[Fixed] Philips Hue Lights Flickering Or Flashing – 9 Solutions

Indeed Philips Hue light is a fantabulous invention to make the environment enjoyable.

The brand ensures a fun ambiance for you at your home; however, it’s annoying and frustrating when there is some issue with Philips hue bulbs.

The most common issue reported by the users is Flickering and flashing Philips hue bulbs.

I will discuss this problem in this article with the reasons and solutions.

So Why my Philips lights are flickering or flashing?

The following are the reasons that cause flashing or flicking.

  1. Damaged Bulb (Bulb Type)
  2. The Philips Hue App is Malfunctioning
  3. Loose bulb connection
  4. Power Quality
  5. Overheating
  6. Power surges
  7. Use of a Philips Hue Dimmer switch

A list of the reasons for flickering Philips hue lights is mentioned above.

Read all the causes and solutions to fix the issue on your own.

Now, let me take you straight to the article without further ado.

7 Reasons Philips Hue Lights Flickering Or Flashing – With Solutions

Philips Hue Lights Flickering Or Flashing: 9 Solutions

Many reasons can cause the flickering or flashing of Philips hue lights.

Here are some most common reasons for this issue.

The following are the reasons

1. Damaged Bulbs

If the bulbs are damaged, they can flick or flash. Check all the flicking or flashing bulbs and replace them if needed. Test these bulbs in two ways:

  1. Replace the flicking bulb with any other functioning LED bulb. Also, try flicking the bulb by connecting it to any other socket. If the blub is still flicking, your Philips hue bulb is faulty.
  2. In the second way, you need to check the socket. Attach any other bulb to the same socket (where the flicking bulb was connected). If this functioning bulb also flicks or flashes, the socket is the problem. Then change the socket.

But if the problem is with the bulb, contact Philips customer support.

The brand warranty that the LED bulbs are defect-free and function accurately for at least 3 years.

Remember, before contacting customer support, check whether the warranty limit ends.

You will get free-of-cost service if the warrant is still ongoing.

2. The Philips Hue App Is Malfunctioning

If you’re using App instead of Bridge to control the Philips Hue, there might be some issues with the App.

The app may be set to conflicting routines, schedules, or scenes.

The Philips Hue App Is Malfunctioning

Sometimes it’s due to the wrong color, brightness, or temperature settings. 

It also happens when the various apps are controlling the bulbs at once.

Change the scenes, routines, schedules, brightness, and all other wrong Philips Hue app settings.

Disconnect all the apps for the bulbs and just connect one app to control the light strips at a time.

3. Loose Bulb Connection

The most common reason for a Philips Hue bulb flickering is a loose connection when the bulb is not fitted to the holder properly.

Check the holder because if it malfunctions, it also causes flicking and flashing.

The holder might not be secured and can be damaged.

The dirty and damaged holder can interrupt the power supply and stops the power from reaching the bulb properly.

  1. The loose power supply and bulb fitting to the holder cause Hue light bulbs to flick or flash.
  2. An incompatible holder with the Hue bulb can also be a reason for the loose bulb connection.

To fix this issue, first, clean the holder.

Then if you know to repair the holder, fix it. Fit the bulb into the holder tightly and double-check.

Otherwise, you can call any professional to repair the holder.

4. Bad Power Quality

Bad Power Quality

When the voltage supplied to the Hue bulbs fluctuate, it leads to Hue LED light bulbs fluctuation.

In response to the power quality fluctuation, internal bulb components get damaged, creating flicking or flashing output.

This type of flicking or flashing occurs where unstable power is supplied often. Moreover, it also happens.

If the bulb is connected to a circuit where a high power than other devices is required.

A stable or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can solve the bad power quality issue.

5. Overheating

Hue Bulbs are specially designed with a thermal protection system to avoid overheating.

The Thermal protection mechanism regulates the temperature when it gets higher.

The high temperature is mandatory to control because high temperatures cause overheating.

Overheating causes deformation, damaging the bulb’s internal components and causing breakage.

Therefore, the Hue bulbs (even any bulbs) should be placed at a less heat exposure location.

Prevent the bulbs from direct sunlight and overheating exposure.

When the bulb starts overheating, the thermal protection mechanism activates and reduces the power.

