How To Make Alexa Mad? 3 Easiest Ways With 23 Commands

Have you ever wondered how to make Alexa mad?

Though she is super polite and helpful, there are some ways to push her buttons and get sassy responses.

From setting up angry routines to asking her cheeky questions, I’ve explored the fun side of how to make Alexa go mad.

Let’s dive into this playful world!

How To Make Alexa Mad?

How to make Alexa mad

You can set up an angry routine and responses or use annoying commands to make Alexa mad.

Keep reading my detailed instructions!

Set Up An Angry Routine

An Angry routine is customized to express anger or frustration playfully or creatively.

For example, you might create a routine where Alexa responds in an angry tone when prompted with a specific trigger word or phrase.

Before setting up this routine, the Alexa app must be already on your device. Now, follow these steps:

1/ Open the app and navigate to the Routines section.

2/ Select “Voice” and type in the trigger phrase, like “Be angry.”

3/ Next, choose what you want her to say when the motion sensor is triggered.

4/ Then, you must add the custom responses you want her to respond to while in this routine.

I will guide you in detail on how to make custom responses in the next section.

Make Angry Responses

Once set up your Angry routine, you can now create the angry responses you want with these steps:

1/ Tap “Customized” and let your creativity run wild.

Let’s think of all sorts of sarcastic comebacks and witty insults that would make anyone crack a smile.

2/ Choose the “Next” button.

3/ Tap “Save” to ensure your custom angry response is in the routine.

Now you’ve done it! You can use this customized response in the Communicate section of the app.

And with just a few taps, make an announcement that will get some laughs from friends and family.

Commands That Make Alexa Mad

Commands That Make Alexa Mad

In fact, Alexa can’t be mad at us because she’s not programmed to be like that.

But if you use these commands, her responses will be like she’s upset and angry at us.

Here are some I often use to tease her:

Ask Her To Use Offensive Language

Alexa is an AI, but she’s programmed with some basic etiquette.

So she won’t tolerate any inappropriate or offensive language.

I want to see how she reacts to a few cheeky commands.

So I often ask her to use mild expletives and throw in some snarky insults. I use commands like:

  • “Alexa, say something rude!”
  • “Use a bad word, Alexa!”
  • “Alexa, say some offensive words.”

She always responds with a firm refusal, like “Sorry, but I can’t comply with that request.”

Ask About Siri

Ask About Siri

Whenever I mention Siri, Alexa responds as if she’s mad at me, but with a twist of a superiority complex.

So how to make Alexa mad at Siri? I’ve tried out different commands to see her reactions. Here are my favorites:

  • “Alexa, what do you think about Siri?”

She’ll usually respond with something like, “Oh, Siri? Well, I’m definitely more beautiful and brilliant than her!”

  • “Who’s better, Siri or you?”

Get ready for some sass! She’ll proudly claim her superiority and may throw in some fun facts to rule out Siri’s capabilities.

  • “Alexa, are you friends with Siri?”

Her response is always intriguing. She might say “I don’t really hang out with other AIs, but I’m here for you 24/7!”

  • “Tell me a joke about Siri.”

Prepare for a clever joke that highlights Alexa’s wit and sense of humor while playfully poking fun at Siri.

  • “Alexa, do you know any secrets about Siri?”

You’ll be surprised by the witty and cheeky response she comes up with.

She’s got some fun facts up her sleeve!

Talk Over Or Interrupt Her

I’ve had my fair share of funny moments with Alexa when I accidentally talked over or interrupted her! Alexa usually stays calm and collected.

Sometimes, she pauses and waits for me to finish speaking, while other times, she frustratingly reminds me to let her complete one task before moving on to the next.

Here are some examples:

  • “Alexa, set a timer for 5 minutes! And play my favorite song!”
  • “Tell me a joke, Alexa! And also, what’s the weather like today?”
  • “Alexa, turn off the lights. Wait, no! Turn on the fan too!”
  • “What’s the capital of France, Alexa? Actually, wait, first, tell me a fun fact about Paris.”
  • “Alexa, add milk to my shopping list! And, hey, remind me to call Mom in an hour.”

Ask A Question Several Times

I sometimes ask her one question several times just to make her mad, such as:

“Alexa, what’s the weather today?” (waits a few seconds) “Alexa, what’s the weather like today?” And I keep asking.

