How To Connect Smart Life To Alexa? (Complete Guide)

Smart homes are gaining popularity day by day.

They provide convenience, safety, and energy efficiency.

People can use voice commands to control smart home products with the popular Alexa device.

Connecting Smart Life to Alexa is one of the most efficient ways to automate your home.

But how to connect Smart Life to Alexa?

You can connect Smart Life to your Alexa by installing the Smart Life skill on Amazon Alexa.

After that, install the smart life application on your mobile.

Then, make an account for Smart Life.

Once done, add the Smart Life account to the Alexa Skill.

This is the simple worded way to do it.

Further in this article, you will get more detailed information about setting up a Smart Life mechanism on the Alexa device.

So, stay till the end to make sure to catch all of the things.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Connect Smart Life To Alexa?

How To Connect Smart Life To Alexa?

In any process, whatever it may be, you have to follow a certain set of steps to avoid any kind of mishaps that could cause trouble for you or your device.

Here are the steps that you need to follow;

Step-1: Download the Smart Life Application

The first step in connecting Smart Life to Alexa is downloading the Smart Life app on your mobile.

The application is free and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

After installing the app, create an account with your email address or phone number.

Step-2: Add A Smart Device To Smart Life Application

After creating your Smart Life account, the next step is to add your smart devices to the application.

Smart Life can connect all smart devices, including cameras, switches, and lighting.

You must follow the instructions to add your devices to the Smart Life app.

You will have to pair your gadget with your home Wi-Fi network.

Once you have added your devices to Smart Life, you can use the application to manage them.

Add A Smart Device To Smart Life Application

Step-3: Smart Life Skill On Alexa

The next step is to enable the Smart Life skill on Alexa after adding your smart devices to the Smart Life application.

Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to the Skills & Games option to do this. Find the Smart Life skill by searching for it, then click the Use option.

Connecting the two apps requires your information about the Smart Life application account.

Step-4: Discovering Devices On Alexa

Discovering Devices On Alexa

The next step after the Smart Life skill on Alexa is finding your smart devices. Open the Alexa application and go to the Devices option to do this.

To add a new device, click the “+” button. Alexa looks for any devices near you through the internet.

Once Alexa has found your devices, they will be visible in the Devices part of the app

Step-5: Grouping The Smart Devices

Once Alexa has found your smart devices, you can simply group them.

For example, you can add your living room’s smart plugs and lights to a “Living Room” group to navigate through them.

Go to the Devices part of the Alexa application and click “Create a group.”

After selecting the devices, create a group name.

After a group has been created, an Alexa single voice command can use for each part of the group.

Step-6: Control The Devices Via Alexa

You can use voice commands to use your smart devices if you have successfully connected Smart Life to Alexa.

To operate your smart lighting, say, “Alexa, turn on the living room lights.” Also, you could remote-control your devices with the Alexa application.

You may set routines to make your smart devices automatic in addition to voice control.

For example, you could set Alexa to lock the doors and turn off all the lights if you say, “Alexa, goodnight.”

That summarizes the steps to connect your Smart Life to the Alexa device.

Even after this, you need to understand that Smart Life can not be the best choice for you every time, and connecting it to Alexa could make it vulnerable to cyber threats.

So, do keep that in mind.

What If Smart Life Stops Working With Alexa?

It can be frustrating and uncomfortable if Alexa malfunctions and fails to use Smart Life.

To solve the problem, you should check your network connection and ensure the Smart Life and Alexa applications are connected and working fine.

You can contact customer support for assistance if the problem stays, or you can look into alternative Alexa-compatible smart life situations.

But troubleshooting would be better than going for a completely new setup.

So, do keep that in view while looking for alternative options.

How to use the Smart Life app with Alexa?

How to use the Smart Life app with Alexa

Using the Smart Life app with Alexa is a breeze.

First, ensure that both devices are connected to the internet.

Next, enable the Smart Life skill on your Alexa app.

Then, discover your devices by saying “Discover devices” to your Alexa device. Alexa will now search and discover your Smart Life devices.

Once your devices are found, you can use voice commands to control them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Smart Life not working with Alexa?

There may be several reasons why Smart Life is not working with Alexa.

The first thing to check is that your Smart Life and Alexa accounts are linked.

Ensure that both devices are properly set up and connected to the internet.

Lastly, make sure your Alexa device is recognizing your Smart Life device.

How to Unlink Smart Life from Alexa?

The process is quite simple if you want to unlink Smart Life from Alexa.

Open your Alexa app, go to “Skills & Games,” and search for “Smart Life.”
Click on “Disable Skill.” This will unlink Smart Life from Alexa.

If you want to link it again, follow the same procedure and click “Enable Skill.”

Can I use Smart Life with Amazon Echo Show?

Yes, you can use Smart Life with Amazon Echo Show.
The setup process is similar to using Smart Life with Alexa.

The only difference is that on Echo Show, you can see and control your Smart Life devices through the screen.


Smart Life and Alexa are two amazing devices that can make your life easier and smarter.

However, sometimes we need help with linking and using them.

While both are great on their own, imagine the possibilities when they work together.

But with the above guide, you can easily connect smart life to Alexa.

Furthermore, you can automate your Smart Life devices using Alexa.

With Alexa’s routines feature, you can set up customized actions triggered by a voice command, schedule, or even when you arrive or leave your home.

For example, you can set up a routine that turns off all your lights when you say “goodnight” to Alexa.

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