How To Turn On Hisense TV Without Remote? 5 Best Ways

Did you bring a Hisense Tv a few months ago and now you are facing some issues with your Hisense Tv remote?

Then you thought to use the power button and you found it broken.

As a new user of Hisense Tv, you might be unaware of the other methods to turn your Tv ON or OFF.

Don’t worry we are here to help you out.

You came here with the question: What are the other methods to Turn ON my Hisense Tv?

How to turn on Hisense tv without remote?

So, the following are some methods you can use to turn your Tv ON:

  • Use the power buttons of your Hisense Tv
  • Replace the remote
  • Use universal Remote Control
  • Use the apps
  • Google Assistant

In this article, we are going to discuss all these methods one by one.

Stay connected till the end to choose the suitable method for you.

So, without any further ado let’s get straight into the article.

So, how to turn on Hisense tv without remote?

5 Best Ways: How To Turn On Hisense TV Without Remote?

Mostly, people use the physical power button to use their Hisense Tv without any remote.

You can find the power button just beneath the logo at the bottom.

There are some apps that can be used to Turn ON or OFF the Hisense Tv.

The apps can be either remote apps or smartphone apps.

If nothing from anything (we discussed above) is working well for you.

Give a try to some PlayStations or Nintendo switches.

5 Methods To Turn On And Use A Hisense Tv Without Any Remote

5 Methods To Turn On And Use A Hisense Tv Without Any Remote
  1. Power buttons
  2. Replace the remote
  3. Use the universal remote control
  4. Use the apps
  5. Google Assistant

Use Power Buttons

When you look at your Hisense Tv you will find a Hisense logo.

Now, look at the button site and you will find the power button under the Hisense logo.

This is one of the easiest methods.

Turning ON:

  • Plugg in the Tv if it is not plugged in.
  • Make sure the red light on the Tv shine.
  • Now, hold the power button for a few seconds and press the button.
  • Once you see that a blue line is shining. Congrats Your Tv turns ON.

Turning OFF:

Turning OFF the Hisense is as simple as turning it ON without a remote.

All you need is to hold and press the power button for 2-3 seconds.

Your Hisense Tv will Turn OFF.

After turning the Tv OFF you can unplug your Hisense Tv.

Or you can directly unplug the Tv from the main source or switch.

Replace The Remote

Replace The Remote

Replacing the remote can be proved a direct or simple way to try.

But wait, before getting a new remote you must check your previous remote at least one last time.

Before you buy a new remote and waste your money, test your old remote.

There might be some obstacles or objects that are blocking the singles to reach the sensors of the remote.

Following are some objects that might block the signals:

  • Soundbar
  • Cabinets
  • Bluray play
  • Any object like a water bottle that you put before the Tv.

Sometimes the batteries of the remote are misplaced.

That is also one reason why your remote is not working well.

The right way to place the batteries should be known.

The plus (+) symbol of the battery should face the (+) symbol of the battery compartment and the minus symbol should face the minus (-) symbol of the battery compartment.

If the batteries are not working well then change the batteries.

Now, if the remote is still not working.

You can replace the remote.

You can also buy a Universal remote that works amazingly work for various other brands and models of Hisense TVs.

Use A Universal Remote:

A universal remote is an alternative to changing and buying the same remote.

A universal remote can control all the different types of Hisense TVs with different models.

These remotes are used for Multi Purposes and they can control the Hisense TVs as well as other devices in your home.

You need to know some Universal remote codes to use the Remote.

In order to control the Hisense Tv Use the 4 digits Universal Remote Codes:

  • 1170
  • 0156
  • 0219
  • 0220
  • 0696
  • 0073
  • 0848
  • 0009
  • 0780
  • 0508
  • 0508
  • 0073

Use The Apps

Usually, all the smart TVs have their own specific App.

You can change and control all the functions of every smart Tv with the Apps created for that specific Tv.

The one fact is that there is no specific App for Hisense TVs.

Instead, many other apps are used to control Hisense TVs.

These Apps can be downloaded both in your iOS or Android.

A Hisense Tv can be controlled with Android or Roku OS operating systems.

The thing you need to remember is that your mobile and Hisense Tv should have the same Wifi Connection.

Roku Tv App

Roku Tv App 

The Roku Tv app really helps you to turn the Hisense Tv ON and OFF.

In addition, this app also controls all other features of the Hisense Tv.

The voice control function of the Roku Tv App is just amazing.

In this way, you can use your Android or iOS as a remote.

Steps you have to follow to use this App:

  • First, go to the google play store of your Android or App store on your phone
  • Search a “ Roku Official Remote Control App”
  • Now, Download and then Install the App.
  • Search the Hisense Tv and connect the App.
  • Lastly, Click on the power button present in the middle of the screen.

Android Tv App

Android Tv App does not mean it would just be for Android.

You can also use it for iOS devices.

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • First of all, open the play store on your device
  • Find “Android Tv Remote Control”
  • Download and Install the App
  • Once the Installation end connect the App to the Hisense Tv
  • After connection, you will see a power button on your Mobile screen
  • Now, press this button and hold it just like the physical power button on the Hisense Tv

Mi Remote App

Mi Remote App

Before using this App make sure that your Hisense Tv has infrared sensors. Because you need these sensors to receive signals from the remote.

When your remote stops working you can use these Infrared sensors to turn your Tv ON and OFF.

Some latest Android mobiles come with already installed signals.

The signals work as a remote in the place of your Tv remote.

These sensors are also capable of controlling your other home appliances as well.

Some Electronic Appliances like microwaves and Ac can also be controlled through these sensors.

Keep in mind you can control your Hisense Tv with the MiRemote App just when your mobile or any other device has Infrared sensors.

You have to install the App from the play store.

Then connect it to your device.

You will see the instructions on your device screen.

Follow the instructions and your mobile is ready to work as a remote.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is also an easily available method to control your Hisense Tv.

This method can also be beneficial because it can be used for both Hisense TVs and home appliances.

Follow the steps mentioned below to use “Google Assistant”.

  • Make sure that your phone and Tv are connected to Wifi
  • Then confirm that the Tv and your mobile both are connected to the same Wifi network
  • Open the app “ Google Home “ and install it.
  • Now, connect your Hisense Tv to the app
  • Finally, you can command Google through written or voice command

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I reset my  Hisense Tv without a remote?

Yes, you can reset your Hisense Tv without any remote.
Although it is not easy because you have to use the tiny hole labeled “ RESET”.
Take any pin and insert it in the hole and then press it for 15-20 seconds and your Tv will start resetting.

Why is my Hisense tv so slow?

There are many reasons that can make your Hisense Tv too slow.
It might be due to low space, any update, slow internet speed, or any other malfunctioning Apps.
You can fix it by deleting “ Cache “ or resetting your Tv.

Are there any buttons on a Hisense Roku Tv?

Yes, The TCL and Hisense latest models come with buttons like Volume buttons, back buttons, or a mute button.
You can control all essential features of Hisense Tv through these buttons.


If you have lost your remote and you are eager to watch your favorite show, no need to worry at all.

You can still turn your TV ON just by following methods like Different Apps, Using a power button or using Google Assistant, etc.

These methods really help to control many functions of your Hisense Tv.

Hope after reading the complete guide you would be clear about the method that best works for you.

Now you can use any method and turn your Tv ON without the remote.

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