How to Download YouTube Shorts Audio – Full Tutorial

YouTube Shorts has become a popular platform for users to create and share short, engaging videos.

These bite-sized clips often feature catchy audio tracks that add an extra layer of entertainment value.

If you’ve come across a YouTube Short with an irresistible soundtrack and want to download the audio as an mp3 file, we have got you covered!

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process step-by-step.

How to Download YouTube Shorts Audio

Steps to Download YouTube Shorts Audio File – MP3

Step 1: Find Your Desired YouTube Short

Before diving into downloading the audio from a YouTube Short video, make sure you have identified which specific video contains your desired track.

Once located, copy its URL/link from your browser’s address bar.

Step 2: Accessing Audio File

To begin our journey towards extracting audio from a YouTube Short video clip, open up your preferred web browser and navigate to

This website provides us with a simple yet effective tool for converting these shorts into downloadable mp3 files.

Steps to Download YouTube Shorts Audio File - MP3

Step 3: Pasting the Video Link

Upon reaching above website, locate the designated text box where it says “Paste your Youtube link here.”

Right-click within this box and select ‘Paste’ or use Ctrl + V (Windows) / Command + V (Mac) on your keyboard to insert the copied URL of your chosen YouTube Short.

Step 4: Initiating Conversion Process

Once you’ve pasted in the correct link within website’s input field, click on either “Get Video” or simply hit Enter on your keyboard.

The conversion process will now commence automatically; please be patient while it completes.

Once the fetching is done, select MP3 file and click “Get Link”.

Note: It is important always to ensure that any online tools used are reputable and trustworthy since some websites may contain malware or engage in unethical practices.

YTShorts.SaveTube.Me is a reliable platform, but exercise caution when using similar services.

Step 5: Downloading the Audio File

After the conversion process finishes, you will be presented with a ‘Download MP3’ button.

Click on it to initiate the download of your YouTube Short audio as an mp3 file directly onto your device.

Additional Tips:

1. Quality Settings: Some websites might offer options for selecting different audio quality settings before initiating the conversion process. This allows you to choose between higher or lower bitrates depending on your preference and storage capacity.

2. Check Copyright Restrictions: It’s important to note that not all YouTube Shorts audios are available for free use due to copyright restrictions imposed by their respective creators or owners. Ensure that any downloaded content adheres to fair usage policies and respect intellectual property rights.

3. Explore Alternative Websites/Tools: While is one option, there are other reputable platforms available online that provide similar functionalities for downloading YouTube Short audios as mp3 files.


Downloading audio from YouTube Shorts has never been easier thanks to tools like SaveTube!

Following this step-by-step tutorial, users can quickly extract desired soundtracks from these popular short videos and save them as convenient mp3 files on their devices—allowing for easy playback anytime without needing internet access or relying solely on streaming platforms.

Remember always to utilize trustworthy sources when converting media formats online while respecting copyright laws associated with each video’s soundtrack content – ensuring ethical consumption of digital media remains paramount in our increasingly interconnected world!

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