Why Is Roku Blinking Orange Light And What Does It Mean?

Roku is one of the best multi-media hardware providers in America.

But, just like any other machine, Roku could also run into some errors.

These errors are indicated by the device through one of the lights on it.

The orange light is one of them.

Here is a quick answer why is Roku blinking orange light?

The Roku blinking orange light means there is an issue with the power supply of the device.

The device component could be the remote or the device itself.

In both cases, it could be fixed by replacing the power supply of the device.

For the remote, it will be a battery, for the device, it will be a surge protector or the power chord.

Further in this article, you will get to know more about the light blinking on the Roku device and ways to tackle it.

This orange light is one of the many blinking sequences in the Roku.

So, you will get to know about the other ones as well.

So, make sure to read till the end and fix the problem.

Different Types Of Light Blinking Sequences On Roku

Blinks Red Or Orange

Why Is Roku Blinking Orange Light And What Does It Mean?

If the light on the Roku blinking orange light, it means there is a problem with the power being supplied to the device.

It indicates that the device is not receiving enough power mandatory for optimal functionality.

This could be a result of a damaged power chord, surge protector, or the power unit of the device itself.

So, you can recover from this problem by simply fixing or replacing the components of such that are damaged.

If the problem still remains, it is best to contact the Roku customer service helpline.

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Blinks White

The light on your Roku device could also start to blink white sometimes.

In this case, the device is warning you about its connection to your wireless internet.

It could be a result of obstacles blocking your internet signals or the distance between the devices.

To resolve this issue, you would simply need to make it convenient for the WiFi signals to reach the Roku device.

The things hindering the signals could be the obstacles like furniture or walls, etc.

If you move them out of the way, it would start working just fine.

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Blinks Orange On Remote

Blinks Orange On Remote

There could also be a time when the light on the remote starts to blink orange.

In this case, the device’s function is telling you that the remote is not connected to the device, but is ON.

This could be a result of a sudden surge of electricity or the distance between the two is too much.

You can easily resolve this issue by disconnecting and turning OFF the remote and connecting it again after turning it ON for some time.

If the light still keeps on blinking, it could mean that there is some internal error with the remote. It would be best to contact the Roku helpline.

Blinks Green On Remote

The light on the Roku remote could also start to blink green.

In this case, the error indicated is within the hardware of the remote.

It could be empty batteries, a damaged internal system, etc.

To resolve the issue you would simply have to change the remote’s batteries and if that is not the case, you could take it to a professional to get fixed.

An even more convenient way for you would be to call a professional from your home and ask for guidance to fix the remote in the comfort of your own home.

Roku Blinking Orange Light – How to Fix the Issue?

Why Is Roku Blinking Orange Light And What Does It Mean?

Everyone operates any kind of smart home device every day.

It could be Roku or any other. But, the people who use the devices or the machines smartly are the ones using them to their total capacity.

To use a Roku device smartly you need fixes. Here are some solutions you could use if your Roku blinking orange light;

1. Use The Roku Application

The Roku application on mobile devices gets rid of any physical issues with the device or its remotes. You can download it and use the device the way you want it.

The application also informs you verbally if there is any issue with the device.

If you are not much of a fan of physical equipment like remotes, then this application is the best option for you

2. Contact Roku Support In Case Of Any Major Problem

Contact Roku Support In Case Of Any Major Problem

As Roku is a man-made device, it is bound to have errors in one way or other.

Some of its errors could be fixed by you yourself by using online help from articles like this.

But, if you encounter some issues that are major and beyond your understanding, then it is best to contact a professional.

Roku does not leave you abandoned in such a situation, they have a separate dedicated helpline for users to report any issue or take guidance for fixing it.

It is called Roku support and you can reach out to them at any time.

3. Get A New Setup

Sometimes, the issue with your Roku could become beyond repair.

So, in this case, it is best to let go of the equipment and buy the new one.

This is the best option because it would save you a lot of trouble, cost as well as time.

Buying a new setup could even give you better results in terms of performance and issues as compared to the last one.

So, consider this option as well while facing an issue with your Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Roku blinking orange?

The Roku device has multiple components and they have separate lights.
If you are talking about the device, then the orange light on the Roku device could mean that the device is not receiving the necessary power supply.

You could resolve this issue by simply replacing the power chord of the device.

Why is my Roku speaker blinking yellow?

A yellow blinking Roku speaker could mean that the device does not have an internet connection.

You can fix it by opening the settings menu in the device and then going to the networks tab.

You can choose your desired wireless internet connection from there and connect your device to it.

How do you restart a Roku device?

You can restart a Roku device by going to the settings menu on the home tab.
After that select the system tab and search for power settings.

Once found, open the power tab and look for the system restart.
Once you click this option, the system will initiate the restart sequence and will restart in a few moments.


Roku has the best-selling multi-media devices in America.

Its error-indicating mechanism lives up to the name of its brand.

The Roku blinking orange light is one of that mechanisms and could be faced by many users.

One of the most common light indicators is the orange light blinking.

Some people think that it is a fatal error, but there is not much of a worry.

If you know the proper steps to tackle these things, you can easily resolve the issue. So, what are you waiting for?

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