Why is Roku Blinking Red Light? 4 Reasons and Fixes

Though Roku devices are mostly error-free, sometimes you can detect minor faults, including the red blinking lights.

Finding the reason behind this ailment can be challenging as there can be multiple reasons.

This leads to many people asking, why is Roku blinking red light?

The most common reason for Roku light blinking red is the power issue.

If the red light flashes from Roku, the device is not receiving sufficient power.

But if the light constantly glows, then overheating is the ailment behind this issue.

Besides these primary factors, multiple other reasons are responsible for why is Roku blinking red light.

Proceed with the article if you want to learn more about the ailments accountable for this issue and their solutions.

Why are the LED Lights Present on Roku Devices?

Why are the LED Lights Present on Roku Devices

Roku is one of the best smart home devices for living rooms.

The Roku device has one LED light, whereas its remote control has two.

These LED lights on Roku and its remote indicate the device’s operational status.

Typically, white lights come from the LED light of the device, and the remote lights glow green.

But if a malfunction happens, the device’s light blinks red, and the remote’s LED turns white.

The front light indicates the power status of the Roku device.

In contrast, the green LED lights on the remote control relate to its connectivity with the router and the Roku device.

Therefore, if a power malfunction occurs in the device, the LED of the Roku device starts glowing red.

But if it is a connectivity issue, the remote’s LED will flash white.

4 Reasons – Why is Roku Blinking Red Light and How to Fix it?

Why is Roku Blinking Red Light, and What are its Possible Fixes?

As stated previously, the front LED of Roku blinks red when the device has some power issues.

Either your device is overheating, or the TV is not supplying sufficient power.

There can be multiple reasons your Roku device’s front LED light blinks red.

The following points accurately highlight all the potential reasons behind this issue and their viable solutions.

1. Give Some Rest to the Device

After continuous use for hours, the Roku device can overheat.

In such situations, if Roku blinking red light, the front LED light glows red and indicates a power issue.

Thus, before seeking any potential problems, give the device some rest.

Switch it off and let the device cool for an hour or two.

After that, you can restart the device and check whether the issue persists.

If the problem persists and the LED light blinks red, you can look for other errors.

2. Use of Authentic USB Cable

Only an authentic data cable can establish a secure connection between the Roku device and the TV.

If the pairing is not strong enough, your TV cannot supply adequate power to the Roku.

Use of Authentic USB Cable

First, check whether the USB cable between the two devices is appropriately connected.

Then, determine whether the USB cable is authentic.

You must pair the two devices with the cable that came with the Roku device.

If that becomes faulty, then purchase another genuine data cable.

Otherwise, the Roku TV will face constant power issues, and its LED light will blink red.

3. Change the USB Port

Sometimes, the core issue lies in the USB port, not the data cable.

Thus, after ensuring the data cable’s authenticity, test the TV’s USB port.

Remove the data cable from the previous port and try a new one.

Changing the faulty USB port will resolve the issue, and the lights will no longer blink red.

But if the problem persists, it can be possible that the ports have become faulty.

Because they no longer correspond to the Roku device.

4. Switch to a Power Outlet Source

Switch to a Power Outlet Source

If none of the above solutions work, the Roku is not showing viable compatibility with the TV.

Therefore, to resolve this issue, you can connect the Roku to a power outlet.

You can do so using the data cable and the adaptor that comes with the Roku device.

The outlet will adequately supply power to the Roku, and the red blinking LED lights will stop.

How to Prevent the Roku Blinking Red Light?

Power issues in a Roku device can affect its functionality and operational quality.

That is why you must take certain precautions so your device doesn’t have to witness any such issues.

You can adopt the following provisionary steps to prevent your Roku device from blinking red.

1. Don’t Keep the Device in a Suffocated Place

Overheating is one of the most significant problems of the Roku device.

If you pair it with your TV and keep it in a closed cupboard, you will face connectivity and overheating issues.

That is why never encase the device in a suffocated place. Instead, place it where the device gets sufficient air exposure.

2. Do Not Overuse the Device

Power issues can also arise if you overuse the device for hours.

That is why you must not use it continuously and let the device rest from time to time.

Detach the USB cables and adopter from the Roku device and let it cool.

After providing it rest, you will see a positive difference in the device’s functional quality.

3. Do Not Keep the Roku Device Too Close to the TV

Do Not Keep the Roku Device Too Close to the TV

Keeping the Roku device at a certain distance from the TV will be best.

By doing so, the signal pattern between Roku and the TV will remain normal.

As a result, the device will not overheat, and no power issue will occur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the Roku remote blinking white light?

The Roku device blinks white light, probably due to the connectivity issue.

You should check whether the batteries are correctly functioning and whether your device has a strong Internet connection.

What causes the Roku TV to overheat?

If you keep the Roku device in a closed place, the device will have insufficient air exposure and will overheat.

Similarly, overusing the device can also lead to overheating and cause power issues.

Can you connect a Roku device to a power outlet?

With the help of the USB data cable and adapter, you can connect the Roku device to the outlet as a power source.

This method proves helpful when the USB ports of the TV fail to respond to the Roku device.


With the help of the above points, you will know the reason why is Roku blinking red light.

Besides potential errors, their solutions will help you to solve the problem immediately.

If nothing works for you, you can simply reset the Roku device.

If despite all these solutions, the problem persists, you can take assistance from the user manual.

But if you cannot solve the problem, you can also talk to a professional at Roku Help Center.

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