(Solved) Alexa Won’t Turn On My Samsung TV?

Although Samsung smart TVs’ are a good investment, they can create issues in connecting with Alexa due to some reasons.

And one might be, why does Alexa not turn on my Samsung TV?

The main reason that Alexa won’t turn on Samsung TV could be the outdated software of the Alexa app or the Wi-Fi connection being too weak between both devices.

In addition, please ensure that the Alexa device and Samsung SmartThings device are powered up.

It’s time to fix any issues between Alexa and Samsung TV.

So, buckle up, and let’s look at why and how this issue occurs.

How To Connect Alexa With Samsung TV?

Alexa Won't Turn On My Samsung TV? 5 Reasons & Solutions

Samsung has introduced the SmartThings app, a personal hub for managing all Samsung smart devices plus other smart devices.

SmartThings (easy to connect with Alexa) is launched to control your smart home devices with one app rather than using multiple apps to control the products.

Likewise, you need to connect your Samsung TV with SmartThings in order to work with Alexa.

Below are the steps to connect your Samsung TV with Alexa.

Then, we’ll proceed to the issue and their solutions.

Connect Samsung TV with SmartThings

Connect Samsung TV with SmartThings

Note: Before starting please ensure that you’ve downloaded the SmartThings mobile app and TV is turned on.

Moreover, all the devices (TV, Mobile app, and SmartThings hub) are on the same internet connection.

Follow these steps for further process.

  1. Open the SmartThings app and click on the Device tab.
  2. Then go to the Home tab and select the TV location, and tap on Add Device.
  3. In the “By Device Type” section, select TV and then confirm Samsung.
  4. Once you click on the TV, you’ll see a list of Samsung TVs in the home. Choose one that you want to select for Alexa, or you can choose all.
  5. After selecting the TV, rename the TV for Alexa commands.

By renaming your TV, you can communicate with Alexa when you want to do anything with it, for example, changing it to Bedroom TV, Lounge TV, etc.

What do you feel is easy for Alexa to understand?

“Alexa, turn on my bedroom TV” OR “Alexa, turn on my Samsung TV”

Of course, the first one is easy to understand.

Therefore, I suggest renaming it so that Alexa can understand what TV you’re referring to.

Now, when you’ve added your smart TV to the SmartThings app, you need to connect your SmartThings app with Alexa to control your TV.

Connect SmartThings app with Alexa

Connect SmartThings app with Alexa

Follow the steps to connect SmartThings with Alexa:

  1. Go to the Alexa app and click on devices.
  2. Here, you’ll see the option: Skills and Games. Click on it, and it will take you to the next tab.
  3. Here, search for SmartThings, you’ll be asked about Enable the Skill. Click on it and put your username and password.
  4. Once you log in to the account, you’ll be automatically connected to Alexa. Then, Discover the devices.
  5. From now, all your Samsung devices will be connected to Alexa, along with your TV.

However, you can manually check whether your TV is connected or not.

To do this, Click on SmartThings and check out what Samsung devices appear.

Then, search for your TV and connect it manually.

Alexa Won’t Turn On My Samsung TV: Problems and Solutions

Now the main issue opens: what if you claim that Alexa won’t turn on my Samsung?

Well, here is a few reasons that may be involved behind the issue.

Let’s check out them and also discuss how you can fix them.

Alexa Won't Turn On My Samsung TV

1. Poor Wifi Connection

We all know that a Wi-Fi connection is the most crucial element when it comes to connecting smart devices with Alexa.

That’s why a strong internet connection between a smart TV and Alexa can’t be neglected.

There are a few wifi checks you can take.

  • Check that the TV and Wi-Fi router is on the same network.
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi router is plugged in correctly.
  • Check that your ISP server is ON.
  • If using an ethernet connection, ensure that the ethernet cable is properly connected to the TV.

Solution for Alexa won’t turn on my Samsung TV

Solution for Alexa won't turn on my Samsung TV
  • The best solution is to reset the internet connection. You can change the password and reset both devices.
  • Unplug the router connection for 60 seconds, and then plug it in back.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider and ask to set it back.

2. Ensure That Your TV Alexa/Smart Features

Only those Samsung TVs work with Alexa which has smart features.

If your TV doesn’t have smart features, it will not connect with Alexa and Wi-Fi as well.

However, you can check if your Samsung TV is smart or not, by going to the Menu section and seeing if the TV has apps on the screen.

For example, your TV should show Netflix, Prime Video, ESPN, etc.

However, to connect Alexa to normal TV, you can buy any streaming device like a Firestick, Roku stick, etc.

With the help of these smart streaming devices, you connect Alexa to your Samsung TV.

3. You’re Not Giving The Right Alexa Command

The majority of people don’t even know how to command Alexa or even how to use it for the first time.

You will only be able to get Alexa to obey your commands if you give her the right command.

At the same time, you need to ensure that the TV is connected to Alexa.

To tackle this issue, make sure you know about Alexa voice commands to approach your TV in a better way.

Whether you’ve got a smart TV or using it with Roku or Firestick please learn about their commands first.

You’re Not Giving The Right Alexa Command

4. Alexa Won’t Turn On My Samsung TV Because It’s Offline

Alexa is offline, which can be a reason behind the scene.

You may not be able to command your Samsung TV if your Alexa app has outdated software or if any Alexa devices you’re using are not properly powered up.

Another reason could be that your Amazon account has been deactivated or pre-suspended for any reason.

Simply check and fix these points and you can control your TV with Alexa commands.

5. TV’s Echo Mode Is Enabled

Have you ever observed, that when your mobile phone is in power-saving mode, a lot of functions on your mobile phone stop working?

The same rule applies to the TV as well.

There may be a possibility of overcoming the power load on your Samsung TV if echo mode is enabled, but Alexa will not be connected.

To check if the mode is enabled, go to settings see the echo mode option, and turn this option off.

Bottom line: Finally you’ve got your mind clear about why Alexa won’t turn on my Samsung TV.

Simply take these measures and make sure your Alexa is turned on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can Alexa turn on my Samsung TV?

Alexa can turn on your TV if you give her the right command with a specific TV name.

You haven’t specified a Samsung TV in the settings, then Alexa may not understand what TV you’re talking about.

The best way is to say “Alexa, turn on my bedroom Samsung TV” or say “Alexa, turn on my TV 1.”

What Samsung TV models support Alexa?

Almost all 2022 and 2021 4K smart TV models have built-in Alexa support.

Additionally, the QLED TVs launched in 2020 have Alexa connectivity.

Moreover, The Serif, The Terrace TVs, and the TU8000 TVs have Alexa compatibility.

How to command Alexa to watch a playlist on Samsung TV?

To watch a playlist on a Samsung TV, you need to give it a name, add items to the playlist, and save them.

Once you give it a name, ask Alexa to play the playlist.

For example, you’ve saved your playlist with the name “My Favorite TV Show”.

Your command will be “Alexa,  Play My Favorite TV Show Playlist on my Bedroom TV.”


Are you still worried, Alexa won’t turn on my Samsung TV?

If yes, then follow the above guide to know the reason and fix them.

In a recap, check out the Wi-Fi connection, plug all the devices correctly, and turn off the echo-mode option.

If needed, you can reset both devices to fix the issue.

But before resetting, I’d recommend contacting the support of Alexa or Samsung to solve this issue.

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