Firestick Remote Blinking Orange – How To Fix It?

Have you noticed the Firestick remote blinking orange and not responding when you try to use it? You’re not alone.

The orange blinking light on the Firestick remote is basically its way of saying “hey, something’s wrong!” As one of the most popular and affordable streaming devices, countless Fire TV and Firestick users have experienced this issue.

In this blog article, we’ll take a deep dive into what causes the orange blinking light, along with several potential fixes you can try to get your Fire TV remote working smoothly again.

Let’s troubleshoot this annoying orange blink and get you back to binge-watching your favorite shows.

What Is The Meaning Of Firestick Remote Blinking Orange? 

What Is The Meaning Of Firestick Remote Blinking Orange

Before we dive into the potential fixes, let’s first understand what the orange blinking light on your Firestick remote actually means.

Simply put, the orange blinking light is a signal that there is an issue with your remote. 

The orange blinking light on your Firestick remote means that it is unable to connect to the device.

This can be due to a variety of reasons, but typically it is caused by a weak or lost connection between the remote and the Firestick.

Sometimes, the issue may also be related to low battery, connectivity problems, or a malfunction within the remote itself.

In any case, seeing an orange blinking light on your Firestick remote can be frustrating and can disrupt your streaming experience.

So, it’s important to pay attention to how often and when the light blinks, as this can indicate the specific issue at hand. 

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Common Causes Of Remote Blinking Orange

There are several reasons why your Firestick remote may be blinking orange, including:

  • Weak or lost connection between the remote and the device
  • Low battery life
  • Interference from other devices or objects blocking the signal
  • Malfunctioning remote

Fixes for Firestick Remote Blinking Orange

Here are some potential fixes you can try to resolve the orange blinking light issue on your Firestick remote:

1. Check The Battery

check batteries Firestick remote

The first thing you should do when you see the orange blinking light on your Firestick remote is to check the battery. Make sure it has enough power and replace it if necessary.

2. Restart Your Firestick

Sometimes, a simple restart can solve many technical issues, including the orange blinking light on the Firestick remote. Unplug your Firestick for a few seconds and then plug it back in. This will give it a fresh start and may resolve the issue.

3. Pair The Remote Again

If restarting your Firestick doesn’t work, try repairing the remote with your device. To do this, go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices and select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes.”

Then, hold down the Home button on your remote for at least 10 seconds until you see a message confirming that it has been paired.

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4. Check For Interference

The orange blinking light may also be caused by interference from other electronic devices, such as wireless routers or cell phones. Move your Firestick away from these devices to see if the issue is resolved.

5. Reset Your Firestick

If none of the above fixes work, you can try resetting your Firestick remote to its default factory settings. Remember that this will wipe all data and downloaded programs, so create a backup of any vital data first.

To reset your Firestick, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Factory Defaults.

Tips For Increasing Signal Strength For Your Firestick Remote

Tips For Increasing Signal Strength For Your Firestick Remote

In order to prevent the orange blinking light from occurring in the future, here are some tips for improving the signal strength between your Firestick remote and device:

  • Keep your remote within a reasonable range of your Firestick (typically 10 feet)
  • Make sure there are no obstructions blocking the signal, such as walls or large objects
  • Use an HDMI extender to improve the placement of your Firestick and allow for better signal reception

In summary, the orange blinking light on the Firestick remote can be a frustrating issue, but it is usually easy to resolve with a few troubleshooting steps. Make sure to check the battery, restart your device, and pair the remote again before opting for a factory reset.

If none of these fixes work, it may be time to contact Amazon customer support for further assistance. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you troubleshoot and resolve the Firestick remote blinking orange issue so you can get back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies. 

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