Can Alexa Control Netflix On Samsung TV? (2 Easy Ways)

Alexa has improved the lifestyle of many to a great extent and is still doing so. It’s known for task automation, transforming the way you manage your smart gadgets.

Using Alexa, you can control everything from home lighting to music or audio-visual stuff.

But what about Samsung TV and your favorite subscription or app, Netflix? Can Alexa control Netflix on Samsung TV? Can you play your favorite shows or movies by giving voice commands to Alexa?

So, we’ll discuss this in detail to let you know exactly how you can accomplish this.

The quick answer is Yes. Alexa can control Netflix on Samsung TV through two different methods based on if your TV has Alexa or not. One is if your TV has a built-in Alexa, scan the QR code. The other method is if your TV has no built-in Alexa, use SmartThings to do it.

How Can Alexa Control Netflix On Samsung TV?

can alexa control netflix on samsung tv

Netflix makes your smart home a mini theater replacing all your entertainment needs.

However, searching different playlists to find your favorite shows takes time.

But this is where Alexa voice assistance comes into play to make these tasks simple for you.

As we mentioned, you’ll need to connect Alexa with your Samsung TV (we’ll discuss the methods shortly).

Once connected, you can give commands to play and pause a track, go back and skip ahead while watching movies.

We’ll soon see more such options from Samsung.

Make Alexa Control Netflix On Samsung TV – Methods

Can Alexa Control Netflix On Samsung TV – 2 Easy Ways

Samsung adds top-notch TVs to its line each year with innovative features. Most of their old TVs don’t have many options to connect with the latest gadgets of today’s era like Alexa.

But the new TVs have built-in features to connect to Alexa and control its apps, such as Netflix.

So, before going to try any method, check your device version and its manual. This will let you know whether you can connect to Alexa directly or will need another application.

Let’s move to the methods so you can quickly connect Alexa with Netflix.

Add Alexa To A TV With Built-In Alexa

In this method, you’ll need to add Alexa to your TV while setting it up for the first time. If you have not added it yet, you can add it later.

Add Alexa To A TV With Built-In Alexa

When you are on the TV screen, follow these 3 detailed steps to connect to your Alexa. 

Sign In To Your Alexa Account

First of all, log in to your Alexa account using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, create one before getting started.

To log in to your account, scan the QR code on the TV screen. You can also go to the Amazon website and enter the code on your TV screen.

Give Necessary Permissions

Once you sign in to your account, you’ll be asked to allow or deny privacy permissions. Select Allow to give permission to connect to your Alexa account.

You don’t need to worry about any issues regarding your account, and it’s a safe step.

Give Alexa Wake Command

Now, you can give the wake command to Alexa by calling her Alexa, Echo, etc. To give a command, you have two options.

The first option is to tap and hold the microphone button on Alexa. And the second one is to use your Samsung TV remote to listen to the wake word.

Add Alexa To A TV With No Built-In Alexa

Add Alexa To A TV on non smart smart tv

The next method is through mobile apps when your Samsung TV does not have built-in Alexa.

You’ll need both Alexa and SmartThings apps to set things up.

And yes, you’ll also need both Alexa and Samsung accounts. Get them ready and follow these steps:

  • Connect your Alexa device and Samsung TV to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Using your Samsung account, log in on the Samsung TV.
  • With the same account, log in to the SmartThings app
  • Go to settings and tap Devices to see the list of devices. 
  • Tap Add (+ sign) to add Alexa to your existing devices.
  • Now, open the Alexa app and search for SmartThings Skill. 
  • Click on the skill and sign in to your Samsung account.

Your TV will automatically connect to Alexa, and you can control the installed apps. So, you can control Netflix from Alexa through your voice commands.

Apart from Netflix, you can also control other subscriptions you use on your Samsung TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Alexa control a Samsung TV?

Yes, Alexa can now control your Samsung TV. Some of their latest TV models come with built-in compatibility.

However, for their old models up to 2018, you’ll need apps like SmartThings. In either case, you can connect Echo Dot to control apps on the TV.

Is Netflix compatible with Alexa?

The quick answer is Yes. When you connect Alexa with your smart TV, Netflix works with it. You just have to log in to your account on TV and set up Alexa directly or through SmartThings.

Once done, you can control Netflix through your voice commands to play your favorite episodes. 

What commands can Alexa do with TV?

Once you set up Alexa with your TV, you can give these commands while watching Netflix:

  • ”Alexa, play” or “Alexa, pause.”
  • ”Alexa, please turn the volume up.”
  • ”Alexa, mute” or “Alexa, unmute.”
  • “Alexa, next episode” or “Alexa, previous episode.”
  • “Alexa, play from the beginning.”
  • ”Alexa, fast forward” or “Alexa, rewind.”


When connecting all your smart devices, Alexa gives you a seamless experience. If you want to bring a charm to your life, these gadgets won’t disappoint you.

We hope you found the answer to your question; can Alexa control Netflix on Samsung TV?

Streaming Netflix shows on your TV and interacting with Alexa makes watching very relaxing. So, you can make Alexa control Netflix on your TV in these two ways. Before going with any of these methods, make sure to check if your TV has a built-in Alexa app or not. 

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