(Fixed) Why Alexa Randomly Plays Music? 5 Reasons

Over the past few years, Alexa has gradually become a part of many people’s households.

But, from time to time, this best smart device could show some errors or dysfunctionalities.

One of those is that Alexa randomly plays music. But why does it happen?

Depending on your situation, there could be many reasons for your Alexa plays music randomly.

But the most common ones include hearing a word that seems to be the wake trigger, a Bluetooth device that could be connected to Alexa, or a routine set on this device.

All these make Alexa play music at random times.

Alexa playing music at random times is not a device error but a human error.

The device is just following the functionalities it has been designed for.

Further, you will know all the reasons for this problem and how to fix it. So, stay tuned.

5 Reasons Why Alexa Randomly Plays Music?

[Fixed] Why Alexa Randomly Plays Music? 5 Reasons

For every problem, there is always a reason.

The same goes for the Alexa playing music randomly.

There are many reasons for this issue, but 5 of the most common are discussed here to give you a significant gist of what you are dealing with.

1. Routine Is Set

The first reason Alexa plays music randomly is that a routine is set on it.

You may have set a routine on the mobile application and must have forgotten about it.

This triggers the device at a particular time to play music.

2. Another Bluetooth Connected

The second reason is that someone could be connected to your device via Bluetooth, and you may need to learn about it.

They could also be listening to music being transmitted to Alexa.

Alexa then plays the information being transmitted to it.

3. Alexa Hears Wake Trigger

Alexa Hears Wake Trigger

A wake trigger is a word that activates the Alexa device.

This device sometimes hears words that seem identical to the wake trigger and could get activated.

If that happens and no command is given, this device carries out the latest command, which could be of music.

Thankfully, you can easily change Alexa’s Wake trigger word from your mobile application.

However, you can use Alexa commands to turn off the music.

Or Ask her to sleep for some time.

4. Internal Issue

There could also be an instance that your Alexa device could run into an internal error and could jumble up the previous commands.

Due to this, it will randomly start playing music which could become a real hassle.

5. Device Has Been Hacked

Another occurrence could be that your Alexa device has been hacked and is playing music randomly as a side effect.

Such kind of device behavior is pretty common once the device gets hacked.

However, you can take preventive measures if someone is spying on you.

The fixes for all these problems will be given later on. So, read till the end.

How to Fix if Alexa Randomly Plays Music?

How to Fix if Alexa Randomly Plays Music

Now, once you know about the issue causing your Alexa to play music randomly, you can move on to fixing procedures or measures per se.

You can follow the measure that concerns your specific reason for the issue.

They are as follows:

  1. Check for a routine in the mobile application. If one is there, that triggers the music player. Simply turn it OFF to fix it.
  2. If someone else’s device is connected to your Alexa, you can reset the Alexa’s Bluetooth to remove that particular device from your Alexa’s Bluetooth list.
  3. There is no specific solution in case of a misheard wake trigger because it is not really an issue. But, you can diminish this occurrence by setting a wake trigger to a word rarely used in everyday conversation.
  4. If the issue is due to an internal fault, you can fix it by resetting the Alexa to its factory settings. This will clean the device and eliminate all the previous commands it received.
  5. These are the most common and working fixes for such issues. If your device still shows the same malfunction, it is best to call for professional help, and who would be better than Amazon customer care?

    Just give them a holler, and they will walk you through it.

How To Keep Alexa Safe From Any Major Malfunctions?

Running into malfunctions is typical for human creation, but you could take some preventive measures to keep some errors out of your device.

You could use extra security for Alexa to keep it safe from cyber attacks.

As for the more physical harm, you should only use the device roughly in some environments.

Do not keep this device in reach of small children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does music on Alexa keep going in and out randomly?

Sometimes, the music playing on Alexa randomly stops, then plays.

All this could be because of the WiFi signal strength.

Your Alexa device could be having trouble staying connected to the WiFi, which could lead to lesser buffering, and this error occurs.

Fix it by unplugging the router and Alexa and plugging them back in after 20 to 30 seconds.

How do I know if my Alexa has been hacked?

Observing these few things lets you identify if your Alexa has been hacked.

They include the light of the Alexa that symbolizes listening for wake trigger, unidentified features or changes in your mobile application, random triggers on the device, etc.

Your device is hacked if you see any indicators you did not trigger.

Should I unplug Alexa at night?

It is recommended that you unplug Alexa at night because there is no manual trigger to turn OFF the functionalities of this device like a microphone, etc.

This keeps your privacy intact and saves you from cyber attacks.

Also, it could become disturbing if someone connects to it via Bluetooth and starts playing music.


Alexa is truly a fantastic invention and a milestone in human history.

But, as we are still in the initial periods, there are bound to be errors and dysfunctionalities.

Amazon is constantly striving to make its product Alexa better and better.

If you face a regarded issue like playing music at random, you can fix it all by following the guide in this article.

You can also refer to the official help sites of Amazon and official networks if convenient.

But, as for this article, please contact me if you still have any questions.

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