How To Turn Off Alexa Alarm? 4 Easy Tips To Stop The Noise

Are you struggling to figure out how to turn off the Alexa alarm?

This article will provide a detailed guide to do so quickly and easily.

I will recommend a range of methods so that there is an option for whatever your setup may be.

So you can maintain a peaceful environment when you need a break.

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How To Turn Off Alexa Alarm?

You can turn off your Alexa alarm using voice commands, pressing the wake button, accessing the Alexa app, or activating the Do Not Disturb Mode.

Each method has pros and cons. Keep reading until the end to find the most practical solution to your Alexa model!

How To Turn Off Alexa Alarm

Method 1: Use Voice Commands

The way to turn off the scheduled alarm on Alexa is by using voice commands. Below are some options you can consider:

  • “Alexa, stop”
  • “Alexa, cancel”
  • “Alexa, silence”
  • “Alexa, halt”
  • “Alexa, end”
  • “Alexa, hush”
  • “Alexa, abort”
  • “Alexa, knock it off”
  • “Alexa, lay off”
  • “Alexa, discontinue”

Method 2: Press The Wake Button

Is the room too noisy? Or does your Alexa not recognize your voice? If that’s the case, press the wake button.

The steps are simple! You only need to find this button. It is on your device’s top with a small dot.

After that, press it, and your virtual assistant will stop ringing an alarm. That’s all done!

Method 3: Use The Alexa App

All Amazon Alexa has an online application you can install on your smartphone or tablet.

If you have already installed it on your mobile device, you can stop a scheduled alarm using this app. Consider the guides below!

  1. Open your online Alexa app on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet)
  2. Find the menu button and click on it.
  3. Select “Reminders and Alarms.”
  4. Click on the alarm that you desire to deactivate it.
  5. Click the switch. That’s all done! This alarm will not be active again until you turn it on or set up a new one.
Use The Alexa App

Use Alexxa app

Method 4: Activate The Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb mode is among the helpful features available on Amazon Alexa.

It can help you deactivate all alarms and notifications if activated.

This fantastic mode is relatively beneficial if you want to have a break from your tasks.

You can notice the Do Not Disturb mode is a built-in feature on Alexa.

However, it is worth mentioning that you cannot set up this feature on all your smart home devices simultaneously.

If you want to turn on or turn off the Do Not Disturb mode, you must perform the settings of every device separately.

You can talk to your virtual assistant directly or via your Alexa application to activate this function.

For example, you can say, “Alexa, turn on Do Not Disturb mode” to turn this mode on.

Follow the steps below to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode!

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile phone device.
  2. Locate the “Hamburger” menu. It is often at the top of the screen. Click on it.
  3. Select “Settings,” and the app will direct you to the settings menu.
  4. Click on “Device Settings.”
  5. Find the smart home device you desire to enable Do Not Disturb mode. Tap it.
  6. Select “Do Not Disturb.” Toggle the button next to this section into the “On” option.

Why Won’t Alexa Turn Off The Alarm?

Why Won't Alexa Turn Off The Alarm

Your Alexa not turning off an alarm is frustrating! Here are the reasons behind this common issue and quick fixes:

Not Updated App

If you do not update your Alexa app on your phone, your device will not turn off a scheduled alarm.

To fix this issue, you only need to visit the app store on your smartphone and check for the update.

If it is available, update it and try turning off the alarm again.

Internet Connection Issues

Alexa requires the internet to function.

If your internet connection is weak, this device may encounter problems with the alarm feature.

To fix this, try moving your router closer to the device or resetting your router.

If this method doesn’t work, contact your internet service provider.

Some Examples Of Alexa Alarm Commands

If it’s your first time using this smart home device, consider the following commands to use its alarm feature.

  • Say, “Alexa, set an alarm for 6 am tomorrow morning” to set up a new alarm.
  • Say “Alexa, stop” to turn off an alarm that is ringing.
  • Say, “Alexa, snooze,” for a few additional minutes to stay on your bed.
  • Say, “Alexa, set an alarm for 7 am every weekday” to set up a daily scheduled alarm.
  • Say, “Alexa, set a light alarm for 7 am with bedroom lights” for lighting alarms.
Some Examples Of Alexa Alarm Commands

Example of voice commands for Alexa alarms

In A Nutshell

It is simple to turn off your Alexa alarm.

Whether you prefer using voice commands, button presses, or the Alexa app, there’s always a method for you.

With these four easy solutions, you can now easily turn off your Alexa alarms and start your day on the right foot.

Hopefully, this article is helpful for you!

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