equilizer settings?

Yes, Amazon Echo Dot has the Equalizer settings and you can control the sound via Alexa mobile app.

Just open the app and change the speaker settings as per need.


All of these tips and tricks have worked really well for my Echo Dot devices.

You can also follow them with Echo Show and other Echo devices.

The improved sound quality is what every music lover will fall in love with.

So, in short, if you don’t want to buy new speakers, these tips and tricks are best for you.

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