Alexa Spinning Blue Light (How to Stop)

Alexa has eight lightning signs and each of them has a specific purpose.

But in blue color, it has two contrasts that are cyan on blue and spinning cyan, and you might be confused about what these two variation means.

Meanwhile, all other six colors have only one sign.

What does Alexa’s spinning blue light mean?

The slight spin with teal and blue color on Alexa means your device is starting up.

If the blue blinks with the cyan spotlight it means the device is listening.

So, you have got a quick answer, but here is a lot more to know.

Below is more information about the Eco dot spinning blue light, and also an overview of all other lighting signs on the Alexa device.

Excited to know? Let’s begin.

Why Alexa Spinning Blue Light?

Alexa Spinning Blue Light - How to Stop and Fix the Light Issues

If you’re a new user of Alexa or have been using it for a long time, it’s sure that you wonder why my Alexa device spins blue light most of the time.

While at the same time, other colors (red, orange, white, purple, yellow, and green) light lesser.

There is no big myth behind it, but it’s just a series of lights the manufacturer has programmed into the device.

There are two variations of blue color.

  1. Cyan on Blue
  2. Spinning Cyan

Cyan on Blue

Most of the time, we keep interacting with Alexa, and you see a Blue ring light with a cyan spotlight.

In other words, the Cyan on Blue color means that Alexa is listening to you.

This is pre-setting by the manufacturer; you can’t change it manually.

The cyan-on-blue color has three purposes.

  1. Listening: A blue ring with a cyan spotlight
  2. Alexa has listened to and processed your request. You might have observed that the light flashes stronger and then gets to normal. As a result, the device has listened to and processed your command.
  3. Software update: The cyan-on-blue light glimmers briefly indicate that Alexa is processing the system software update.
Cyan on Blue

Alexa Spinning cyan light

Seeing the teal and blue light spinning means it is just starting up.

It indicates that the Alexa is working and you are ready to use it.

Although you were not familiar with spinning blue lights on Alexa before, you now understand what they mean.

In light of Alexa’s blue light, here are some questions that most people still have.

We’ll talk about them, and if you experience any of them, we’ll figure out how to fix them.

Why Alexa is not Spinning Blue Light?

Why Alexa is not Spinning Blue Light

Alexa blue light means the device is listening, but if it doesn’t spin, how would you know whether your request has been processed or not?

Therefore, it’s important to understand why Alexa is not spinning blue light and how to fix it.

The software is not up-to-date.

The most common problem why the blue light is off can be the old version of your device.

Sometimes, software bugs and flaws can also be the reason behind this issue, even if Alexa’s software is up-to-date.


However, in both cases, you can check them through the Alexa app.

To update the software, go to the Alexa mobile app and then the settings option.

Check the latest version details; if there are any updates, you can fix them.

However, if there are bugs or flaws, they typically last only a short time, but if they persist for a long period, you can refresh the device.

Less Power Supply

The low power supply can also be a reason why the blue light is not turning on.

It’s because the Alexa device requires 120-240 volts to operate.

If the power voltages are less, then the device might not work.

However, a faulty AC adapter, loose power outlet, and sloppy connection can be the other reasons for less power supply.


The straightforward solution is to use Amazon-recommended wires as a power outlet.

Make sure the connections are secure and fully plugged in.

Last but not least, you can use a voltmeter to check voltages.

Wireless Connection is Not Strong

Wireless Connection is Not Strong

Nowadays, most smart devices are wireless, which might not work if the Wi-Fi connection is weak.

The same rule applies to Alexa devices. If the wireless connection is off or creating an issue, the spinning blue light may not work.


If you have trouble connecting to WiFi, check other smart devices to see if they have a good connection.

If they work well, ensure the Alexa device is connected to the internet.

Then turn off the Alexa for 30 seconds and then turn it on.

How To Stop Spinning Blue Light On Alexa?

You might be having an issue with the consistent spinning of blue light on Alexa.

The problem arises when you do not understand whether it is working.

The device’s sensitivity might be too high, causing it to continually listen to everything, including TV, whispers, etc.

Let’s see how you can fix this.

How To Stop Spinning Blue Light On Alexa

Check volume sensitivity

Sometimes, Alexa listens all day when you speak from a closer distance.

But it doesn’t mean Alexa is faulty; it can be due to the device’s sensitivity.

The best solution is to fix the Alexa volume sensitivity from the mobile app.

You can also change to specific words rather than “Hey Alexa or Alexa” to connect with her.

Update the Latest Version

Depending on the old version, it could take some time for the light to turn on after processing the command.

Check out the latest version of Alexa and update it.

You can also set it to auto-updates; you don’t need to update the software manually.

Internet Connection is Slow

A slow internet connection can also create problems in light behavior.

If the internet connection is slow, Alexa takes more time than usual to process the voice.

Please ensure the internet connection is fast.

If you’re using a wired connection, check the connectivity of the cables.

Turn Off/On

If all the above methods don’t work for you, consider turning the Alexa device off and then on it.

Take at least a 1-minute pause between the off and on time.

Lights on Alexa and What They Mean

The multiple lights on the Alexa device are used to indicate to the user about the current device situation.

Here is a short overview of each Amazon Alexa device light and its meaning.

  1. Yellow: The yellow light means the device has received a message or notification. The yellow colors will indicate if you set an alarm and missed it.
  2. Cyan on blue: Alexa is listening or processing the request.
  3. Red: if you turn on/off the mic, the solid red light will glow.
  4. Spinning cyan: the Alexa is starting up.
  5. Orange: The device is ready to set up and connects to the internet.
  6. Green: An incoming call is indicated by a pulsing green light. If it’s a continuous spin, you’re on an active call.
  7. Purple: do not disturb mode is active.
  8. White: the increase and decrease in the white light are directly proportional to the volume level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does Alexa have a blue spinning light?

The blue light on Alexa’s smart device indicates that Alexa is listening when you talk to her.

Another purpose of the light is to indicate that the device is updating its software.

Furthermore, the light also flashes when you turn on the Alexa device.

Why is Alexa randomly spinning blue light?

Alexa’s spinning blue light means that the device is turning on.

Once the device is turned on, it will shut off and may turn orange, indicating the Alexa device is ready to set up.

What is the echo dot blue ring of death?

The echo dot blue ring of the death light indicates that your device is in “Do Not Disturb” mode (DND).

The ring of death on the Echo Dot also indicates that the device might not be working due to a problem.


Amazon is always one step ahead when making the products easy to use, so the small Alexa device has eight color variations.

Typically, the variation of cyan lights makes users doubt what they mean.

But I hope now you’ve got an idea about each light and its purpose.

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