12 Alexa Blink Commands – Control All Devices With Voice

The Blink indoor and outdoor cameras are very useful to show you the live streaming of home security.

Whether you fix your Blink camera in the front yard or backyard, bedroom, or guestroom, you can control the Blink camera movement with Alexa commands

You can control the Blink cameras by installing the Blink Skill in the Alexa app and connecting them to your Echo speaker, Echo Show, or any other Alexa audio or video device. To put it simply, Alexa Blink commands can be used for both audio and video security monitoring

This blog post will cover some Alexa Blink commands and also discuss other queries about Alexa and Blink smart cameras. So if you’ve got a Blink security camera this article will help you a lot. 

12 Alexa Blink Commands

Alexa Blink Commands
Purpose of CommandCommand Example
Arm/Activate BlinkAlexa, ask Blink for Arm/Activate (system name)Alexa, ask Blink to arm bedroom Echo Show
DisarmAlexa, ask Blink to Disarm (pin code)Alexa, Ask Blink to disarm/deactivate my pin is XXXX.
Disarm the specific system.Alexa, ask Blink to disarm (device name) with the pin code.Alexa, ask Blink to disarm my kitchen Echo Show, my pin code is XXXX.
Get the current status.Alexa, ask Blink about the current status.You can use various words like, what’s my status, detailed status, get my status, etc. 
Show live camera on the streaming device.Alexa, Show my Blink (camera number/name).Alexa, show me the front yard Blink Camara or camera number 3. 
Hide any camera on the screen.Alexa, hide the Blink (camera name).Alexa, hide the bedroom Blink camera. 
Set the arm/disarm scheduleAlexa, ask Blink to set the schedule (time).Alexa, ask Blink to arm between 8 pm – 4 am. 
Check the Blink’s last motion.Alexa, ask Blink to show me the last motion detection. 
Check the last motion/alert on a specific camera.Alexa, ask Blink to show the last motion/alert on (camera name).Alexa, ask Blink to show the last motion in the backyard. 
Check the total motion clips. Alexa, ask Blink about the total motion clips or movements. 
Blink camera Recordings Alexa, ask Blink about the total recordings. 
Increase/decrease the light and brightnessAlexa, ask Blink to increase/decrease the (camera name) light.Alexa, ask Blink to increase/decrease the front yard camera light. 

How To Control Blink with Alexa?

Alexa Blink Commands

For Alexa Blink commands, Please ensure your Blink system is set up and connected to the internet. Once that’s done follow these steps.  

  1. Go to your phone’s Alexa app and click on the menu. 
  2. Search for “Blink SmartHome” under “Skills & Games.” 
  3. Select the skill and then select “Enable Skill.” 
  4. Now you need to link your Blink account to the Alexa app. 
  5. Navigate to the menu and select “Smart Home.” 
  6. Select “Get Started,” then select “Blink SmartHome,” and enter your Blink credentials. You’ll also need to set the 4-digit pin code to arm or disarm your Blink cameras. It’s because no one else could turn your cameras off. 
  7. After linking your accounts, you’ll see all your Blink cameras listed under “Devices.” 

If you still have any confusion or need more guidance, you can read our detailed guide on how to connect blink to Alexa (Following an easy step-by-step process).

Now you’re ready to start controlling your Blink system with voice commands. Try saying things like “Alexa, show me the front door camera,” or “Alexa, turn on motion alerts for the living room camera.” 

You can also connect an Alexa device and Blink camera with the smart plug for better usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to change Blink’s name on Alexa?

To change your Blink name on Alexa, you’ll first need to open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device. Then, navigate to the Menu and select Settings.

From there, select your Blink account and then tap Edit Profile. Finally, enter your desired name in the Name field and then tap Save.

How to change Blink pin for Alexa?

To change the Blink pin for Alexa you need to open the Alexa app. From here, go to connected Blink devices and change the 4-digit code.

You’ll receive an OTP message in your email that will expire in the next 40 seconds if not used. Confirm the OTP and set the new 4-digit pin of your Blink camera for Alexa. 

Does Alexa notify for Blink motion alerts?

Yes, Alexa will notify you of Blink motion alerts. If you have an Echo Show, you’ll see a motion alert on the screen.

Whether you’re on screen or not, Alexa will notify you through Echo dot or smart speaker notification. You can also ask Alexa to show you Blink motion alerts. 


The cloud-based technology of Alexa has made daily home life much easier than before. Simply connect Alexa with Blink and control your complete home security with voice.

No matter if you’re laying in the bedroom or in the office your Echo Show can show live streaming of your home with Alexa Voice commands

Plus it becomes more useful when you want to activate or deactivate the camera. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness and light simultaneously. As a result, Alexa notifications improve home security even further

So without waiting anymore, connect your Blink devices with Alexa, and control your home with Alexa Blink Commands. You can also control the Fire TV with Alexa commands.

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