Why is Blink Camera Not Connecting to WiFi?

Are you having difficulties connecting your Blink camera to your home wifi network? If so, you are not alone.

Many buyers experience Blink camera not connecting to Wifi and it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to get connected.

Fortunately, there are solutions available that will help you overcome the problem and get reconnected quickly.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the common issues associated with setting up a Blink Camera as well as provide tips on how to troubleshoot potential problems so that you can ensure consistent communication between the camera and your WiFi network.

Potential Causes for Blink Camera Not Connecting To Wifi

Why is Blink Camera Not Connecting to WiFi? Troubleshooting Guide

Several things could be causing your Blink camera not to connect to WiFi. These can include:

Poor Signal Strength

The most common reason for connection issues with a Blink Camera is poor wifi signal strength. 

If your camera is too far from your WiFi router or there are physical obstructions (like walls or furniture) between them, the WiFi signal strength may be too weak for the camera to connect.

Incorrect WiFi Password

Another common issue that could prevent your Blink Camera from connecting to WiFi is an incorrect WiFi password. Make sure you’re entering the correct WiFi password while setting up your camera. 

If you’ve recently changed your WiFi password, you will need to update it in your camera settings as well. It’s a simple fix, but one that’s often overlooked.

Incorrect Network Settings

Another common issue is incorrect network settings. Your Blink Camera may be trying to connect to the wrong network, or your network settings may not be configured correctly for the camera to connect. 

Outdated Firmware

One overlooked factor that can prevent your Blink Camera from connecting to WiFi is outdated firmware. 

Firmware is the software embedded in your camera that controls its functionality. Blink regularly updates the camera’s firmware to improve functionality and resolve any known issues. 

If your camera’s firmware is outdated, it might prevent the camera from connecting to your WiFi network. Check for any available firmware updates in the Blink app. 

How To Fix Blink Cameras Not Connecting To Wifi? 

Now that we have identified the potential causes for Blink Camera not connecting to WiFi, let’s discuss how to fix this issue.

1. Check Signal Strength

Check Signal Strength of Blink Camera

First, test the signal strength between your camera and your WiFi router. 

You can do this by moving the camera closer to the router and trying to connect again. If the camera connects when it’s closer, it’s a clear sign that poor signal strength is the problem. 

A WiFi extender might be a worthwhile investment to improve your WiFi’s coverage. Apps such as ‘Wifi Analyzer’ can also help by providing a visual representation of your WiFi signal strength in different areas of your home. 

Make sure to position your camera in a location with a strong signal for optimal connectivity.

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2. Double Check Network Settings

Verify that the network settings on your Blink Camera are correct.

Blink Cameras only support the 2.4GHz WiFi band, so ensure that your camera is set to connect to the 2.4GHz network and not the 5GHz network. 

You can check this in the network settings of your Blink app. If you’re unsure about your WiFi’s frequency, refer to your router’s user manual or contact your Internet Service Provider for guidance. 

Additionally, confirm that the correct WiFi network is selected in your camera’s settings. If you have multiple networks at home, the camera may be trying to connect to the wrong one.

3. Update Firmware

Ensure your Blink Camera’s firmware is up-to-date. Regular firmware updates are released to improve camera functionality and resolve any possible issues. 

To check for any available firmware updates, go to the settings in your Blink app, select your camera, and look for the firmware update option. If an update is available, follow the provided instructions to update your firmware. 

Remember, keeping your camera’s firmware updated is crucial for its optimal performance and connectivity.

Overall, there can be various reasons for your Blink Camera not connecting to WiFi. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this blog post, you’ll be able to identify and resolve any issues preventing your camera from connecting to your WiFi network. 

Remember, maintaining a strong and stable WiFi connection is crucial for the optimal performance of your Blink Camera. 

If you continue to experience connectivity issues after trying these solutions, it may be worth contacting Blink customer support for further assistance. 

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