How To Connect Govee Lights To Alexa? (Easy Ways)

Govee strip lights are an excellent choice to make your smart home more pretty.

They give your smart home an elegant feel with multiple colors and brightness adjustments.

However, sometimes, it is irritating to control the lights manually through the Govee app.

Plus the process of turning on and off the lights is also a hectic job.

That’s why I found a solution, why not connect Govee lights to an Amazon Echo device and control them through voice commands?

Isn’t it great?

So, here is a quick method of how to connect Govee lights to Alexa.

  1. Open the Alexa app, go to the “Device” option and click on “Echo & Alexa.”
  2. Then go to “Skills & Games”, search for the “Govee Home” Skill, and allow it.
  3. Sign in to your Govee Home account.
  4. Click on add devices, and find your Govee strip light.
  5. Once Alexa discovers your lights, connect them one by one.
  6. After this, you can control Govee Lights with Alexa

We are not done yet! Here is something exciting for you.

This blog post will cover a detailed overview of Govee Lights’ connection with Alexa.

Common queries and their troubleshooting, plus Govee lights Alexa commands and more.

So if you’re interested to learn, keep reading!

How To Connect Govee Lights To Alexa? Explained!

How To Connect Govee Lights To Alexa?

First of all, you’ve to make sure that all the LED lights are wifi compatible.

Then, connect them with the adapter in the box.

However, you can also buy a separate smart adapter/plug that would be more convenient.

Afterward, download the Govee and Alexa mobile apps.

Create your account on both apps and note down their username and passwords.

Start with the Govee Mobile App

Start with the Govee Mobile App

Now, turn on Bluetooth and open the Govee app.

You will see a blank page without a device connected if you are registering for the first time.

To add Govee smart lights to the app, click on the + icon on the top.

The app will search for the nearest smart lights, and you can add them one by one.

Once all the devices are connected, rename each light with a specific place name to control them later on.

Move to Alexa Mobile App

Move to Alexa Mobile App

Once you’ve connected your lights with the Govee mobile app, it’s time to connect with the Alexa app to control them remotely.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa mobile app and sign into your account.
  2. Then, go to the menu and select “Skills & Games.”
  3. Search for “Govee” in the Skills section and select it when it comes up.
  4. Next, select “Enable Skill.”
  5. After that, you need to link your Govee account with your Amazon.
  6. To do this, enter your Govee username and password when prompted.
  7. You will then see a list of all nearby lights on the screen.
    Select each of them or select all and connect them.
    You can now control Govee lights with your voice using Alexa.

To test it out, say, “Alexa, turn on the bedroom Govee light” or “Alexa, turn off the bedroom Govee smart light.”

You can also change the color of your lights by saying something like “Alexa, set the light to red” or “Alexa, set the light to green.”

Using Alexa, you can dim or brighten your lights.

You can do many other things with Govee lights and Alexa; these are just some of the most basic commands.

Try other things and see what you can come up with.

Note: Please ensure that you’re connected to high-speed wifi, otherwise you may not be able to access Alexa.

Also, make sure you keep them in a safe place so the smart lights can last longer.

Govee Light Alexa Commands

Once you’ve connected your Govee strip lights with Alexa, it’s time to control them with voice commands.

But before starting, make sure you classify each light with its name in the Govee mobile app.

For example, you can change the bedroom lights to “Bedroom,” kitchen lights to “Kitchen” and front yard lights to “Front yard”.

Meanwhile, you’ve to be clear about what light you are talking about with Alexa, so she can understand your command clearly.

Govee Light Alexa Commands
Turn on the light.Alexa, turn on the (light name).Alexa, Turn on the bedroom Govee lights.
Increase/decrease power.Alexa, set (light name) to (0-100)%.Alexa set Front yard Govee lights to 70%.
Dim lightsAlexa, dim (name)Alexa, dim kitchen Govee lights
Bright your lightsAlexa, increase the brightness of (name)Alexa, brighten the bedroom. Govee light
Set a colorAlexa set the bedroom Govee lights to pinkAlexa, set the bedroom Govee lights to pink
Change the light color.Alexa, change (name) to the yellow color.Alexa, change the kitchen Govee light to yellow color.
Set a schedule.Alexa, turn on all Govee lights (Time).Alexa, turn on all Govee lights at 7 p.m. 
Turn off the lights. Alexa, turn off all/specific lights.Alexa, turn off the kitchen Govee lights.

Troubleshooting Connection Problems: How To Connect Govee Lights To Alexa?

Troubleshooting Connection Problems

If you don’t know how to connect Govee Lights to Alexa, you’re not alone.

Several things can be done to fix this common problem.

See below for a list of causes and solutions.

Check your Wi-Fi connection to Connect Govee Lights To Alexa

First, make sure your Wi-Fi network is working properly.

If there are any hiccups with your network, it could be the reason why your lights aren’t connecting.

You can check your internet connection speed to see if there are any network issues.

To troubleshoot a slow internet connection, contact your internet service provider.

Update Alexa and Govee Mobile apps

The Alexa and Govee apps are frequently updated.

As a result, the old version can cause connection problems.

That’s why it’s important to keep checking for the latest updates.

Ensure that both apps are updated, and try reconnecting them after updating them.

Update the firmware on your Govee lights

If you still have trouble connecting after checking your Wi-Fi connection and updating the software.

The next thing to do is ensure your Govee lights are running with the latest firmware.

Firmware updates often contain fixes for bugs that can cause connection problems.

To update the firmware on your lights, open the Govee Home app and go to the “Device Settings” section.

Select the light you want to update from there and follow the prompts.

Reset to Connect Govee Lights To Alexa

Reset to Connect Govee Lights To Alexa

If updating the firmware doesn’t do the trick, resetting your lights might be necessary.

This will delete all of the custom settings you’ve created for your lights, so back up any presets before proceeding.

To reset your lights, open the Govee Home app and go to the “Device Settings” section.

Select the light you want to reset from there and tap the “Reset” button.

Once your light has been reset, try reconnecting it to Alexa again.

Contact Govee customer support

If you’ve tried all of the above troubleshooting steps and you’re still having trouble connecting, it’s time to contact Govee customer support for help.

You can reach out via email or live chat through the Govee Home app or website.

Be sure to have as much information about your setup handy as possible so that customer support can help resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why I’m unable to connect Govee lights to Alexa?

Govee lights may not work with Alexa if you have a weak Wi-Fi connection or old app software.

The best way to solve this issue is to check your internet connection and update Alexa and Govee apps to the latest version.

Plus, you can also disconnect the Govee app with Alexa and then reconnect it.

How to put Govee lights in pairing mode?

To put the pairing mode of lights with the Govee app, turn on the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone and open the app.

Now click on the + icon and write “H613D” in the search bar.

You’ll find all the Govee lights near your device; select one by one and start pairing mode.

Can I control Govee lights with Alexa without wifi?

No, you can’t. To control smart Govee lights with Alexa a high-speed wifi connection is necessary.

That means, without a wifi connection, you can’t control Govee lights with Alexa.


The Govee lights are a great way to change the ambiance of your home with just a voice command.

With millions of color and brightness combinations available, there’s sure to be a perfect lighting scheme for any mood or occasion.

I hope you’ve got the answer about connecting Govee Lights to Alexa.

Make sure you keep your apps updated with the latest version.

As the old app version can disconnect them.

At the same time, common issues can occur when connecting Govee lights with Alexa, follow the above guide to conquer them.

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