7 Easy Ways To Fix Roku Blinking White Light Issue

You might know about Roku’s best-in-class services it offers to its users. But in some cases, you may face some problems that put you under stress. So, is your Roku blinking white light? Are you tired of the blinking light and want to fix it? If yes, this article is for you. 

Yes, it sucks when you are enjoying a late-night movie with your friends at home, and suddenly the screen goes blank. Have you ever experienced it? Roku devices might flash a white light if this occurs. Do you know what that means? Let’s tell you in simple words.

A blinking white light on your Roku device indicates some fault in the device. There may be some connectivity issue or a software problem. You can solve this issue by checking the cables, restarting your Roku device and Wi-Fi router, or resetting the factory settings.

Reasons For Roku Blinking White Light Issue

Methods To Fix Roku Blinking White Light

There might be several reasons for the white linking blinking on your Roku device. We mostly find the white blinking light on either the Roku remote or the Roku player. The Roku player is a large Roku streaming device, and the Remote is connected to it for easy control.

Roku Player

The white blinking light on the Roku player can be due to several reasons. Let’s look at the problems that cause the Roku white light to flicker.

  • Problem with cables connectivity
  • There might be a software issue
  • Your internet connection could be poor
  • Unsupported resolution on Roku screen
  • Hardware problem with the device
  • Problem with the connectivity ports

Roku Remote

The Roku remote has two flashing lights; one on the front and the other on the back. The front light indicates the low battery of your Roku remote. You need to replace your batteries. The backlight indicates the pairing problem of the remote with the Roku player.

Methods To Fix Roku Blinking White Light

7 Easy Ways To Fix Roku Blinking White Light Issue

Unlike other advanced devices, Roku devices can be fixed at home even by a non-techy person. Though there might be other complex issues with your Roku device, you can easily fix this problem on your own. Follow the simple steps below and get your service back in no time.

Restart The Roku Device

We can easily solve minor software glitches by just restarting the Roku device. Sometimes a connectivity issue can be fixed by restarting the device. See the next solution if the screen is blank and you can’t see anything.

To restart your Roku device, just follow these simple steps.

  • Grab your Roku remote and press the Home button on it.
  • Look for the settings option in the Menu options.
  • Go to system settings and select the Power option.
  • Go for the system restart option, and voila!

Your system may take a couple of minutes to restart completely. See if the blinking light is normal. If it’s not, proceed to the next step.

Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

Restarting your Wi-Fi router can also fix this problem. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi problem causes the white light to flicker. To restart the router, follow these simple steps. However, ensure that no one else is using the Wi-Fi as it would interrupt everyone’s internet connection.

  • Remove the power cable of your Wi-Fi device for a few seconds.
  • Plug the cables back in, and wait for the router to boot completely.

It may take a few minutes for the router to become fully activated. If, after the restart, the white blinking light gets normal, it means it was due to the unstable internet connection. If the white light is still blinking, see the next solutions.

Check Cable Connections

Loose cables often result in connectivity loss which causes the white light to blink. You should check the cables that connect your Roku device to the TV. The HDMI or TV port might sometimes be responsible for Roku blinking white light.

If the connections are okay, look for some physical damage to the cable. For internally damaged cables, you may check it by replacing the cable with a new one. If there is some issue with the connectivity ports, try the cables in another port.

Change The Display Resolution

Several Roku resolutions are not compatible with most TV screens. You might see a blank screen if your TV screen’s current resolution doesn’t match Roku’s recommended settings. In such a case, you might also see a white light flicker on your Roku player.

Connect your Roku device to another TV screen with a 4K resolution to see if there is a resolution mismatch problem. You may also change the recommended resolution of your Roku device to that of your TV screen.

Contact Roku Customer Support

Getting in touch with the Roku customer support team is a bit tricky. However, you should contact them if you are continuously facing issues. There are customer support pages that have answers to most of the Frequently asked questions.

However, check the warranty of your Roku device. Only contact the customer support team if your device is still under warranty. In another case, you should replace or repair your device.

Factory Reset Device’s Settings

The last option is to factory reset your device’s settings. However, it will erase all the previously stored data and the selected preferences. Ensure that you have all the accounts’ passwords connected with your Roku device.

To factory reset your Roku device, there are two simple methods. The first method is to reset it through your remote from the settings. The second method is to find a reset button on your device. You may find a hole instead of a button on some Roku devices.

Direct Connection With Modem

If you are using a router, it is possible that the router might be the root cause of the blinking white light. If such is the case, consider eliminating the router from the connection and make a direct wired connection between the modem and the Roku device.

All you need is an ethernet cable as most of the latest Roku devices come with an ethernet port. However, if you are using an old Roku device, you may use an ethernet adapter to connect the Device with the modem.

Ensure that you change your Roku device settings to a wired connection after directly connecting the device with the modem. Go to the network settings of your device and look for the connection option. Change the connection from wireless to wired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Roku Device blinking blue light instead of white?

Mostly, the blue blinking light on Roku is due to the malfunctioning of the USB connector. Just replace that part, and the blinking blue light will disappear.

What does red light blinking mean on a Roku device?

If your Roku device is not getting the required electric power, it will warn you with the red blinking light. Check your electricity voltage or the power batteries.

How to know if there is an issue with the Roku device?

In case of some issue, the Roku device may start blinking white or red light. Sometimes, due to a hardware issue, the light doesn’t blink. However, the device starts to heat up and can eventually blow out if not checked on time.


You probably learned how to fix a Roku blinking white light. These simple fixes are the solutions to 90% of the problems. However, in case of some internal damage, these solutions won’t work. You have to look for a technical expert to deal with any hardware damage.

If you still face issues with your Roku player or remote, consider replacing them or upgrading them. You can only replace the device if it’s within the warranty. Otherwise, you’ll need a new device to get a warranty, so you won’t spoil your money if there is some issue. 

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