Alexa Roku Commands – Use Alexa To Control Roku

If you’ve got a Roku TV you might be wanted to control your TV with Alexa. No doubt it’s the best way to get rid of the remote.

Because now you can change the channel, manage the settings, and set the volume and colors by using Alexa Roku commands.

For example, to change the channel, you can say “Alexa, change ESPN Sports to Prime Video”

This article will cover the basic setting of Roku TV with Alexa. I will also give you a complete guide on the Alexa Roku commands. 

So, let’s get down to the business!

10 Alexa Roku Commands 

Alexa Roku Commands

If you’ve got more than one TV at home, you should differentiate them by setting the different names of each TV. Just like Fire TV commands, Roku commands are not more different.

For example, you can set their name like Bedroom TV, Guest Room TV, TV 1, or TV 2. It’ll help in sending commands, for example, “Alexa, turn on Bedroom TV”, or “Alexa, find live sports on TV 2”

Let’s take a look into some Alexa Roku commands that might be helpful. 

Search For Content Alexa, search live match, movie,
or TV show
Alexa, search for live tennis
match on the bedroom TV
Find a movieAlexa play (movie name)Alexa, play Bad Boys Season 2
on Bedroom Roku TV.
Change the channelAlexa, change the channel
(A to B)
Alexa, change the channel to
Prime Video or Alexa, open
Prime Video 
Pause music, moviesAlexa, pause the song, movie
Adjust the volume,Alexa, increase or decrease
the volume
Color tone changeAlexa, change the color tone
to Movie, or standard
Rewind or forwardAlexa, fast forward or rewind
on TV 2.
Turn on/off the TVAlexa, Turn on/off TV 1
Input changeAlexa, switch the TV to
HDMI 2 in the bedroom
Roku TV
Change to PCAlexa, Turn Roku TV to
PC Mode

How To Connect Alexa With Roku Device For Alexa Roku Commands?

Alexa roku commands - connect alexa with roku

Please ensure that you can only connect Alexa with your Roku TV or any other Roku device with a software version of 9.1 or higher.

To check that your device has the latest version you can visit the About section. 

Once you’ve ensured that your Roku TV has the latest version (9.1 or higher).

Here are a few other things that are required to connect Alexa with Roku TV. 

  1. You need to create a Roku Account and save its login details
  2. An Alexa device can be Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or any Alexa-compatible device. 
  3. Alexa mobile app with the latest version. 

Connect Alexa with Roku

Here is the step-by-step process. 

  1. Open the Alexa app, and go to the Skills and Games option. 
  2. Search for Roku and allow connection by clicking on Enable button. 
  3. A new tab will open where you need to sign in for your Roku account
  4. After login in, your Roku TV will appear, select the TV to connect with Alexa. Complete the formalities and proceed. 
  5. Then in the Alexa app, you can select the Alexa device you want to connect with the TV.
  6. Once you’ve done all the steps, you’ll see the Linked Devices
  7. After this, you can use any Alexa Roku Commands to get your job done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to connect additional Roku Devices with Alexa?

If you’ve connected one Roku device with Alexa and want to link more, you need to disable the Skill option and then re-enable it.

Once you click on enable, you’ll see a list of Roku devices, select all of them and link them with your Alexa device. 

Can Roku TV play music or radio when the screen is off?

Yes, if your smart Roku TV has the “Fast TV Start” feature it can play music, podcasts, and live radio even if the screen is off. You can also wake your TV with Alexa commands.

For example, you can power on your TV by saying “Alexa, turn on the kitchen Roku TV”.

Can I change the TV channel with Alexa command?

Yes, you can change the channel on a TV using Alexa voice commands. You can use Alexa commands to change the channel, for example, you could say “Alexa, turn on ESPN” or “Alexa, change the channel to 15.”

If you have more than one TV in your home and want to control them both with Alexa, you’ll need to create a group name for them in the Amazon Echo app. 


Alexa has joined Google Assistant by the number of users. That’s why most smart devices are now being launched with Alexa compatibility and the Roku TV is not an exception.

Just by giving Alexa Roku commands, anyone can control Roku TV easily without needing a remote. 

However, Roku TV has its personal built-in voice commander but Alexa is considered more reliable and trustworthy.

Moreover, a lot of people use multiple Alexa devices so there are fewer chances to go Alexa offline

In a nutshell, just give the command and Alexa will do the rest of your work without needing any action from your side. 

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