Alexa Multi-Room Music Not Working (12 Ways To Fix)

The Multi-room feature is one of the most innovative features that allow you to connect multiple echo devices.

You can use this feature to stream music across all the Echo devices.

But, what to do if the Multi-Room feature stops working?

It may be because there may be a problem with the synchronization between Echo devices.

Even if this happens, there is no need to panic or worry.

Instead, just follow the tips and tricks mentioned below to get the multi-room feature up and running again.

Why is Alexa Multi-room music not working?

Alexa Multi-room music not Working

Mainly Alexa multi-room music doesn’t work because there may be a problem with connectivity.

Or it can be because of an issue of synchronization between different Echo devices.

Sometimes, if you include other Bluetooth speakers in the Alexa Everywhere group.

It can also cause a delay and make the multi-room feature stop functioning correctly.

This failure can also be because of a hardware problem in the Alexa-enabled Echo Devices.

If this is the case, the following steps will help you get the multi-room feature running in no time.

12 Different ways to troubleshoot Alexa Multi-room music not working

troubleshoot Alexa Multi-room music not working

Following are various ways to help you solve multi-room feature malfunction in your Alexa Echo devices.

1. Connect All Alexa Devices on the same wifi

As mentioned before, you need to connect all Alexa Echo devices for the multi-room feature to work.

Make sure you link all Alexa Echo devices over the same wifi network.

If the problem is because of a problem in connection, then this may help troubleshoot the problem.

You can do so by following the steps given below:

  • Open device settings on your Echo device.
  • Select your device.
  • Open the Change settings given next to the Wifi name.
  • Tap on the wifi you want to connect to.
  • Now log in to your Alexa app using the wifi.
  • Do the same for all the Echo devices.

2. Change the bandwidth of your router

Once you have ensured all Alexa devices are connected over the same Wi-Fi network.

But, still, if the problem persists and you cannot use the multi-room feature.

If your router includes both 5GHz and 2.5 GHz bandwidth.

Then the next step is to change the frequency of the Scho devices from 5 GHz to 2.5 GHz.

Comparatively, this bandwidth is a little slower, but if your devices are located wide across the home.

Then 2.5 GHz bandwidth provides a reliable connection.

3. Disconnect any third-party Bluetooth speakers from the network

In case you have any Bluetooth speakers connected to your Alexa.

It may cause disruptions and delays in the multi-room feature.

So, to make it work seamlessly, make sure you remove the connection of any Bluetooth-paired speakers.

Also, you may need to unplug them before you set up the multi-group settings on Alexa.

4. Change the music streaming service

Change the music streaming service

Sometimes, changing the music streaming service also helps the multi-group feature work again.

You usually play music on Spotify; try changing the settings and playing music on Amazon Prime instead.

5. Change the Alexa voice commands

Change the Alexa voice commands

Changing voice commands to prompt multi-group features sometimes works to resolve the issue.

For example, you usually say, “Alexa plays music on all devices”.

Instead, change the voice command and say, “Alexa play (playlist name) on the (multi-group name)”.

Changing the voice command may also help the multi-room feature work properly.

6. Restart all Echo Devices

So, even after following the steps mentioned above, the multi-room settings do not work.

Then the next step you must take is to restart all your Echo devices.

Once the Echo device restarts, you must try playing music using the Alexa multi-room settings again.

7. Restart your wifi

Did you restart your Echo devices?

Still, Alexa multi-room is not playing music properly. If the answer to these questions is a “Yes”.

Then you need to restart your wifi.

Then make sure all the Echo devices are connected to the same wifi.

Once you have restarted the wifi and connected all the Alexa devices on the same wifi network.

Now you must check if the Alexa multi-group settings are up and working again. 

8. Delete the existing multi-group setting and make a new group

Even if the multi-group settings still don’t work, the next step is deleting the multi-group.

You need to set the multi-group from scratch on all Alexa devices.

You can set up the multi-group setting by following the steps given below:

  • Open your Alexa app and open the device from the settings.
  • Now tap on the option and select “Combine Speakers”.
  • Now select the Multi-room settings option.
  • You now have to select the speakers you want to connect to the multi-group settings.
  • Name the group and click on save.
  • You must follow the same steps on all the Echo devices.
  • To open the multi-room music, you need to say, “Alexa play Multi Group(name)”.

9. Reinstall the Alexa App on your phone

Reinstall the Alexa App on your phone

Another common thing that we do to troubleshoot any problem is to delete and then reinstall the app again.

You must do the same with the Alexa app on your phone.

First, delete the Alexa app from your phone; now, you must reinstall the app again. Also, make sure that your Alexa app is updated.

You can check for any new updates on the Google PlayStore.

Make sure you keep your Alexa app updated at all times.

10. Perform a Factory reset on Echo Device

Suppose the multi-room settings are not working on selected Echo devices, even after performing all the steps mentioned.

You may now need to complete a factory reset on those selected Echo devices that do not work.

To perform a factory rest on the Echo Device, you may need to follow the steps given below:

  • Hold the mic off and the volume down button together.
  • Keep pressing both buttons until the light turns orange on the device.

This indicates that the factory reset is successful.

You may need to set up the Echo device all over again and connect it to the multi-group.

Hopefully, these steps will help you troubleshoot the problem when playing music using Alexa multi-group.

11. Contact Amazon

After performing all the steps, the multi-group doesn’t work successfully.

Then the only thing left now is to contact Amazon.

It may be possible that Multi-Room settings don’t work because of some manufacturing problem in your Echo devices.

If this is the case, then Amazon will help you in order to troubleshoot the problem.

12. Find the solution from the Alexa help page

There is a plethora of information and a chat forum on the Amazon Alexa help page.

You may find the solution to your problem over there.

Or you can connect to chat support and discuss the problem of the Alexa Multi-group not working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to set up multi-room music on Alexa?

First, Go to the Devices option in the Alexa mobile app.
Then click on Combine Speakers and select the Multi-room music option.

Here, you’ll see some instructions, follow them, and complete the process.

What is Alexa multi-room music?

Alexa multi-room music means that anyone can ask Alexa to play music from any room.
Then, it’ll play music on all devices in the home.

In a nutshell, you can play music on multi-room devices with one command.

How do you turn off multi-room music Alexa?

Give this command: “Alexa, stop playing music in the Bedroom (specific) Echo Dot.”

You can also ask, “Alexa, stop playing music”.


All these tips and tricks work to troubleshoot any problem and get the multi-room features to work smoothly.

Be it upstairs or downstairs, you can dance to the same tune using the multi-room feature.

So what are you waiting for?

Connect all your Echo devices and bring the party to your home!

Hopefully, after following the tips and tricks, you can solve any problem with the multi-room feature.

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