How To Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV? A Full Guide

As one of the best TV operating systems for cinematic fans, Roku TV offers numerous customization options to optimize your streaming experience, including different brightness modes.

Our guides will discuss how to turn brightness down on Roku TV in more detailed steps.

How To Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV? Step By Step

How To Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV

A step-by-step guide

Step 1. Navigate to the official Roku home page

There is no need to browse different channels for the homepage since it often shows up on your Roku TV immediately.

If you are watching or streaming a movie, clicking exit will lead you back to the Roku TV homepage; no further steps are required!

Step 2. Choose “Settings.”

Though homepages can be customized, a typical layout will usually introduce the following headings under the “Roku TV” label:

  • My Feed
  • Freeview Play
  • Search
  • Streaming Channels
  • Settings

Scroll to the bottom of the list to hit “Settings” using your remote.

Step 3. Choose “TV Pictures Settings.”

Once the “Settings” redirects you to a new pop-up page, several extra options will appear on the screen, including:

Choose “TV Pictures Settings
  • TV inputs
  • TV Pictures Settings
  • Audio
  • Parental Control
  • Payment Methods
  • Home Screen

Hit “TV Pictures Settings.” If the option cannot be located, chances are you might have messed up or mis-clicked somewhere during the first two steps; return to the home screen and redo a second time.

Step 4. Choose “TV Brightness.”

Two smaller boxes will be shown below “TV Pictures Settings”:

  • HDR Notifications
  • TV Brightness

Use your remote to hit “TV Brightness.” Great! Now, only several things are left to do before we are done.

Step 5. Make Adjustments That Suit Your Preferences

From here, you are presented with many choices regarding the screen’s brightness.

Refer to the suggested methods below for better confidence, especially if  you only use these features for the first time:

Method A.

Choose “Dark or Normal” to reduce the Roku brightness, then make changes based on the available options.

Method B.

Another highly recommended solution for brightness adjustments is to go to a particular channel app.

This tip is extremely practical, especially when you only want to modify the brightness settings on one app and keep other apps 100% unchanged.

  • Open Channels on your homepage
  • Pick up your remote and find its “Astrack” button; pressing this button will open smaller menus and options on the TV screen.
  • Scroll until you find the “Pictures Setting” option; select it.
  • Use the fine-tune and brightness options to adjust the brightness levels until they match your preferences.
    Once done, press the remote’s back arrow buttons to keep the changed settings as they are.

Can I Turn Brightness Down For A Standalone Roku Box?

Unfortunately, no.

Standalone boxes, such as Roku Ultra or Premiere Plus, do not have access to brightness adjustment features yet.

Can I Turn Brightness Down For A Standalone Roku Box

You can only change it according to specific preferences on television models with pre-installed RokuTV software.

Can I Activate Auto Brightness With Roku?

Yes, you can.

Navigate to “TV Pictures Setting” using our guides above, then choose “Auto” to allow ambient sensing.


We have addressed how to turn brightness down on Roku TV to assist confused beginners in customizing their channels.

You may also use the same steps for brightness increases and choose luminosity modes that suit your streaming demands best.

Feel free to write to us for more advice if any issue is not yet discussed.

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