How To Turn Off Green Light On Alexa? (3 Easy Methods)

Is the green light on your Alexa stuck?

Don’t know why this happened and how to turn it off?

If so, you’re at the right place, and we’ll tell you how to turn off green light on Alexa.

We’ll also explain what the green light means and the reasons for the stuck light.

Your smart home can’t do without Alexa.

It’s your best partner to live your life in style.

This amazing voice assistant has made life easy for many users to turn on and off smart devices.

It can help you in all your daily chores in your bedroom, kitchen, or all around your home.

Our smart devices can have issues, and we worry about them.

We might not lose full function or access, but we have to fix them.

And this is what we are up to today.

If the green light on our Alexa is messing up, you must rectify this issue even if it’s working.

How To Turn Off Green Light On Alexa – Overview

How To Turn Off Green Light On Alexa – 3 Easy Methods

With Alexa, you can manage your phone calls.

When you get a call on your Alexa device, it flashes a green light and continues during your call.

On disconnecting the call, the light turns off.

But sometimes, it keeps flashing even after you disconnect your call.

As the green light turns on when you’re receiving a call, you can cancel or ignore the next call, turning it off.

You can also put your device into “Do Not Disturb” mode to turn off the green light.

So, if the light stays on after a call, you can turn it off by managing the calls.

3 Methods To Turn Off The Green Light On Alexa

3 Methods To Turn Off The Green Light On Alexa

So, this was just a quick overview of turning off the light on Alexa.

Now, we’ll go into further detail about why this occurs and how to solve this problem.

There are several methods for it; we’ll list the 3 best, easy, and working ones.

Let’s move with the first method without any delay.

1. Deal With The Incoming Calls

One method to turn off the green light on Alexa is to manage the incoming calls when connected to your device.

As mentioned earlier, the green light on your Alexa turns on when you’re receiving a call.

We have three scenarios where it turns off again after the call.

  • First, when you pick up the call, the light keeps flashing and turns off when you hang up.
  • Second, when you cancel the call, the light stops flashing and turns off.
  • And third, when you ignore the call and the person stops calling, the light turns off.

So, these are the scenarios that happen on their own. If the light has not turned off automatically, you can do these three things.

  • Receive the call, have a conversation, and the light will turn off on disconnecting.
  • Cancel the call, wait for a second or two, and the light will switch off.
  • Ignore an incoming call, and when it stops ringing, the light will turn off.

2. Put the Device Into “Do Not Disturb” Mode

Alexa gives you many features, and one of them is “Do Not Disturb,” to use when sleeping or busy.

When you’re busy with an important task, you don’t want anything to disturb you.

Thus, you can turn on this option, which keeps the green light turned off.

Now, if the green light on your Alexa is still flashing after a call, you can go for the “Do Not Disturb” option.

Put the Device Into “Do Not Disturb” Mode

Once you turn this mode on, the light will turn off. And upon turning off this mode, things will get normal with no green light on now.

2. Disconnect Alexa From Your Phone

Last but not least, you can disconnect Alexa from your phone to fix the green light issue.

By doing so, you won’t get any calls on your Alexa device, and the light won’t flash again.

You can do this by following these steps:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile phone or PC.
  • Select devices and choose Echo & Alexa from them.
  • Choose your device and press Bluetooth devices.
  • Select your phone, tap on forget, and that’s it.
Disconnect Alexa From Your Phone

However, you can connect your phone back to Alexa to get notifications about your calls.

This method could be more efficient if the other two did not work for you, as it’s like a restart.

It only takes time to disconnect from Alexa and reconnect your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do the lights on Alexa mean?

Alexa turns blue, yellow, green, purple, and white light for different features.

Blue means listening to a voice command, and yellow shows a message or notification alert.
Green is for call notifications, purple shows “Do Not Disturb and white indicates volume changes.

How do I get rid of the green light on my Alexa?

If you want to get rid of the green light flashing after a call, you can simply ignore it once.

Also, you can cancel it, and it’ll turn off.
You can pick up the call, speak to the caller, and once you disconnect, the green light will disappear.
This method is simple and may work for you.

Why is the green light on my Alexa staying on?

When you receive a call, Alexa shows a green light.
During the call, the light spins and continues until you disconnect.

It’s normal to see this light on when you are on a call.
However, it does not turn off at times after you hang up the call and stay on; you should fix it.


Well! That’s all about how to turn off the green light on Alexa so far.

It’s not a difficult process, but the reason is not specific, and you have to try several methods.

However, the three methods we explained in this article work mostly no matter the reason behind them.

You might easily fix the green light flashing if you go with the first method.

But if the light still stays on, you should go for the last method to reset everything, and this is the perfect solution.

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