The reduced power does not fulfill the bulb power need, and then the bulb starts flicking or flashing.

In this case, turns off the bulb and let it cool for some time.

Move your Bulbs to a cooler and ventilated place to prevent overheating.

6. Power Surges

The power supply suddenly increases during a surge and overloads the bulb circuit.

The overload bulb circuit causes a temporary bulb failure.

The power Surges disrupt the normal flow of electricity supplied to the bulb.

Then the bulb fails to maintain the required electricity flow.

This disrupted connection caused a flickering and flashing bulb.

The imbalance of electric flow sometimes damages the internal bulb components and causes permanent failure.

The simple solution to this problem is to stop power surges.

Power Surges

7. Use Of A Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch is primarily used to control the brightness of the Hue lights by controlling the power flow.

The Philips Hue Dimmer switch changes the brightness level rapidly.

Therefore this rapid power change causes disruptive power circuits, ultimately flashing and flicking lights.

Sometimes it is also due to using hard-wired dimmer switches for the bulb.

Hue App or voice command is the best option to avoid flashes and flicking due to the dimmer switch.

If you still want to use the Dimmer switch, choose compatible dimmer switches for the Philips Hue lights.

You may contact an expert to find the problem.

Fix the Poor Wire Connection

Wires connect the Philips Hue bulbs to the electrical system to flow the power smoothly.

The damaged or poor wire connection will resist the pathway and power supply.

The resistance will reduce the power circuit and cause flickering and flashing.

So find the damaged wire connection and replace it.

The wire connection also gets damaged if you choose the wrong type and gauge for the electric load.

If you use a very thin wire, there are high chances of connection damage.

Use a required type and gauge for wire.

Moreover, install and connect the wires carefully to avoid loose connections.

How to Fix the Bridge Connection of Hue Bulbs?

Sometimes Your Hue Bridge is unable to find and connect the Hue Bulbs.

When your Hue Bridge tries to connect to the bulbs but fails, then the bulbs flicks or flash.

The Bridge uses a wireless communication protocol known as Zigbee.

When the Zigbee signals are resisted by some other device signal, like any nearby wifi device, cordless mobiles, or baby monitors, it cause the flicking.

The simple solution to this problem is to troubleshoot or reset the device.

Change the location of the bulb.

Light Signs on the Philips Hue Device: What do the Signs Mean?

Light Signs on the Philips Hue Device

Many signs on the smart home Hue device indicate different information.

Which sign indicates what it depends on the various devices.

The most common signs are given below.

  • Power light: The power light indicates the Hue device is receiving power and turning on.
  • Connection light: The connecting light refers to the Hue device’s connection to any other device.
  • Status light: The status light is used to locate the device’s status. It tells the device is in updating, resetting, or any other status.
  • Pairing light: The pairing light indicates the pairing status of the Hue device. It tells whether the device is paired.
  • Error light: Error Light indicates any problem or issue with the Hue device. This sign also tells of any malfunctioning bulb.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when it flashes or flickers?

A flash or flick has a similar meaning: rapid movement of the light.

The repetitive and fast on-and-off movements specifically refer Flicking of the light.

Whereas Flash specifically means a sudden burst of light.
Both indicate irregular light movement.

How to make the Flickering or Flashing of the Philips Hue light normal?

First, check the connection between the Hue device and the bulbs. Troubleshoot the Hue device.

For instance, reset the device. Keep the Bulbs in a cool place and avoid overheating.

Check the power supply and repair it if it is damaged.
If something else works better, contact customer support.

Why is my Philips Hue bridge blinking?

Your Philips Hue bridge is blinking because it’s maintaining the system.
It may be due to the unavailable portal for some time.

Your Hue bridge might be connecting or flashing.
Suppose the first light is blinking. It’s connecting.

But if the 3rd light is blinking, the bridge is flashing, then unplug the bridge for 30 seconds and connect again.


Flicking or Flashing is the sad moment when it’s time to have fun.

But this is not a big issue anymore.

I have discussed many reasons for the solution above.

Please ensure the internet connection is stable, the power is enough, and all the wires are in good condition.

You don’t need to wait for any professional to fix the problem unless it’s more technical.

Read the article carefully, find the problem with your Philips Hue bulbs, and fix it.

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