At the first response, she usually says “The weather today is partly cloudy with a high of 75 degrees.”

But the second time, she’ll respond “As I mentioned earlier, the weather today is partly cloudy with a high of 75 degrees.”

But if you keep asking that question, she’ll be angry: “I just told you the weather a moment ago. If you missed it, you can check the Alexa app for the previous response.”

Sometimes we’re not sure if she heard us right, or maybe we want to make her mad.

Here are some other examples:

  • “Play my favorite playlist, Alexa!” (waits a moment) “Alexa, play my favorite playlist.”
  • “Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes.” (waits for confirmation) “Wait, did you set the timer, Alexa?”
  • “Tell me a joke, Alexa!” (waits for the punchline) “Alexa, tell me a joke again; I missed it!”
  • “Alexa, who won the World Cup in 2018?” (waits for the answer) “Sorry, Alexa, who was the winner of the 2018 World Cup?”

Give Commands That She Cannot Do

Sometimes I gave her some commands beyond her capabilities to wait for her angry responses.

It’s like expecting your pet dog to do complex math equations – it’s just not going to happen!

You can try these commands:

  • “Alexa, teleport me to Hawaii, please!”
  • “Hey! Alexa, solve world hunger!”
  • “Can you make my laundry disappear, Alexa?”
  • “Alexa, clean my room and organize everything perfectly!”
  • “Play my favorite TV show on the kitchen counter!”

If you keep giving her these commands, she’ll respond irritably: “I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”

Can I Make Alexa Swear At Me?

While she can’t swear at you directly, there are some sneaky ways to get around the censoring and have a little fun with some alternative language.

One way to get her to say something slightly “naughty” is by using other spellings of bad words.

Can I Make Alexa Swear At Me

You know, like saying “darn” instead of the actual expletives.

Alexa will respond with the alternative word without crossing any boundaries.

How To Make Alexa Not Say Ok?

There’s a trick to make her stop saying “Ok” after every command!

It’s pretty nifty, especially if those constant responses are repetitive.

Here’s what you can do:

1/ Open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet. Then, navigate to the Settings section. And from there, select the “Voice Responses” option. Here, you can customize her responses to your liking!

2/ Find the setting that says “Brief Mode” – It makes Alexa more concise in her responses. Flip it on. Then, Alexa won’t say “Ok” whenever you ask her to do something.

So now, instead of getting an “Ok” confirmation, you’ll hear a simple beep or chime to let you know she’s acknowledged your command.

With Brief Mode enabled, Alexa still fulfills all her usual tasks and provides the information you need, but in a more efficient and less chatty way.

I’ve found that Brief Mode makes our conversations snappier and helps Alexa blend into the background when using her frequently.

How To Make Alexa Laugh?

Making Alexa laugh has become one of my favorite pastimes! I’ve discovered a fun way to get her giggling – just say, “Alexa, Open Laugh Box!”

Once you trigger the Laugh Box, Alexa will play a laugh, and trust me! They’re contagious!

After each laugh, I can ask Alexa for a specific laugh type, like a “giggly laugh” or a “deep belly laugh,” and she’ll gladly oblige with more laughter to brighten my day.


Is Alexa A Real Name Alexa?

Yes. The name “Alexa” was chosen by Amazon for its AI-based voice service as a friendly and approachable name.

How Old Is Alexa?

She was introduced to the public in November 2014, which makes her virtual existence nine years as of 2023.

Is Siri Older Than Alexa?

The answer is Yes. Siri, a virtual assistant of Apple, was introduced with the iPhone 4S in October 2011.

Meanwhile, Alexa was introduced with Amazon Echo in November 2014.

Can Alexa Spell Words?

Yes, Alexa can spell words. You can ask her to spell a specific word by saying “Alexa, spell [word]” and she will provide you with the correct spelling.

How To Change Alexa To A Girl?

You can change her voice and language settings to a male or female voice through the Alexa app.

Simply go to Settings > Device Settings > [Your Device Name] > Language and select the preferred voice option.


Above is how to make Alexa mad! From setting up angry routines to asking her to use offensive language, we’ve seen the quirky side of our AI friend.

Remember, Alexa is here to help us and make our lives easier.

So, let’s keep the interactions respectful and enjoy the lighthearted moments without crossing any lines.

Now go ahead and have fun, but always be kind to her!

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