Multiple Hue Bridges In A Single Hue App – Possible Or Not

When you don’t want to create a mess for yourself, you might be looking for an all-in-one solution.

And yes, you have this option in your smart home by having multiple Hue bridges.

This blog will explain if you can add multiple bridges, the steps involved, and why you need them.

You can add as many Hue bridges in your Hue app as you want without any issues.

They connect Hue lights in your space all at one time and let you manage them from your phone.

By having only one extra bridge, you can add up to 50 bulbs, and that’s the maximum limit.

For controlling Hue lights, you have two ways; either use Hue bridges or Bluetooth.

Your best option to do this is by adding bridges in your Hue app because the latter one has limitations.

You can do this now if you want to add more bridges to your Hue app. Let’s move ahead.

Multiple Hue Bridges – Work Or Not

Multiple Hue Bridges 

With multiple Hue bridges, you can control Hue bulbs in your guest room and outdoor space, all from your bedroom.

If you want to add separate bridges for lighting in each area, you can.

These bridges in your Hue app work best when you have enough bridges and lights.

Philips Hue lights are a stylish addition to your home to add a touch of charm to your life.

They have options for each of your spaces based on your preferences.

Switching the lights on and off is difficult when installing many at various locations.

And bridges have made it simple now.

Steps To Add Another Bridge In Hue App

Steps To Add Another Bridge In Hue App

Adding up another bridge in your Hue app is pretty easy and takes less time.

It’s similar to the process or steps you followed for adding the first bridge.

So, go through these steps to add one more bridge:

  • Open your Hue app and go to settings.
  • Click the bridges button to see the list.
  • Click on Plus (+) to set up a new bridge.
  • Follow the on-screen guide to finish.

How Do Multiple Hue Bridges Work?

How Do Multiple Hue Bridges Work

After the new Hue app update to V4, you can now add two or as many bridges as your phone can handle.

You can use a single Hue account for all bridges you’ve added for in-home control.

However, for out-of-home control, you’ll need a separate account for each bridge.

Initially, performance wasn’t that smooth, with some glitches when the range used to reach its maximum.

But now, this version has no mess in its functions, allowing you to switch between bridges quickly.

So, you experience working on a single bridge while managing many.

Moreover, you can create a list of your rooms with titles like bedroom, dining hall, kitchen, or gallery.

And yes, you can access each bridge from anywhere in your home.

It also lets you organize each bridge, turn them on and off, and change the brightness.

Reasons You Need More Bridges

Reasons You Need More Bridges

A single bridge can take hold of as many lights as you have in your home. But this may put a lot of burden on your Hue app and your phone.

Plus, you may need a separate bridge to control lighting in your outdoor space. Some other reasons for using multiple bridges include:

Using More Lights

A single bridge might be insufficient for those who want to add more lights to their space and control them.

As we mentioned earlier, one bridge can support up to 50 bulbs.

Beyond that, you’ll need more bridges to control light strips, outdoor lights, and more.

Covering A Large Area

If your home is big and you want to cover up the entire space, multiple Hue bridges can help.

One bridge can have an effective range of about 100 feet.

When you install one Hue bulb at some distance, you get another 100 feet from there.

So, the range goes on increasing.

Using In Each Space

Lastly, you need multiple bridges to cover different locations in your home, like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or second stories.

For each of these spaces, you’ll have to use a separate bridge and perhaps another Hue account (for a second home or story).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Hue Bridges can you have?

You can have as many bridges as you want to add to your Hue app.
For better performance from the app, we recommend not adding more than five bridges.

And the plus point is you can operate them from a single Hue account as long as you are in your home.

How many lights can a Hue Bridge handle?

A single Hue bridge can control only 50 lights simultaneously (the maximum number).
If your home has four rooms, a guest room, a kitchen, and a few bathrooms, you can hit this limit easily.

So, you’ll need to add another bridge for more lights to control your home lighting.

Do you need multiple Hue Bridges?

Well, it depends. Suppose your home has around 170 bulbs installed with particular numbers in each space.

So, you’ll need four bridges; 150 for 3 bridges and 20 for another bridge, for separate rooms.
You can add a bridge for 50 bulbs installed in one single space.

How do I switch between Hue Bridges?

Switching between Hue bridges using your Hue app is effortless.
All you need is to open the app and click Bridge, Select the Button on the left corner of your mobile screen.

A list of your bridges will appear, and you can choose the one you want to manage.


Multiple Hue bridges are the perfect option to automate your home lighting system.

You can efficiently control as many bulbs and locations as you want from a single app.

This process is convenient; you and almost everyone can do it with a few clicks.

We hope this article cleared up any confusion you had about adding multiple bridges to your Hue app.

This guide covered everything from adding a new bridge to why you need many.

Lastly, we recommend keeping everything discussed in mind to avoid any issues.

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