Can You Connect Owlet to Alexa? (Here’s How)

Owlet is one of the most famous brands among pregnant women and mothers worldwide.

All thanks to their fantastic products that help make mom’s life easy.

However, the problem is now everyone wants to know you can connect Owlet to Alexa.

Unfortunately, there’s no way that you can connect Owlet to Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other digital assistant.

Owlet has its setup and mobile app working separately from devices like Alexa or its apps.

Wait, it doesn’t mean it’s difficult to operate Owlet products just because they aren’t compatible with Alexa.

Instead, we think anyone can use them easily through their official app. You only need to understand how their app works.

Connecting Owlet To Alexa – Does It Work?

Can You Connect Owlet to Alexa - Possible or Not 3 Reasons

Undeniably Alexa’s digital assistant technology makes our home smart and allows us to do several works simultaneously.

That’s the reason why this smart assistant technology is getting famous day by day.

The point where Owlet products go wrong is that you can’t connect Owlet to Alexa.

This company hasn’t designed its products to be compatible with smart technology.

That’s why they won’t work with your Alexa or Alexa app.

So, if you’re thinking of buying Owlet products and then using them smartly, they are not for you.

You can choose products from other companies compatible with Alexa or similar smart assistant products.

Why Can’t You Connect Owlet to Alexa?

Why Can’t You Connect Owlet to Alexa

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind after reading is why you can’t connect Owlet to Alexa.

After all, nowadays, almost every product, from blenders to vacuum cleaners, is Alexa-compatible. People do all of their work with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Well, only the company can give the exact answer.

However, according to what we’ve seen, they already have an official app.

So, they don’t allow other applications to create issues for their own app.

How Can You Use Owlet On Your Smartphone?

How Can You Use Owlet On Your Smartphone

If you don’t know how to connect and use Owlet on your mobile, it’s pretty simple.

You can do this using the Owlet app, available for both Android and iOS users.

You only need to go to the Play Store or App Store.

Download the application and install it.

After installing the app, you can easily connect Owlet products to your smartphone.

It allows you to stream Owlet’s baby monitor from anywhere.

The app lets mothers check their baby’s sleeping position and state.

In addition, it’s perfect for checking the baby’s oxygen level, heart rate, and so forth.

You’ll receive notifications in case of an emergency, so it’s an ideal app to know the health of your child.

So, you don’t need Alexa if you can monitor your baby with the official Owlet app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Owlet products suitable for the baby?

Owlet is a good brand for creating devices and products that help moms.
You can use their baby monitor and sleep peacefully in your room.
The smart sock helps check the baby’s health like oxygen level, heart rate, etc.
No product can solve all problems, but Owlet makes the infant mother’s life easy.

Does the Owlet app cost money?

Well, the good news we’ve for you is the app is free.
You don’t need to pay the company to download the app.
Go to the Play Store or iOS App Store and download the Owlet app.

Does Owlet work with other voice assistants?

The bad part of using Owlet devices is it’s only compatible with their official app.
If you think you can use it with Alexa or other voice assistants, it’s better not to bother.
There’s no way that you can use any voice assistant with the Owlet product.

Will Owlet work without Wi-Fi?

Owlet is designed to work seamlessly with its app on Android or iPhone smartphones.
You can access the data through Wi-Fi or without Wi-Fi.
In case the Wi-Fi connection goes down, you can check your baby’s details by connecting it via Bluetooth or hotspot.


It’s impossible to connect Alexa and Owlet products.

Not only Alexa, but you also can’t use any voice assistant device like Google Assistant.

If you want to use Owlet smartly with the app, then the only option available for you is the official app of Owlet.

With this, you can monitor everything about your baby and do your work peacefully.

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