Why is Blink Camera Not Connecting to WiFi? (7 Reasons)

Imagine you bought a Blink Camera for home security, but after multiple attempts, you can not connect it to WiFi.

I know it is pretty frustrating and consumes a good time. Here are the top 7 reasons why is Blink camera not connecting to wifi.

  1. Check the WiFi Network
  2. Move the Camera closer to Router
  3. Check the WiFi Credentials
  4. Restart the Blink Camera
  5. Check for Updates
  6. Reset the Camera
  7. Contact the Blink Service

Mainly this Mini Camera doesn’t work when there is a weak Wi-Fi signal distribution.

Moreover, having a different Blink Module than the router can cause multiple connection problems. 

Therefore, I have shared all 7 major troubleshooting methods for the problems in this article so you can easily connect your Blink cameras to Wi-Fi.

7 Troubleshooting Methods – Why is Blink Camera Not Connecting to WiFi?

Why is Blink Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Here are the 7 major troubleshooting methods that can help you connect this special Blink mini camera smart device to the Wi-Fi options.

I have given you all of them in detail in the below lines, so read them all.

1. Check the WiFi Network

The first and most important factor you must know about is the network’s signal strength.

Thus, to connect to Wi-Fi, you must ensure that its signals reach the Blink cameras. Otherwise, your Blink Mini camera will not connect to Wi-Fi.

The best thing you can do is to remove all other WiFi connections from that signal and only allow these cameras to perform their connection responsibilities.

As a result, both devices will get connected easily. 

Once you connect Blink camera with wifi, you can connect other smart devices to the internet. 

2. Move the Camera closer to Router

I have shared that signal strength matters greatly in this procedure. Therefore, you must keep them at closer distances for fast and efficient connection methods.

On the other hand, if their distances are large and unable to capture signals, the Blink module won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Therefore, I suggest you pin these cameras somewhere near your WiFi routers.

So no other device can interrupt the signals and prevent these special security cameras do not perform well.

3. Check the WiFi Credentials

Sometimes, it is better to double-check the information you put in your devices to prevent errors.

For instance, try to connect the right signal (SSID) and type in the correct passwords without making any spelling mistakes.

Mostly, Blink says the Wi-Fi password is wrong. It is because you are unable to remember the right password.

Therefore, click “Forget Password” from your Phones, then make a new WiFi password and easily connect the Blink devices.

4. Restart the Blink Camera

Does Blink camera connect to Wi-Fi or Sync Module? It does, and restarting these cameras can easily restore all their connectivity options.

You can perform this action whenever the Wi-Fi signals can not be found in such devices or if they cannot connect with the Wi-Fi signals.

Just remove Blink camera batteries and, after 10s, reinstall them. You can force these special cameras to default modes to get their connectivity options to work perfectly.

5. Check for Updates

An updated device can perform numerous high-quality actions, allowing users to get their output results more easily.

Therefore, you must update Blink camera’s latest software to get their results.

You have to search for the Blink app, click on Camera, and then install all its latest updates for fast and efficient results.

6. Reset the Camera

If your Blink is stuck on connecting to Blink servers or if it shows red light, it might have corrupt settings.

Therefore, resetting these settings back to their default modes with the right tips and tricks is better.

You just need to click on the Power button of this camera and then hold on to it for about 10s.

Now, you’ll have all the options to reset these devices back to their default modes.

So, choose the right options and reset the devices for accurate output results.

7. Contact the Blink Service

Lastly, if any of these methods don’t work, you have to contact Blink customer service and tell them everything about your issue.

Then, try to follow all the solution steps they share and then share the results with them again.

If it still doesn’t work, tell them to replace the camera with the new one with more technical features and versatile functions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t my Blink cameras connect to WiFi?

The weak Wi-Fi signals are the major reason for this connectivity error. Therefore, be sure to keep the Blink camera close to the router and then refresh it.

Now, you’ll have more good strength signals that will allow you to connect these two devices more easily.

How do I reset the WiFi on my Blink camera?

You need to click and then hold the camera Power button for about 10s.

As a result, the signal light of the camera will change from red to blue. Now, you can access all of its setting options and reset them easily.

How do I fix the Blink Sync module offline?

The best thing you can do is power cycle or reset the camera devices.

But waiting for an internet connection is the best choice as it provides more solutions that are pretty easy to follow.


I hope now you know why is Blink camera not connecting to wifi. In short, this can be due to these special Blink cameras’ poor internet connections or corrupt settings.

However, changing the device’s settings or keeping it close to the WiFi routers can allow users to connect both for easy output actions.

Moreover, you can also contact the Blink service options in case you cannot connect these cameras to the WiFi signals.

Ultimately, these 7 methods will help you greatly overcome this connectivity issue. 

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