How to Make Alexa Flash Lights to Music? Best Method

Amazon Alexa helps you do your daily routine tasks, such as making a to-do list, planning, scheduling meetings, calling, and automating your home.

Despite all these, other functions exist, such as making Alexa flashlights to music. You can sync your music rhythms by adding smart lights or LED bulbs.

So, how to make Alexa Flash Lights to Music?

First, buy smart lights that can connect to music streaming services.

After that, sync those lights with Alexa Skills.

Once connected, Go to the smart light settings and turn on the music synchronization feature.

As you know, you can set your smart lights to flash to work with music.

Interestingly, these lights can also change their color in time with your favorite music or songs.

Who doesn’t want this type of colorful and relaxing system?

I desperately need that one!!! However, acquiring those lights and setting them with your virtual assistant isn’t difficult as you are assuming.

In this guide, I will explain how you can set up your smart lighting system with your Alexa.

Now, let’s dig into the steps to sync your smart lights system with music on your Alexa.

How to Make Alexa Flash Lights to Music?
How to Make Alexa Flash Lights to Music

What kind of smart lights sync with your music on Alexa?

Several smart light system brands have a dedicated feature of music sync.

Almost all the popular brands have this synchronizing setting in their devices, and suppose they don’t offer it, don’t worry other third-party applications are doing this for you.

Here is the list of some intelligent/reputable lighting systems/brands you can look into for your Alexa:

1. Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue Lights

The Philips Hue light is one of Alexa’s most compatible smart home lights.

The special feature of Philips hue light is its hue bridge, from where you can connect more than 50 accessories.

Alongside more than 50 connections, it has voice control and many scenes/colors for customization.

2. Lutron Caseta

In the second number, I have got Lutron Caseta, which offers a minimalistic Alexa-compatible smart lighting system.

Not only is it minimalistic compatibility, but it also has a feature that enables it to “Flash Lights” to music rhythms.

3. Govee LED Lights Strip

I have the Govee LED lights strip at number 3 in this list of lighting systems.

This LED light is highly praised for its durability.

The smart lighting system provides an LED strip that is compatible with Amazon Alexa devices.

After durability, its voice commands make it unique from others.

4. Light Rhapsody

One of the famous brands, Light Rhapsody, provides light strings that you can connect to your Echo devices, such as Alexa Speakers, via Bluetooth.

Also, it is customizable to fit into various scenes, such as a rainbow wave.

5. Lifx LED Bulbs

These LED bulbs from Lifx are highly compatible with other smart home systems, not only Amazon virtual assistants.

Lifx LED Bulbs

6. Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor

Last, there is a multi-function smart light system from the Sengled.

It can easily integrate into your smart home lighting systems.

These are some reputable smart home lighting systems with advanced technology to “sync with the music.”

However, the list of lighting systems is long; you can avail yourself of many others.

I listed some Smart technology systems so you can’t waste time finding low-quality lighting systems.

How Do You Sync Up Lights with Music?

There are several methods to make Alexa sync your lights to the music, but I will explain the process of synchronizing through the Philips Hue lights.

The method of setting up and making an Alexa flashlight is almost the same as other systems.

You can also turn on smart lights with a remote and then sync up lights with music.

As I discussed the features and other compatibilities of Philips Hue lights in the above paragraphs, it will become easier for you to understand the process of syncing up the lights with your music through this lighting system.

Apropos, this smart light provides different colors and sceneries for customization.

  1. To synchronize to your music, you must set the smart light and connect it to the Hue Bridge.
  2. Add this hue bridge to Amazon Alexa app.
  3. Let the lights sync to music through the Hue Disco – another “Philips Hue Lights app.”

How to Connect the Hue Bridge and Lights?

How to Connect the Hue Bridge and Lights

You need to set up the hue bridge, which acts as the brain of this smart light system, with your router via the provided Ethernet cable.

To connect, follow the below steps:

  • Plug in the hue bridge to power.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to your network router.
  • Let the hue bridge power up.
  • Disable VPN on your device if you have one.
  • Install the Hue application on your smartphone through your respective Play Stores.
  • Open the Hue app.
  • Your smartphone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Hue bridge.
  • Search for a bridge in your network. Once you find it, click the “Set Up” button.
  • After setting up the whole process on the app, now press the big center button. This will connect to the hue bridge.
  • Proceed to the next step and tap on the “Done” button.
  • Add lights to the app you want to sync with Alexa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Alexa Flash Lights On and Off?

Yes, Alexa can turn your lights on and off. Just say, “Alexa, turn on/off the lights,” or use the name of the specific light you want to control.

Why won’t Alexa make Flashlights to music?

Unfortunately, Alexa cannot use Flashlights to music on its own.

However, you can connect your smart lights to your music provider, such as Spotify or Amazon Music, to create a synchronized light show.

How to make Alexa turn lights rainbow?

You should purchase smart lights capable of changing colors to make your lights turn rainbow.

Once you have those lights, say, “Alexa, turn my lights to the rainbow,” or set them to change colors accordingly through the Alexa app.


Alexa is a powerful tool that can help you control your smart home more efficiently.

With its many features, it can make controlling your lights, playing music, and executing routines easier than ever.

Remember that Alexa can always be improved upon by connecting it to other smart devices or third-party apps; there’s no end to what it can do to help make your home smarter.

To synchronize your dedicated or selected smart lights with your music, all you need is a smart home lighting system that should be connected to your Alexa app.

You must remember that the option that enables the smart lights to “jam to music” is set in your smart lighting technology but not on your Alexa app.

Moreover, this feature is accessible through the smart lighting system on your Amazon Alexa Application.

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