Firestick Remote Blinking Orange (Best Fixes) 2023

Streaming lover? Firestick user? or whoever you are! I know your purpose for coming here.

Your Firestick remote is blinking orange, and you don’t know anything about what’s happening with it.

When the orange light on your remote blink, it feels scary, but it’s not a big issue.

So why is Firestick remote blinking orange? Orange light blinking on your Firestick remote means your remote is in “Discovery mode” or “Disconnected” from your TV.

Now you want to know some quick solutions to fix the orange blinking.

But before I take you toward the solutions, you should know the reasons.

So I will tell the possible reasons why your Firestick remote is blinking Orange below in the article.

Moreover, after discussing the reasons, I would explain the easy Solutions to fix the issue.

Why is My Firestick Remote Blinking Orange? 5 Possible Reasons

[Fixed] Why is Firestick Remote Blinking Orange?

There might be a different reason for every Firestick remote. A list of Possible reasons is mentioned Below.

Your Firestick remote might be blinking due to one of these reasons.

  • Connection Problem
  • Pairing Sign
  • Weak or Dead Remote Batteries
  • Outdated Firmware
  • Damaged internal components

1. Connection Problem

When your Firestick remote blinks orange, sometimes it indicates a connection issue.

Your remote is having trouble connecting with the Firestick device or smart TV.

You simply need to reset your Firestick device and the Firestick remote.

2. Pairing Sign

Pairing Sign

If you are connecting your Firestick remote for the first time, take the orange blinking light as a sign of pairing mode.

The Blinking indicates the pairing mode of the remote when your remote is ready to connect to your Tv.

3. Weak or Dead Remote Batteries

Weak or Dead Remote Batteries

Whenever you feel something wrong with the remote, first you need to check “Remote Batteries.”

The weak or dead remote batteries probably cause the remote to malfunction or Blink.

Hence if your Firestick remote is blinking orange, check the batteries.

Replace the dead or weak batteries if needed.

4. Outdated Firmware

Firmware is software that every smart tv requires for proper functioning.

It needs to update when new updates are available.

Your Firestick remote can also blink if any new Firmware update is available.

Go to the settings and check. If any update is available, update the software to fix the issue.

5. Damaged internal components

Damaged internal components

Your Remote may have fallen, and your remote got damaged internally.

Check if your remote is damaged internally.

The remote will blink orange to indicate damaged internal components.

How To Fix The Firestick Remote Blinking Orange Issue? 6 Quick Fixes

How To Fix The Firestick Remote Blinking Orange Issue

If your Firestick TV remote is Blinking orange, no worries. I have some quick fixes to solve the issue.

The following are the solutions:

  1. Factory Reset your Firestick remote
  2. Replace Remote Batteries
  3. Place the Tv near your sitting
  4. Pair the Firestick again
  5. Power cycle the Firestick
  6. Remove the distraction

1. Factory Reset Your Firestick Remote

I like to discuss this solution First because it has the highest chance of working.

A factory reset is the most reliable solution to fix most of the issues.

You can reset Amazon Fire TV remotes with the Fire TV app or do this manually with TV remote.

It’s a simple process; you just need to follow some simple steps.

Before starting the process, remember factory reset can sign out all your account, and you must sign in again.

If you agree, follow the given steps.

  • Hold and Press the Menu, Navigation circle, and Back buttons simultaneously for around 12 seconds.
  • Now leave the Button and wait for 60 seconds.
  • Then Unplug the Firestick device and the adaptor from the Tv. After that, remove the remote batteries from the remote.
  • Plug in and connect the adaptor and Firestick again to your Tv.
  • Turn the Tv ON and replace the remote batteries when you see the Fire Tv menu on the screen.

2. Replace Remote Batteries

When the orange light on the Firestick remote blink, check the remote batteries.

Mostly the worn-out or dead batteries cause the orange light blinking issue.

Replace the batteries if needed.

Sometimes you don’t place the batteries accurately, which leads the orange light to blink. Remove the batteries and put them in again.

3. Place the TV Near Your Sitting

Firestick remote blink orange when there is some pairing issue.

When you sit too far from your Tv and use the Firestick remote from that distance, your Firestick remote might disconnect.

Once your Firestick remote disconnect and you try to pair it again with your Tv, the remote will blink orange.

Therefore place your smart Tv near your sitting.

4. Pair the Firestick Remote Again

If your Firestick Remote is unpaired to your Tv, the remote will blink orange to indicate unpairing.

Simply pair your Firestick remote again. Follow some simple steps.

  • Check the batteries to see if the batteries are working well. Hold the “Home Button.”
  • Press the “Home Button” for  10-15 seconds.
  • Now your Firestick remote will connect to your Tv.
  • But if it’s not paired yet, press the “Home button” until the remote is paired to the Firestick device.
  • Once the pairing is done, a “process is complete” message will appear on the screen.

5. Power cycle the Firestick

The Power cycle is another effective way to fix the blinking problem. For this purpose, the process is easy to follow.

  • Turn OFF the Tv and unplug the Firestick.
  • Leave it, wait 3-4 minutes, and plug in the Firestick again.
  • Now Turn ON the Tv. If the issue is still not fixed, start the process again (this time, leave the Firestick unplugged for 4-5 minutes).

6. Remove the Distraction

If there is any distraction between the Tv and the Firestick remote, it will cause trouble.

The Firestick remote will be unpaired to the Firestick device, and try repeatedly pairing to due the distraction.

This unpairing and pairing mode cause an orange blinking light on the remote.

So check if any object or cable is distracting the signal, and remove that object.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Firestick remote blinking orange?

If your Firestick remote blinks orange, it’s trying to connect to your Firestick device.

This is a sign that your remote is not paired correctly or has lost its connection with your Firestick.
It’s nothing to worry about, and it’s often easily fixable.

What is the purpose of the orange light on the Firestick remote?

The orange light on your Fire Stick remote is a helpful indicator of what’s going on with your remote.

As mentioned earlier, a blinking orange light means your remote is trying to connect to your Firestick device.

If the light is solid orange, it means your remote is in pairing mode and is ready for you to establish a connection.

My Firestick remote is still not working; what should I do?

If you’ve tried all of the steps above and your Fire tv remote is still blinking or not working, there may be an issue with your remote or Fire tv device.

You may need to contact Amazon customer support or consider purchasing a replacement remote for the Fire TV device.


Your Firestick remote is blinking orange, which is a big issue.

But there is nothing to worry about because you can stop this blinking using quick fixes.

Before you know about the Solutions, you have to find the reasons and then go for the solutions.

I have discussed all possible reasons with solutions.

Read them and find a solution for your Fire tv remote.

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