Unable To Link Hue With Alexa: 5 Easy Fixes

Do you sometimes have trouble getting Alexa to turn on your Hue lights?

Additionally, you may have restarted the hue bridge or Alexa’s 3rd-Gen Echo Dot, but Hue still refused to connect.

In general, most people face this problem on a daily basis.

But the time has come to put an end to this hassle and find a permanent solution that gives you full control over the application.

So, what is the reason you’re unable to link Hue with Alexa?

Unable To Link Hue With Alexa

Here is a quick solution to enable Hue link with Alexa:

  1. Open the Alexa app on mobile or tablet and disable Hue’s skill.
  2. Visit Philips-hue.com to sign in to your account and Unlink your device (keep the website open until the 5th step).
  3. Unplug/power off the hue bridge for at least 10 seconds.
  4. After 10 seconds, plug it back in and wait for a reboot. Your Hue bridge will have a completion indication (like three lights will light up).
  5. Push the center button and Re-link the bridge from the website account.
  6. Open the Alexa app and re-enable it with Hue Skill.
When troubleshooting the system make sure that your PC network is set at 2.4GHz. Typically, most system networks are set at 5 GHz, where the pairing between Hue and Alexa disrupts.

After applying the above method, if you see all went without result.

Below are some easy solutions to connect Philips Hue with the Alexa app.

Try to follow the order to apply each method, as I listed down from most accessible to tricky.

5 Methods to Connect Philps Hue with Alexa

Choose The Same Network

The most common problem I’ve seen in this troubleshooting is the network issue.

The Alexa app can only find any device connected to the same network.

It’s easy for Alexa to find a device connected to the same network.

The same rule applies to Philips Hue.

Suppose your Hue is connected to network “A” while Alexa is connected to network “B”; the connection between the devices is sure to be interrupted.

That’s why it’s suggested to connect both Hue and Alexa with the same network of 2.4 GHz bandwidth because it has a longer range that can cover whole home devices.

Furthermore, if you don’t know whether you’re connected to the same network or not? Here is an easy method to find out.

Visit discovery.meethue.com on your phone or tablet, where you have the Alexa app.

If the Hue bridge is connected to the same internet connection that your Alexa app has, the page will display the ID or the bridge.

But if your Hue bridge and Alexa app are connected to multiple networks, the page will display “[ ]” two-box brackets.

If you see two box brackets appear, connect both devices with the same network.

Reboot Hue Bridge

Reboot Hue Bridge

If there is a system malfunctioning or network issue in the Hue bridge, reboot it.

By rebooting once, all connected devices with the Hue bridge will turn off for a short time.

Follow the method to reboot the Hue bridge.

  • Turn off the Hue bridge
  • Remove the power cord
  • Press the reboot/restart button on the hue bridge for five seconds
  • Plug it again with the power cord
  • Now, it will take a minute or two to boot up again.

After reboot, all your connected Philips Hue lights will turn on, and you can try it again to connect with the Alexa app.

Update Alexa App Version

Using outdated software can also cause a disconnection between Hue and Alexa.

If this is the case the only solution is to update the Alexa software to the latest version.

Usually, Amazon provides a notification to update the latest version, in case you missed the notification or didn’t receive it, here are some steps to update the Alexa app.

  • Confirm your device is connected to the internet.
  • Open the Alexa app or visit alexa.amazon.com.
  • Go to setting.
  • Under the About section, you’ll see the software version. Match the version with the latest one.
  • Perhaps the device will automatically show “Update Version” if not the latest.
  • Click on Update to the latest version.

If you’re using iPhone or iPad go to Apple App Store to update the app.

If you’re an Android user visit Google Play Store for upgrading to the latest version.

Reset the Philips Hue Bulb That’s Not Working

If only one or two bulbs are not working with Alexa, then the easiest solution is to reset the bulb.

This method will disconnect the power between that bulb and Hue.

Here is the method to reset the Philips Hue bulb.

Reset the Philips Hue Bulb That’s Not Working
  • Open the Hue app, and go to the settings option.
  • In settings, you’ll see many options, including hue bridges, lights, accessories, etc., but you only have to click on lights.
  • Under the light option, all connecting lights appear in a list. Choose the faulty light to reset.
  • Once you click on the light, below, you’ll see a Delete button. Delete the light.
  • Come to the Hue app home tab. Click on three dots (…) at the above right corner.
  • You’ll see an option to “Re-add” where inactive lights will appear. Allow the light to add to the active list.
  • Try to connect again with Alexa, if it still doesn’t work. Change the bulb.
In case the particular light doesn’t appear in the re-add list. You can add it with the help of the Hue bulb serial number. The serial numbers are written on the base of each Hue bulb.

Factory Reset Hue Bridge

If all the above methods don’t work, the only option left behind is to factory reset the Hue bridge.

But, it will delete all previous records and you’ve to organize them again.

Follow the steps to reset the hue bridge.

  • Keep your Hue bridge turned on. Ensure that the power lights are on.
  • Keep it powered on.
  • Disconnect the ethernet cable from the Hue bridge.
  • On the backside, in the right middle of the device, you’ll see a small button label with “Restore Factory Setting”.
  • Press it for 5 seconds and then leave.
  • Once the restoration is done in a minute, go to the Hue app on your mobile and set up the Hue bridge again.
  • Once all is done, it’s pretty much sure that Alexa and Philips Hue will be connected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to link Hue Bridge to Alexa?

You can link the hue bridge to Alexa by using the Amazon Alexa mobile app.
Simply go to the menu and search for the Hue or Hue skill.
Enable it and connect it with the Philips account.

How many Hue bridges can I connect with Alexa?

You can connect multiple hue bridges with Alexa, but the only limit is you can connect one Philips account with one Alexa app.

How many Hue with Alexa in one house?

You don’t need to add separate Hue bridges for your home.
A single-hue bridge can manage all the Philips lights in your home.

So, there is no need to create a separate Hue bridge for the bedroom or backyard.
However, you can create multiple bridges for ease of use.


The solutions I discussed above are sure to work, and you can use them to make your home more lit.

In case they don’t work for you, contact Hue support or Alexa support to get a clear guide. Both companies provide 100% customer satisfaction support.

So, there is no way you can’t find the solution. Furthermore, there might be an issue with the hardware of the Hue bridge or bulbs, so keep checking them too.

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