How To Disable Alexa On Fire TV? – All Rounded Guide

Many people are concerned about the privacy problem of Alexa, the voice assistant that powers the Firestick remote.

Alexa is designed to be safe and only activates when you press the microphone button on the remote.

Sometimes, you prefer to disable Alexa completely on your Firestick devices to enjoy your private space.

But don’t worry; we have some tips on how to disable Alexa on Fire TV.

Read on to find out the right solution.

How To Disable Alexa On Fire TV Correctly?

How To Disable Alexa On Fire TV Correctly?

You have two simple and effective options to enjoy your Fire TV without Alexa’s interruptions.

The first option is to turn off Alexa’s voice control and smart home features.

The second option is to cut off the microphone unit from the TV remote, preventing Alexa from listening to your queries.

Follow the detailed steps for both ways below:

Unlink Fire TV From Your Alexa Account

The first step to unlink your Firestick from your Amazon Alexa account is to access the Alexa app on your web browser.

You continue to do all stages, including:

  • Search Alexa.amazon.com and sign in with your Amazon account credentials.
  • Click on the devices tab on the screen’s left side, and check all the devices connected to your Alexa account.
  • Look for the Fire TV device and click the Remove icon to complete how to disable Alexa on Fire TV in this way.
Unlink Fire TV From Your Alexa Account

How to remove Firestick from my Amazon account

After following the steps above, you have just removed the TV from your account and stopped it from responding to your voice commands.

If you can’t do it, please contact the professional technician team.

Remove The Microphone From The TV Remote

Alexa is a smart voice assistant that can enhance your entertainment experience on Fire TV.

If you turn off the microphone by removing it from the remote, you will lose the ability to interact with Alexa and use voice typing.

Removing the mic is risky, requires technical skills, and may damage the remote.

It would help if you gathered essential tools, including superglue, a hard guitar pick, a screwdriver, and needle nose pliers.

We will suggest some crucial steps for that:

  • Open the remote by using a guitar pick and a screwdriver
  • Open the top of the remote about 1 cm to put needle nose pliers to remove the mic inside
  • Detect the mic by monitoring a small metal piece on the circuit board
  • Apply some superglue after removing the mic and keep it for 30 minutes to have it dry completely

You can get experienced technicians to follow this way to ensure the original quality of your remote after fixing it.

Remember not to do any strange actions on the remote, or you can damage it.

Remove The Microphone From The TV Remote

Why Should You Stop Alexa On Fire TV?

Alexa on Fire TV is a convenient feature letting you control your TV with your voice.

In some unexpected incidents, you must stop it to ensure some important problem. In particular:

Alexa can compromise your security; however, it always listens to your conversations, even when the TV is off.

The process can collect and store your voice data on Amazon’s servers.

Alexa can also accidentally activate and record sensitive information, such as personal details, passwords, and financial transactions.

Alexa on the TV can interfere with your TV viewing experience.

Sometimes, it can misinterpret your commands due to unwanted factors, such as TV dialogues or noise.

This can make Alexa change the volume, channel, or input information without your intention. It isn’t very pleasant.

Alexa can harm your health and well-being.

You will tend to be lazier and dependent on voice control, reducing your physical activity and mental stimulation.

When the TV is off, blue light and sound sometimes disrupt your sleep quality.

Alexa on Fire TV can also affect your relationship for a long time by reducing face-to-face human interaction.

It would help if you learned how to balance between using Alexa on Fire TV and a traditional way of controlling your TV.

Why Should You Stop Alexa On Fire TV

This can help you to enjoy more privacy, convenience, and quality of life better.


Does the Fire TV Stick collect conversation data?

Yes. The Fire TV Stick can collect conversation data using voice features like Alexa.

This data is used to provide and improve voice services, as well as to personalize your experience and offer you relevant content and recommendations.

You can view, hear, and delete your voice recordings anytime in the Alexa app or on the Amazon website.

You can even turn off the microphone on your Fire TV Stick remote if you do not want to use voice features.

Can you experience the Fire TV without having Alexa?

The Fire TV is a device that allows you to stream online content on your TV.

It has a remote with a microphone button to activate Alexa, a voice assistant that can help you search for and control your entertainment.

However, if you prefer not to use Alexa, you can still enjoy the Fire TV without it.

Using the on-screen keyboard, you can use the remote buttons to navigate the menus and type in your queries.

How can I temporarily silence Alexa?

If you want to silence Alexa temporarily, you have a few options.

You can use the Mute command to turn off the audio on your Echo device, which will mute any music or voice responses.

To do this, say, “Alexa, mute” or “Alexa, unmute.”

You can also press the mute button on your device manually.


Alexa is a virtual assistant that can help you control your Fire TV with voice commands.

However, some people may prefer to use the remote or have privacy concerns.

You have a few options to follow on how to disable Alexa on Fire TV.

You can turn off the voice recognition feature, unlink your Fire TV from the Alexa app, or remove the microphone from the remote.

Each method has pros and cons; you can always re-enable Alexa if you change your mind.

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