How To Watch SEC Network On Roku? 2 Streaming Tips

The SEC Network is famous for streaming sports events.

But if you use Roku, you can’t access it. So what should you do now?

As a sports lover and Roku user, I have tried many ways until it works.

Today, I’m excited to share how to watch SEC Network on Roku.

So let’s scroll down to explore!

How To Watch SEC Network On Roku?

Roku doesn’t support the SEC Network. However, you can still watch it on your Roku TV using the ESPN channel.

Other streaming services like DirecTV or Hulu can help, too.

How to watch sec network on roku

Method 1: Using the ESPN channel

To use the ESPN channel, you need to install it on your Roku first.

After that, it will allow you to access the SEC Network easily.

Step 1: Activate ESPN

Start by turning on your Roku TV.

Then, use the remote control to navigate to the “Streaming Channels” option.

Next, scroll down to “Search Channels” and type “ESPN.”

A list of search results will appear. So, just find the official ESPN channel and select it.

On the ESPN page, choose “Add Channel.” This approach allows you to download and add the channel to your Roku.

After that, select “Go to Channel.” It allows you to launch the ESPN channel right on your Roku.

When you open the ESPN channel, there will be an activation code on the TV screen.

If not, choose “Sign In” to create a new code. Once you get the code, write it down.

Then, open a web browser on your computer or phone to access the ESPN activation page.

When you reach the page, type the code you noted in the blank box and click “Continue.” After that, just follow the instructions.

Next, you need to choose the cable TV provider from the list of available connections.

To connect it, enter your password and username.

Once you submit your cable provider credentials, the ESPN channel on your Roku can start to work.

Step 2: Find the ESPN channel

Find the ESPN channel

The ESPN channel is ready now, so you just need to return to your Roku TV home screen.

Then, type “ESPN” to access the channel you have installed.

Step 3: Launch the channel

After that, open the ESPN channel.

Within the channel, you will find various categories and sections.

So, just go for the one related to the SEC Network.

Finally, when you are on the SEC Network, browse through the available content.

Simply select what you want to watch, and it will start streaming on your Roku device.

Method 2: Using streaming services

You can also use streaming services to watch the SEC Network on your Roku TV.

Your options include DirecTV, Hulu, YouTube, etc.


DirecTV has a huge channel library.

You can stream sports, movies, and other entertainment content easily using this app.


There are more than 150 channels to discover here.

You can find DirecTV in the Roku store.

Then, install and add it to your channel list on Roku.

Once the app is ready, it will help you access the SEC Network.


Hulu is famous for its original content.

There are also many famous TV shows and movies to stream.

To watch SEC Network through Hulu on Roku, you have to subscribe to a Hulu plan.

After that, install the app and navigate to SEC Network’s live TV section.


YouTube is compatible with many devices, such as Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, etc.

You can also use it to watch SEC Network.

Similar to the other two streaming services, YouTube needs you to install its app first.

Once it’s on your Roku, launch it and find SEC Network.

Using streaming services

Consider other streaming services

How Can I Watch The SEC Network For Free?

All the methods I mentioned above are not free.

Instead, you need to subscribe to the ESPN plan to use it on your Roku.

The same thing stays true for other streaming services.

However, I have a trick here! Some streaming platforms provide a free trial period.

Thus, take advantage of this offer. Here are your options:

How Can I Watch The SEC Network For Free
Streaming ServiceSubscription Plans
(Per month)
Free Trial PeriodChannels
DirecTV– Choice: $99.99
– Ultimate: $109.99
– Premier: $164.99
7 daysESPN, BBC America, AXS TV, etc.
YouTube TV$64.9914 daysESPN, Sports Network, Comedy Central, etc.
Hulu$69.9930 daysESPN, FOX, ABC, etc.
FuboTV$74.997 daysESPN, TLC, Comedy Central, CNBC, etc.

How Much Does The SEC Network Cost?

The SEC Network app is free if you watch it on Cox, Spectrum, Suddenlink, and some compatible services.

But if you want to use it on your Roku, subscribe to ESPN.

There are two subscription plans to choose from:

  • Monthly subscription: $9.99/month
  • Annual subscription: $99.99/year

By subscribing to ESPN, you can access a lot of sports content, including the SEC Network.

Yet, the availability of the content varies depending on your location.

You should also check the agreements between ESPN and the content provider.

ESPN used to offer a free trial for first-timers, but this service is not available now. Hence, you have to buy it.

Where Can I Watch SEC Network Plus?

While SEC Network is simply a TV channel, SEC Network Plus is a complimentary service you can get from the ESPN app.

To enjoy the SEC Network Plus content, you must buy an ESPN+ subscription.

Yet, please note that SEC Network and SEC Network Plus offer similar content.

You can also choose ESPN Plus packages to enhance your experience.

For example, you can buy the package of ESPN Plus, Hulu, and Disney+ channels.

It costs $12.99 per month.


You can watch the SEC Network on your Roku TV by installing the ESPN channel.

Other streaming services like YouTube or DirecTV also give you access to this channel.

However, you must pay no matter your chosen method.

Now, you can enjoy your favorite sports channel like a pro.

If you need any help when setting it up, comment in the section below.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Two streaming tips to watch SEC Network on Roku – a playbook for sports enthusiasts! It’s like having a VIP pass to all the live action.

  2. Can users optimize their Roku settings for an enhanced SEC Network streaming experience, and are there specific Roku models recommended for sports streaming?

    1. Certainly. Optimizing your Roku settings can significantly enhance the streaming experience, especially when it comes to sports content like the SEC Network. To ensure optimal performance, users should start by ensuring their Roku firmware is up to date. This ensures access to the latest features and improvements that can positively impact streaming quality.

      Additionally, adjusting the display and audio settings on your Roku device can contribute to a better viewing experience. For sports streaming, consider setting your display to the recommended resolution for your TV, typically 1080p or higher for a clearer picture. Similarly, configuring audio settings to match your home theater setup can enhance the overall sound quality, providing a more immersive feel during live sports events.

      When it comes to choosing a Roku model for sports streaming, it’s essential to consider factors such as processing power and network capabilities. Opt for a Roku device with a robust processor to handle the demands of streaming high-definition sports content smoothly. Models like Roku Ultra or Roku Streaming Stick+ are often recommended for their powerful performance, supporting seamless streaming of sports events without buffering issues.

      Moreover, having a reliable internet connection is crucial for an optimal streaming experience. Ensure that your Roku device is connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network to prevent interruptions and buffering during live sports broadcasts.

      In summary, keeping your Roku firmware updated, adjusting display and audio settings, and choosing a model with sufficient processing power are key steps to optimize your Roku for an enhanced SEC Network streaming experience, particularly for sports content.

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