How To Connect Bose Soundlink Revolve To Alexa?

Are you wondering how to connect Bose Soundlink Revolve to Alexa? I have you covered. I will guide you to connect Bose Soundlink Revolve to Alexa in my guide.

You can easily connect your Bose Sounlink Revolve speakers with Alexa by pairing both devices via Bluetooth. Remember to switch on the Bluetooth connection on your Bose Soundlink to help Alexa discover it on nearby devices.

The exceptional sound quality of these speakers makes them an ideal pick for both indoor and outdoor use. Though these provide a 360-degree sound quality, they come in a portable design. 

Can you Connect Bose Soundlink Revolve To Alexa?

How To Connect Bose Soundlink Revolve To Alexa A Detailed Guide 2022
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In addition to its reliable performance, the Bose Soundlink Revolve also comes with additional features. Using these other features, you can easily connect them to Amazon Alexa and Google Siri over voice commands. 

Though, the speakers do not come with an integrated Alexa voice system. But, you can still control your Alexa over voice commands using a button given on the speakers.

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How To Connect Bose Soundlink Revolve To Alexa?

Even though Bose Soundlink Revolve doesn’t come with an integrated voice control device. But, despite this, you can easily connect your Alexa to Bose Soundlink.

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Here are some easy steps you can follow to connect your Soundlink Revolve to Alexa.

Step 1: Open Bluetooth

First, you need to open Bluetooth on your Bose Soundlink Revolve. You can do so by pressing the button on the speaker’s remote.

Step 2: Open Amazon Alexa App 

Now you need to open the Amazon Alexa app from your smartphone. You can easily download the app from the Playstore if you don’t have it installed.

Step 3: Choose Your Device from the List 

On the main page of the Amazon Alexa app, you will see an option to choose devices. Tap onto the option and select your Alexa Device model from the list.

Step 4: Open Bluetooth Devices

Now open the option of “Bluetooth Devices” on the Alexa app.  

Step 5: Pair your Device with Alexa

Your device will start to scan all nearby Bluetooth devices. Select the Soundlink Revolve to pair with Alexa. 

Step 6: Control Speakers via Voice Command 

As soon as your Alexa pairs with the Soundlink revolve, you can control the speakers using voice commands. 

Key Features Of Bose Soundlink Revolve 

Here are some additional features that add to the appeal of the Bose Soundlink Revolve speakers.


The best thing about these speakers is their compact and handy design. Super light in weight, you can easily carry these speakers while traveling.

They feature rubber grips and user-friendly control buttons. So, you don’t have any problem using the Soundlink Revolve no matter where you go. 

Unique Voice Prompt System

The voice prompt system is yet another innovative feature that increases its functionality. These come with special voice instructions that help you in the Bluetooth pairing process.

In addition, the speakers also come with a built-in memory that remembers eight paired devices. So, you don’t have to go through the device pairing every time you connect a device to the Soundlink Revolve.

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Not only are these speakers super-compact, but they are famous for their durable, rugged construction. These speakers feature unique bumpers on the sides to protect them from getting damaged in case of an accidental fall. 

You can easily carry them along in your travel bag without worrying about them getting knocked or dropped. This makes the speakers an ideal pick, especially for super clumsy individuals. 

Water Resistance

Not only are the Soundlink revolve around your ideal travel partners. But, their excellent water-resistant body makes them your perfect pool party companion.

No matter how wet they get, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged. 

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Colour Options 

You can get the Bose Soundlink Revolve speakers in two aesthetically appealing silver and black colours. 

Extended Battery Runtime

Last but not least, the extended battery runtime makes the Bose Soundlink Revolve ideal for outdoor use. You get a runtime of 12 hours on a single charge.

So, going on vacation, a camping trip or just a drive across? Pop in your Bose Soundlink Revolves to enjoy music on the go. 


I hope by now you must know how to connect Bose Soundlink Revolve to Alexa. In my article, I have mentioned some easy steps to help you along the way. 

Since Bose Soundlink Revolve does not come with a wifi connection. You only have the option to connect them to your Alexa via Bluetooth.

Their compact body makes it easy for you to take them along on the go. Another fantastic thing about these speakers is that they are water-resistant. 

The unique bumpers on their body help protect them from getting damaged in case of an accidental fall. Due to its exceptional performance and robust construction, many users prefer using Bose Sounlink Revolve. 

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