Can Alexa Make Phone Calls Without A Smartphone? Truth Revealed [2023]

Do you find it hard to use your phone whenever you need to call someone?

You might be looking for ways to make calls through Alexa hassle-free, right?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ll answer you, can Alexa make phone calls without a smartphone or not? 

In a nutshell, yes. Alexa can make calls without using a mobile phone.

You can use the official website and Echo Show device, the only methods.

There are other ways, but you’ll need your phone to set them up.

Following that, you won’t need your phone to make calls. 

We’ll discuss a total of four ways, two entirely without using a phone and two to use a phone to set up Alexa.

In the latter method, you’ll have to enable some features.

After that, you won’t need your phone to make calls.

You’ll just need to give commands, and Alexa will make a call.

Is It Possible To Make Calls With Alexa Without A Phone

Can Alexa Make Phone Calls Without A Smartphone? Truth Revealed [2023]

Yes, it’s possible. But this option is available through Alexa’s official website and the Echo Show device.

You can perform all the steps on the website to set up Alexa and phone contacts for calling.

Or you can use the latest Echo device and its touch display to perform the process.

You must first use your phone for Alexa to Alexa calling, calls to another phone, or the drop-in feature.

Once done, you’ll have to use voice commands, and Alexa will make calls for you.

But remember, Alexa calling is currently available only in the USA, UK, Canada, and Mexico (Read More).

Can Alexa Make Phone Calls Without A Smartphone: 2 Easy Ways

In this section, we’ll discuss two methods to make calls with Alexa without using your phone.

These are pretty simple and don’t require phone use at all, from beginning to end.

Everyone can use these methods, especially those having less or no technical know-how.  

Using Alexa Official Website

To use the official website, you’ll need a browser.

As you don’t want to use your phone for it, you can use a laptop or PC.

Once you are on your laptop or PC screen with any browser opened, follow these steps: 

  • In your browser’s search bar, type in
  • Sign up for an Amazon account or log in if you have one.
  • On the left side, navigate to Contacts and click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add phone contacts.
  • Once done, Alexa will have access to those phone contacts. 
  • Now, you can give commands to Alexa to call anyone.

You must have a stable Wi-Fi connection so Alexa will work and call on your commands.

So, you don’t need to use your phone for calling.

Using Echo Show Device

Can Alexa Make Calls Without A Smartphone? Truth Revealed [2022]

This method is easier than the first one and gives you a tablet-like feel.

You need an Echo Show device to set it up for calling without using a smartphone.

Let’s get into the steps to make Echo call your contacts. 

  • Set up your Echo Show device by connecting to your Wi-Fi.
  • Use the Silk browser on your Echo Show to visit
  • Sign up for an Amazon account or sign in with your old account.
  • On the left side of your screen, click on Contacts and add contacts.
  • Wait for Alexa to sync all the phone contacts you’ve added.
  • Once you are all set, command Alexa to call anyone you want.

Both these methods are almost similar and easy to make Alexa call your contacts without using your mobile phone.

Ensure your device has an active internet connection to listen to your commands. 

2 Ways To Make Calls With Alexa After Setting It Up 

You can use Alexa for calling without a smartphone, but you’ll need to enable some features first.

We’ll use 2 methods here: You’ll have to set up your Alexa device and add your contacts.

After that, whenever you call any contact, you won’t have to pick up your mobile. 

Alexa To Alexa Calling

Can Alexa Make Calls Without A Smartphone? Truth Revealed [2022]

Once you add your contacts to Alexa using the app, you can give commands to call any contact you want.

But remember, you can only add those contacts with an Alexa device.

So, you can call an Alexa-enabled device only; now, you don’t need to use your phone. 

Alexa Drop-In Calls Feature

This method is similar to Alexa to Alexa calling except for the required setup and command.

You’ll have to enable the Drop-In feature in the Alexa app; we’ll discuss the steps below.

But once you have this feature, you can call anyone by saying, “Alexa, drop in on [Device Name].”

Here is how you can enable Drop-In from your smartphone to let you use it:

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Next, open Devices and select Echo & Devices.
  • On the home screen, tap on Communicate.
  • Select your Device (Saved with any name).
  • Select Communications and then, Drop-In. 
  • Tap on the slider to enable the Drop-In.

This feature allows you to make inside and outside calls.

You can call within your home to another room or your friends living a few houses away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you make a phone call on Alexa without a phone?

Yes, you can make calls on Alexa without using your phone just by giving voice commands.

You only need to say, Alexa, please call [Contact Name].

But before making it possible, you’ll have to set up your account and add or sync your contacts with the Alexa device.

What does Alexa need to make phone calls?

To make phone calls on Alexa, you’ll need an Amazon account, Alexa device, and contacts you want to add.

You’ll also have to keep your Alexa app updated and use a stable and active Wi-Fi network.

You need an updated Alexa app to set it up for quick calling through voice commands.

Can Alexa call emergency numbers without a smartphone? 

Yes, Alexa can call numbers like 911 to get help in an emergency without a phone.

One more thing, Alexa does not have this feature by default.

You can use Echo Connect, Alexa skill, or phone service to integrate with Alexa.

So, you’ll need to set them up first to make calls.


Alexa needs a phone, especially the Alexa app, to set it up to manage its features.

You also need the Alexa app to make calls, but there are still methods to call without a phone.

After you set up things, say, “Alexa, please call [Contact Name], and Alexa will call the person. 

Using and Echo Show, you can simply use a browser to set up Alexa and add contacts.

For Alexa to Alexa calling or to use the drop-in feature, first do the required steps in Alexa.

After that, you can simply give voice commands to call your contacts without a phone.

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