How To Connect AirPods To Alexa – 2 Best Methods

You might be quite familiar with Alexa and the wonderful features that it offers to its users. Alexa is undoubtedly one of the fantastic gadgets we have now for daily use. However, most people face the problem of how to connect AirPods to Alexa.

The simplest way is to give a voice command to Alexa to connect to your AirPods. However, if you are in a situation where you can’t give a voice command, you can do it manually as well. To do so: Open the Alexa app on your phone and connect it from settings.

There is a growing trend of going wireless these days. Most people prefer wireless devices such as wireless chargers, computer-mouse, keyboards, headphones, and many other devices. The good news is that you can use Alexa with AirPods instead of tangled wired headphones.

Methods To Connect AirPods To Alexa

How To Connect AirPods To Alexa – 2 Best Methods

Though AirPods can be connected to Alexa, you can’t enjoy the playback features of Alexa. Connecting AirPods to Alexa is not difficult with the below-given methods. Check them out and enjoy the wonderful features of Alexa without disturbing others.

Give Command To Alexa – Simple Method

The simplest method is to turn on your Alexa device and give it a command to connect to XYZ (the name of your AirPods). However, before that, don’t forget to press the small button on your Airpods.

Pressing the button will activate your AirPods, and nearby Bluetooth devices can discover them. Once your Airpods are discovered, Alexa will automatically connect to them, and you can give further orders through your AirPods now.

Use Alexa App On Your Phone – Manual Method

Sometimes one can not give a voice command to Alexa for any reason. It may be that someone is sleeping nearby, or you might be in a library where you can’t give a voice command to Alexa. In such situations, you can do this process manually to connect AirPods.

First, open your AirPods and press the button on the backside of the AirPods case to make it discoverable. Now, open the Alexa app on your phone and follow these simple steps.

  • Tap on the “more” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and go to settings.
  • In the settings tab, select the device you want to connect with your AirPods.
  • Afterward, tap on the “Bluetooth Devices” option.
  • If your AirPods are not previously paired with Alexa, tap on “Pair a new device.”
  • Turn on the pairing mode on your AirPods.
  • Now, tap your AirPod’s name on your phone screen, and it will start pairing.
  • Once paired, your AirPods will be ready to use.

Connecting Alexa With Other Bluetooth Devices

Connecting Alexa With Other Bluetooth Devices
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AirPods is a great choice as it allows you to watch or hear anything on your phone without disturbing others. However, if you want to share a song with other members of your room, you can’t do it without removing the AirPods.

For that, you can either disconnect the AirPods or connect Alexa to some other Bluetooth device. Connecting Alexa to another Bluetooth device is similar to connecting Alexa with AirPods. Just give it a voice command or follow the manual method mentioned above.

However, you must first disconnect it from the AirPods. Disconnecting Alexa from AirPods allows you to either use the inbuilt speaker of your phone or connect it with another Bluetooth speaker. Here is how we do it.

  • Go to settings on the Alexa App.
  • Go to the Bluetooth option and tap the info button.
  • Tap “disconnect” to disconnect your AirPods from Alexa.
  • You can tap “forget device” to remove the AirPods name from your phone.

However, we suggest you not remove your device from the phone. You can also connect Alexa to another device while keeping it connected to your AirPods.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if the AirPods fail to connect with Alexa?

Once connected, you can use Alexa through the AirPods now. However, if you face some issues or the phone says that AirPods are not connected, you can reconnect the device. If the issue remains the same, delete the app info on your phone and reconnect the AirPods.

What if the AirPods start blinking an orange light?

A blinking orange light means your AirPods are running out of battery. Try to recharge them as soon as possible for smooth working. The low battery of your AirPods can also result in connectivity issues.

How do I put my AirPods into the “Pairing Mode”?

Get out your AirPods from its casing and hold the small button on the backside of the case. As the white light starts flashing, your AirPods are now discoverable by other Bluetooth devices and ready to pair.


AirPods are the best alternative for wired headphones to eliminate the tangled wires that always create a mess. However, using the AirPods correctly can be difficult if you are new to it. Delicate devices such as AirPods are tricky to handle and use correctly.

This article discussed “How to connect AirPods to Alexa.” Moreover, we also discussed how you could disconnect your AirPods to connect Alexa with another Bluetooth speaker. We hope you can now connect/disconnect your AirPods.

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