Why Is Firestick Remote Blinking or Flashing Yellow Light?

Using your Smart Firestick TV is another level of happiness.

But the sad moment is when your remote’s yellow light starts blinking.

Many new users are unaware of this moment, so they worry when they see a blinking yellow light on the remote.

No need to worry; I will tell about why it is happening.

So, Why is Firestick remote blinking or flashing yellow?

There are many reasons behind this issue. Following are some possible reasons for this problem.

  1. Remote pairing
  2. Low battery
  3. Poor connection issue
  4. Enabled discovery mode of your remote
  5. The software of your Tv is outdated

These are all the reasons for your remote blinking or flashing yellow.

When the remote blinks, the issue can be detected through the frequency of the light.

Different frequency indicates a different remote problem.

The simple fix to this issue is to change or recharge the remote batteries.

Let’s discuss the possible issues and their solution in detail.

What Does Yellow Light on the Firestick Remote Mean?

What Does Yellow Light on the Firestick Remote Mean

The yellow light on the Firestick remote is used as a sign of any issue with the remote.

When the remote battery gets down from a certain point, the yellow light on the Firestick remote blink to alert.

It indicates that the remote batteries require recharging or changing.

The yellow light has a different purpose for a specific model of Tv.

This light also indicates that the remote is pairing or connecting to the Tv.

When you need to connect a new remote to the Tv, its challenging to know whether the remote is paired.

Therefore, when the Firestick remote connects to the TV, the remote’s yellow light blinks and ensures the pairing.

In short, the primary purpose of the yellow light on Firestick is to provide the connection and low battery indication.

Different Firestick Remote Lights Purpose

Different Firestick Remote Lights Purpose

When the Firestick remote blinks or flashes, most probably it’s trying to connect to your Tv.

The remote blinking may be because the fire tv remote is not working well, there are some signal issues, and the remote batteries are low.

To identify the real issue, note the color of the flashlight.

The following colors appear to indicate a specific problem.

1. Red Light

Red color indicates two issues.

The fire tv remote batteries are low if the red color appears with slow blinking.

You need to recharge the batteries or replace them.

If the red appears with fast blinking, your Firestick remote is malfunctioning.

Reset your Remote or contact a professional.

The best option is to buy a new fire tv remote.

2. Orange Light

When you see orange light, understand that your Fire tv stick remote is not paired with the Fire Tv.

In such a case, restart your Fire Tv, then press the home button of your Remote for 10 seconds.

Your remote will connect to the Tv.

You can read our full guide: Why is Firestick Remote Blinking Orange? Best Fixes

3. White Light

The white light helps to ensure your Fire Tv devices are on.

It also indicates that the Firestick remote is on and ready to use.

4. Blue Light

This blue light ensures that the remote is functioning accurately.

You need to check the Fire tv stick device.

You can read our full guide: Why Is Firestick Remote Blinking Blue Light?

5 Reasons Firestick Remote Blinking or Flashing Yellow

Why Is Firestick Remote Blinking or Flashing Yellow Light?

Some reasons cause the yellow light to blink. Following is the list of the reasons for the yellow light flashing.

  1. Remote pairing: Your remote’s yellow light may blink because the remote is not paired to the Tv accurately.
  2. Low battery: Yellow light blinking and flashing is also a sign of a low battery. It alerts you to change or recharge the Amazon Fire tv stick remote.
  3. Poor connection issue:  A strong Internet connection is a factor in enjoying the streaming without disturbance. Check your wifi connection. Look at all the cables used for the connection and wifi router.
  4. Enabled discovery mode of your Fire Stick remote: When you allow the discovery mode of your remote, it starts searching for the Fire TV devices to connect with. That’s why the Amazon fire stick remote blinking yellow light at that time to indicate the enabled discovery mode of the remote.
  5. The software is outdated: This case is rare, but it happens. The software connects the Fire Stick remote to your Tv, which runs connectivity. When the software gets outdated, your Amazon Fire stick remote show flashing yellow light. Usually, the software is updated on its own when connected to the network. You can also update it from the settings of your Firestick device.

How To Fix: Fire stick Remote Blinking or Flashing Yellow

How To Fix Fire stick Remote Blinking or Flashing Yellow

Here are some simple fixes that you can try for your Fire Stick remote.

The following are the fixes for this problem.

1. Factory Reset Your Fire Stick Remote.

Factory resetting is an excellent option to solve the Amazon fire stick remote blinking yellow light issue.

You need to follow some simple steps to do so.

  1. Press the down and back buttons of the Fire Stick remote for 10 seconds at once.
  2. Wait for 60-65 seconds and let the Fire Stick remote to reset.
  3. The remote will automatically be paired with the Tv.
  4. Unplug the TV for a few minutes if the remote is not connected. Then plug in the Tv again.
  5. Hold the remote home button for 10-20 seconds until you see the light flashes rapidly.

2. Change the Fire Stick Remote Batteries

Most of the time, the Amazon fire stick remote blinking yellow light to alert.

This alarm is a sign of low batteries or dead batteries.

Check the Fire Stick remote batteries if they need recharging, then recharge them.

But if these batteries are not recharging, possibly these are dead.

Change the batteries and place new batteries into the Fire Stick remote.

3. Disconnect Multiple Fire Devices

Suppose you have multiple Fire Devices connected to a single Firestick remote at your home—the yellow flashing light of the remote blink to indicate that the connection is rejected.

Because sometimes, the remote rejects pairing with the desired device, and the light blinks.

Disconnect all the Fire tv stick devices and then reconnect them again one by one.

4. Check the Cable Connection.

You can face a connection issue using Cables to connect the wifi router and Tv device.

Maybe the Cables are damaged, and you need to repair these cables.

Check the cable you used to connect the Tv with wifi device and the power source. Replace the cables if needed.

5. Contact Customer Support

If something else is needed, get customer support.

You should contact the professional and discuss the issue with him.

They will guide you because the problem may not only be with your remote but with your TV as well.

The best fix to the yellow light issue is to buy a new remote (if the problem is not solved).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my remote is paired?

Press the remote home button for 10-20 seconds to pair your remote.
During this time, a blue light blinks to ensure the connection; a confirmation message also appears on the screen if you can’t notice the light.

How can I connect Firestick without a remote?

You can connect the Firestick device using Amazon’s Fire App on your mobile.

Install the app from the Google Play store on your Android or Apple play store on your Apple play store.
This app will control all the functions of the Firestick remote.

Why did my Firestick stop working?

Your Firestick stopped working due to a connection problem.
It may be due to the internet connection or cable connection problem.

You should use the correct power supply for the connection.
Or there is some issue with the device.


When your remote blinks or flashes, it’s not a big issue.

Mainly this yellow light blinks to alert you of any problem.

The first accepted reason for the blinking light is low remote batteries.

Immediately check the batteries and replace them.

Also, ensure the internet connection is secure and Fire TV device is working.

Suppose you’ve got multiple Fire TV devices at home that blink yellow flashing light.

You can factory reset them or get help from Fire TV menu button.

For Fire TV remote reset, click on remote control menu button, go to settings, and reset the Fire Stick device.

I have discussed all the possible reasons for the solution above.

Read all of them, fix the issue and enjoy your Streaming again.

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