How To Download Dofu Sports On Firestick with 5 Simple Steps

Dofu can bring a world of sports right to your Fire TV. But how to download Dofu Sports on Firestick?

This task can be tricky because of the incompatibility between the apps. However, I have some tips to make it work.

Today, I will share what you can do to enjoy Dofu Sports on your Fire TV. Are you ready? Let’s start right now!

What is Dofu Sports?

Dofu Sports is a famous streaming app with a user-friendly interface. It offers a huge library of sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.

You can stream your favorite sports in 720p or 1080p quality. There is also a scoreboard that allows you to update the scores of the matches.

Moreover, the Dofu app is free. You just need to download it and start streaming NBA and NFL channels.

What is Dofu Sports?

Watch sports on Dofu

How To Download Dofu Sports On Firestick?

You have to install a downloader app on your Firestick first.

Then, use it to download Dofu. The detailed instructions are as follows:

Step 1: Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”

The official Amazon Firestick app store only offers some apps.

So, if you want to install other apps that are not available there, you need to activate the “Apps from Unknown sources.”

So first, turn on your Firestick. When you are on the home screen, you can see many apps and options.

Then, use the buttons on your Firestick remote control to choose “Settings.” Within this menu, select “My Fire TV.”

If you don’t see “Developer Options” after that, click “About.” Then, choose your Fire TV Stick device. You may notice a message saying “No need.” It means you have accessed the developer before.

Now, toggle on the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option. This simple step allows you to install apps from different sources.  

Step 1: Turn on "Apps from Unknown Sources"

Allow your TV to install external apps

Step 2: Install a downloader app

Press the “Home” button on the remote control to return to the home screen.

Then, choose “Find” to locate apps. You can type “Downloader” into the search bar. Your TV will immediately display multiple results.

After that, find your favorite downloader. Once you’ve located it, press “Download” and wait for it to download.

Step 3: Download Dofu Sports

The downloader app is ready! In the app’s menu, you can easily see a URL field. So just enter the Dofu link and click “Go.” 

A web page will open. Once you get there, scroll down to find and tap “Download APK” to start the download.

When it’s complete, click “Install” to install the app. Then, choose “Done.”

The APK file is now on your Firestick. However, you simply need it to download Dofu.

So, once you’ve finished installing the app, you can delete that file.  

Step 3: Download Dofu Sports

Use the downloader to install Dofu

Step 4: Run ExpressVPN app

You can install apps from different sources on your Fire TV now.

Yet, this action may come with security risks. That’s why I highly recommend using a VPN.

A VPN can help hide your IP while streaming external content.

There are many options, but I like ExpressVPN best. It’s also the most secure and fastest VPN for Firestick.

To get your VPN, click here to subscribe to your ExpressVPN.

It offers a 30-day guarantee. So if you don’t like it, you can ask to get your money back.

After your subscription, turn on your Firestick. Then, choose “Find” and type “expressvpn.” Next, click on the ExpressVPN app to install it on your Fire TV.

Once the download is done, open the app and submit the login credentials you have when buying the VPN subscription. After that, press “Sign in.”

Next, tap the power icon on the screen to access the VPN server. Now, your connection can be secure.

Step 4: Run ExpressVPN app

Get a VPN

Step 5: Start streaming

Everything is done! You can open the Dofu app on your Fire TV and log into your account (it’s free). Then, explore the sports content here.

Is Dofu Live Stream Legal And Safe To Use?

I had the same question. I wanted to be sure, so I checked if downloading the Dofu Live Stream was safe using a tool called VirusTotal.

It said I could use the app safely. How about legal issues? Well, it’s more complicated.

It depends on many factors, like where you live, copyright rules, and content sources.

For example, Dofu Live Stream lets you watch sports for free. But, this feature can be against the rules in some places.

Your internet provider and government may keep an eye on what you do online. So, it would be best to stay cautious. 

How to Install Dofu Live Stream On Your Fire TV Home Screen?

If you want to put the Dofu Live Stream app on your home screen, please take these steps:

  • Firstly, turn only our Firestick and let it boot up. You will be on the main home screen.
  • On the top row of the screen, you can see large icons for different apps. Navigate to the right until you reach the end. There, click on the “View All” button.
  • In the list of apps, scroll through to find “Dofu Live Stream.” However, don’t press it. Instead, find a button with three lines on your Firestick remote to open a menu. Then, press it while the Dofu app is highlighted.
  • A small menu will pop up. From there, choose “Move” to relocate the app.
  • After that, the app icon can follow your remote control’s directional buttons. So you just need to navigate to the top row of apps.
  • When the app is in your desired position, press the center button on the remote to lock its new location.
  • Congratulations! You have just moved Dofu Live Stream to the top row. It means when you access your Fire TV home screen, you can see Dofu immediately.
How to Install Dofu Live Stream On Your Fire TV Home Screen?

Make the app easier to access

How to Watch Sports Using Dofu Live Stream On Your Fire TV?

You have just downloaded Dofu Live Stream on your Fire TV.

But you may not be ready to use this app for your sports streaming time. But don’t worry! I will help.

When you open the app, you will be right on its home screen. The dark theme with elements from different colors really pops.

Then, you can use the app to stream the content. But to be honest, the navigation is a little tricky.

If you don’t want to get confused, I recommend using the Mouse Toggle app. It will help you handle the features of the Dofu App with ease.

Once you’ve got the mouse toggle, feel free to explore your Dofu! Check the tabs at the bottom first.

They are Standings, Scoreboard, and Events. Each offers a different way to immerse yourself in the world of sports.

  • Events: When you press this tab, you can see a schedule of upcoming matches for different sports. You will also get the exact time, teams, and even links for watching.
  • Scoreboard: If you just care about the scores, choose this tab. From here, you can view the latest scores. And if you want to check the past results, filter by dates.
  • Standings: If you want to check team records, press the “Standings” tab. There is a lowdown for each team’s reports in both preseason and regular. You can even sort the data by division, conference, and league.

Aside from the three tabs, you can use the menu in the upper left corner. It lets you choose your favorite sport.

You can rate the Dofu app and share it in the upper right corner. It’s also where you can set up the app to customize your experience.

Use the app to watch your favorite sport


1. Which devices support Dofu Sports?

You can use this app on many devices, including Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, Android TV, Roku TV, etc.

2. How much does the Dofu Sports app cost?

The good news is that this app costs nothing. You just need to pay for the internet connection.

3. Can I download Dofu Sports on my laptop?

Yes, you can. However, you need to download an emulator first. This app will help you install Dofu on your laptop quickly. 

4. What channels does Dofu have?

You can use Dofu to watch MLB, NFL, NBA, and many other sports channels.

5. Where can I download Dofu Sports?

You can download Dofu Sports in the Google Play Store (Android devices) or App Store (iOS devices).

6. Can you get sports on Amazon FireStick?

Yes. But you need to install a sports streaming app on your Firestick first.

Then, use it to access Amazon Appstore. In the store, you can find your favorite sports app. So just click “Download” to install it.

7. Is Dofu Sports on the app store?

Yes. You can find this app on Android and iOS devices. It’s now free to install and use.

8. What is the new Dofu sports app called?

Dofu offers a scheduling app called Dofu Sport Live. It keeps you updated on the latest matches in NBA, NCAA, NFL, and MMA.

Final Lines

You can download Dofu Sports on Firestick by installing the downloader first.

Then, use that app to find and install Dofu. Remember to get a VPN for a secure connection.

It’s easy, right? So, it’s time to enjoy your live sports streaming. Hopefully, you will never miss a game!

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