Do Smart TVs Need Antennas? 10 Steps To Connect

Smarts Tvs are designed differently than other typical TVs.

These TVs have some extra features than other TVs.

If you are going to buy a smart TV and still don’t wanna pay extra for cable Subscriptions.

You would surely ask: Do smart TVs need Antennas?

In short, the answer is: Yes, however, your Smart TVs do not need any extra Antennas to work.

This is because Smart TVs have built-in Antennas.

These built-in internal antennas allow you to connect your Smart TVs with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

You can watch many live streams, and pictures, and enjoy music as well.

But, If you want to watch free-to-air local channels you need external Antennas.

In this article, we will elaborate on your question and the related questions.

Hope you will find a full guide and a detailed answer to your question.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into the article.

Do Smart TVs Need Antennas?

Do Smart TVs Need Antennas? 10 Steps To Connect 

No, Smart TVs do not need Antennas.

This is because these TVs come with built-in Antennas.

The built-in Antennas are used to connect the Smart TVs to Wifi and Bluetooth.

But, if you are a person who does not want to pay extra for the cable subscription.

You can definitely use Antennas to enjoy the free-to-air local channels.

 Antennas also improve the picture and signal quality.

If it is placed in the right place.

You can enjoy local channels with Antennas without any cost.

Still, if you are OK with your cable subscription you do not need any Antenna to connect.

How to connect the Antennas to work on your Smart TVs? 10 steps

How to connect the Antennas to work on your Smart TVs

How you need to set up and connect the Antennas entirely depends on the model of your Smart TV model.

First of all, Installation of the over-the-air channels is required.

This installation is compulsory if you want your Antennas to work on your Tv.

Follow the following steps to connect your Samsung Smart Tv.

  1. Press the menu button by using remote
  2. Here you will see a source icon at the left of your TV
  3. When your Tv is not connected to Antenna there will be a No Signal message on your TV screen
  4. Connect the Antenna to your Tv
  5. Now press the source icon
  6. Then its time to scan for channels
  7. Find the Menu button and select the channel option
  8. Now, select or click on Auto program
  9. You will see your Tv scanning for your desired channels
  10. Finally, click on the OK button when the process is complete

Things You Can Watch On Your Smart Tv Without Antenna?

If you have to connect your Smart Tv to Antennas.

You can enjoy the free over-the-air local channels.

Not only this you can also watch and enjoy the following things:

  • Internet Tv Apps
  • Watch local Tv on FuboTV
  • Live through Wifi
  • Use Sling Tv
  • Install MajorNetwork Apps

Internet Tv Apps

This is a really easy way to watch and enjoy your desired shows and series.

Many Smart TVs have already installed Apps like Youtube, Netflix, BBC iPhone, Amazon Prime, and a lot more.

You can just open these apps and start watching your Favourite show.

These are the apps we use mostly in our routine.

All these Apps we use mostly required a good quality internet connection.

You can also install your favorite App if you want.

You can also download any movie drama, series, or documentary when you have a good internet connection.

Then you can enjoy this content when you have a poor internet connection.

Watch local Tv on FuboTV

Watch local Tv on FuboTV

FuboTV is an amazing App that has an inbuilt recording feature.

If you are afraid to miss your favorite show you can record it and watch it later.

This App is also popular among people due to its live-streaming feature.

It allows different premium packages but if, you want to try it for free before paying for the Fubo App.

You can try the 7-day free trial before buying the App features.

If you can pay as a sports lover you can go for beIN, NBCSN, FS2, BTN, and many more sports networks.

Watch live Tv through Wifi

Live streams, broadcasts, or Match can be easily enjoyed through wifi connection.

It means if you don’t have installed apps to watch anything you can open any website to enjoy live Tv shows, broadcasts, streams, and Matches.

You can also use Apps like Youtube to watch live dramas, serials, and Shows.

Some Smart TVs have built-in features to watch live. For instance, BBC iPlayer allows you to enjoy shows and streams through an internet connection.

Use Sling Tv

Use Sling Tv

Sling Tv is the best alternative to Antenna.

If you really want to enjoy local Tv channels but do not want to use Antennas.

You can use Sling Tv.

After Hulu and Netflix Sling Tv is most popular among Tv lovers.

No need to worry about local channels you can enjoy all local new channels like Fox and ABC and then enjoy your desired series.

Sling Tv allows various packages to select. Some are less costly and some a more expensive.

So, you can choose the package according to your budget.

Sling TVs comes with some extra channel like Epix, Cloud DVR, and showtime.

Install Major Network Apps

You can Install many major network Apps.

These Networks also have their own free official App.

This network can be easily accessed through local affiliate channels.

A list of these Major network App is mentioned below:

  • PBS Video
  • Fox Now
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CW
  • The NBC App

You can enjoy many features and content in these Apps free of cost.

But if you are urged to enjoy more content through these Apps you can use their premium services.

You can use all these Apps for both Android as well as IOS devices.

Reason Your Tv is not picking up channels

Reason Your Tv is not picking up channels

Sometimes you see that your Television is not picking up the channels correctly.

There are  certain reasons behind this issue:

  • The installation of channels is not done properly
  • There might be some problems with the setting
  • You have not placed your Antennas in a right place
  • Your Antennas have obstacles and that’s why they are sending poor signals

Now, find the reason why your Tv is not picking up channels.

Then correct it and you will see your Tv working properly.

In this way, you can easily get your channels back.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do Smart TVs pick up local channels?

Yes, Smart TVs definitely pick local channels.
You can get various content including local channels content from many sources like Antennas, cable subscriptions, and satellites.

Can a smart Tv be used as a regular Tv?

Sure, you can use a Smart Tv as a normal regular with some extra features built into it.
The Smart TV users can watch local Channels and use the built-in apps in the Smart Tv.

Is it better to buy a smart Tv or a regular Tv?

A smart Tv is a better option to choose but just in case you can afford it and you can buy it.
It also depends (whether you should go for a Smart or regular Tv) on your needs.
If you want features like an internet connection, you need a smart Tv.


Your Smart TVs do not require any Antennas to work.

If you want to enjoy the local channel then your Smart TVs need to connect to an Antenna.

But if you are good with Wifi or Bluetooth connection, you can use your Smart Tv without any external Antenna.

Smart TVs come with internet and Antennas (built-in) that help the TVs to connect through Wifi and Bluetooth.

There are some local shows that you can enjoy using Sling TVs, FuboTV App, and other Apps without Antennas.

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