Is Alexa Compatible With Z-Wave – A Detailed Guide

Alexa is one of the best gadgets for home automation and security. This one gadget can serve you to the fullest to improve your smart home. But we always want to add more and more options to our gadget line. Z-Wave is one of these options you can set up in your home.

Z-Wave hubs can control almost all of your smart home devices, including bulbs, door locks, and many more. If you can install both Alexa and Z-Wave, it’ll improve your home automation experience. With Alexa, you can control Z-Wave and all the connected devices through voice.

But is Alexa compatible with Z-Wave to control your devices by giving commands?

The answer is Yes. If you want to use it along with your Alexa, it’s possible, and you can connect them. You’ll need a separate Z-Wave hub to integrate with Alexa through your Wi-Fi connection. It’ll let you control your smart devices integrated with Z-Wave through Alexa.

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Can Alexa Be Used With Z-Wave Devices?

As discussed earlier, Alexa and Z-Wave, in combination, can do several magical things. You can connect Z-Wave to your smart home devices to control them using the app. If you want to transform this automation into voice control, Alexa can help. 

Is Alexa Compatible With Z-Wave – A Detailed Guide

Yes, you can use Alexa with Z-Wave using a Z-Wave hub to connect Alexa with it. You can control all these devices by adding Alexa to your Z-Wave app. After that, you’ll be able to give voice commands to manage all the devices connected to Z-Wave.

Steps To Connect Alexa With Top Z-Wave Hubs

Your home is experiencing such a great change, isn’t it? We have several Z-Wave hubs in the market out there. SmartThings, Hubitat, and Ring Alarm are the most common. You can integrate all these hubs with Alexa to control them through voice. 

Most Z-Wave hubs have integrations with Alexa by default, making the entire setup process easy. It’s time to start the actual work, and now, we’ll discuss the steps for these 3 known hubs. If you have already connected your Alexa to Wi-Fi, set up only Z-Wave, as we’ll show you. 

Connect Alexa To SmartThings

SmartThings Logo

To connect Alexa to SmartThings, you can use either the Alexa or SmartThings app. But here, in this method, we’ll use the Alexa app. So, you need to have your Alexa account and set up ready to start the process. Let’s get straight into the steps:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone.
  • Go to Settings and click Connected Home.
  • Click on Link with SmartThings below Device Links.
  • Log in to your SmartThings account using your details.
  • Use the menu to select the SmartThings device’s location. 
  • You’ll see SmartThings devices in My Device List.
  • Check the object boxes you’d like to access through Alexa.
  • Tap Authorize, and you’ll see the following message.

“Alexa has been successfully linked with SmartThings.”

  • Close the current window by tapping the X sign. 
  • Next, you’ll land on the Settings page of Connected Home.
  • Tap Devices and click on Discover Devices. 
  • Wait for a while, so Alexa finds SmartThings devices. 

Once you see the Devices Discovered message, all the SmartThings items will appear on the Devices page. Now, you can use Alexa with SmartThings and control the devices connected to SmartThings. 

Connect Alexa To Hubitat

Hubitat Logo

For Hubitat, you must have already set up both Habitat and Alexa devices. Plus, you’ll need to access your Hubitat account using a web browser and Alexa account using its app. After having all these things ready, you can connect both devices through the steps below.

  • Log in to Hubitat and select Apps on the interface’s left side.
  • Click on +Add Built-In App in the right upper corner.
  • Choose Amazon Echo from the list of Built-In Apps.
  • Choose the devices you would like Alexa to control.
  • Once you select all the devices, click Done.
  • Now, open your Amazon Alexa app.
  • Tap the Devices icon in the extreme bottom right.
  • Tap the + sign in the upper right corner to add a new device type.
  • Tap Add Device and scroll down the page, and tap Other. 
  • In the last step, tap the Discover Devices button.

After connecting Alexa and Hubitat, you can control the discovered devices with your voice. You can manage these devices, their access, and much more. 

Connect Alexa To Ring Alarm

Is Alexa Compatible With Z-Wave – A Detailed Guide
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Ring Alarm is another best hub working on Z-Wave technology. You can also connect this hub with your Alexa device to control it through voice commands. In this section, we’ll discuss the steps for how you can connect Alexa to Ring Alarm. Let’s get started:

  • First of all, open the Alexa app on your phone. 
  • Click on the three-lined menu in the upper left corner.
  • Choose “Skills & Games,” and you’ll see the search option.
  • In the search option, search for the “Ring” term. 
  • Tap the “Enable” option next to the Ring skill.
  • Sign in to your Ring account using your credentials.
  • At last, tap the “Discover Devices” option.

Once your Ring Alarm and Alexa device connect, you’ll need to enable the disarming option. It’ll let you disarm the Ring Alarm through your voice. To do so, follow these quick steps:

  • Open the Alexa app again and select your connected Ring Alarm.
  • Go to the setting of Ring Alarm and turn on the “Disarm by voice” option. 
  • Follow on-screen instructions and set up your 4-digit voice code. 
  • Now, you’re ready to use or control Ring Alarm through Amazon Alexa. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Z-Wave connect to Alexa?

Yes, Z-Wave can be connected to Alexa using a Z-Wave hub. You’ll have to connect all your Z-Wave devices to the hub and, finally, to your Alexa device. Connecting your Alexa device and hub allows you to control your Z-Wave devices using voice commands. 

What devices are compatible with Z-Wave?

There are many devices compatible with Z-Wave, thanks to the latest technology. SmartThings, Hubitat, Piper, and Wink hubs are among them. Along with Z-Wave products, you can also use them with other home automation devices. 

Do I need a hub for Z-Wave? 

Yes, you’ll need a hub for Z-Wave. Using a Z-Wave hub allows you to harness all the power of your Z-Wave devices. It lets you set timings for your devices to turn on and off and control them when away. And to further increase your experience, connect your hub with Alexa. 


If you want to enjoy using the Z-Wave or its hub and control smart devices through voice, that’s possible. These hubs will control your Z-Wave devices, and you can control your hub through Alexa. Adding both devices can be difficult, but you can do it if you have some knowledge.

Our final answer to “is Alexa compatible with Z-Wave” is a big Yes. You can set up your favorite Z-Wave hub with Alexa to control Z-Wave devices through voice commands. If you’re just starting your smart home journey and adding up things, we wish you the best and enjoy.

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