What Is Intelligent Mode On Samsung TV And How Does It Work?

Samsung TVs are famous for their quality.

They also improve day by day to adapt to the higher requirements of users.

One of this brand’s most outstanding features is the Intelligent Mode.

So what is Intelligent Mode on Samsung TV?

How can it upgrade your viewing experiences?

You must be curious, so I won’t let you wait any longer!

Join me today to discover this terrific technology!

What Is Intelligent Mode On Samsung TV?

The Intelligent Mode on Samsung TV is a mode that allows the TV to adjust its settings depending on the surrounding environment.

Hence, it can improve your viewing experience.

What Is Intelligent Mode On Samsung TV?


The Samsung TV Intelligent Mode offers many impressive features. For example:

●       Adaptive Picture

This feature can check how much light is in your room and what content you are watching.

Then, it will change the screen’s brightness so you can see the pictures clearly.

For example, if it’s bright outside, your Samsung TV will get brighter.

And if it’s dark, the screen can dim down to help you enjoy the best picture without straining your eyes.

●       Adaptive Voice Amplifier

The Intelligent Mode can adjust the sound, too.

If there is a lot of noise in your room because people are talking, the TV can make the voices in the movie louder.

This way, you don’t need to keep changing the volume yourself.

●       Adaptive Sound+

This feature does an amazing job of analyzing the acoustics in your room.

Then, it will modify the sound settings of the TV to match the room and the content.

For instance, if you are watching an action movie, the sound should be more powerful and exciting than a love movie.

In this case, select the “Adaptive Sound+” feature to achieve an immersive audio effect.

●       Adaptive Volume

Your TV can remember how your room sounds.

Based on its memory, it can change the sound settings to match what you are watching.

I’m totally impressed with this feature.

I always play video games with low volumes because I don’t want to disturb my family.

Surprisingly, my TV remembers that.

Then every time I play a game, it sets the volume low automatically.

●       EyeComfort

This feature is available in the QLED 2023 models.

It allows the TV to sync with the sunset and sunrise.

Then, it adjusts the screen brightness accordingly, making the screen gentler to watch.


All the features can upgrade your experience – Source: Wallpaper Flare


The Samsung Intelligent Mode offers many advantages, making watching TV and playing games with it much more fun.

The best thing about this mode is that you don’t need to keep using the remote control.

The TV is smart enough to know what settings to use based on what you are watching and the environment around you.

Moreover, the TV’s sound becomes better with the Intelligent Mode.

I can hear the voices and sound effects in the movies clearly.



Unfortunately, the Intelligent Mode still has some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

First, the mode may not get it right sometimes.

In dark scenes, the mode can make them too bright.

As a result, you can’t enjoy the right mood.

Moreover, while the mode is convenient, it doesn’t give you much control.

Since it adjusts the settings, you can’t customize them to your preferences.

Another thing to consider is the continuous adjustment.

The mode changes the screen brightness based on the surroundings.

However, those changes may be distracting, especially when you use the TV as a computer monitor for work.

How to Turn Samsung Intelligent Mode On or Off?

You can quickly turn the Samsung Intelligent Mode on by following these steps:

  • Press “Home” on the remote control.
  • Choose “Settings” on the TV screen.
  • In “Settings,” look for “General” and choose it.
How to Turn Samsung Intelligent Mode On or Off

Choose “Intelligent Mode Settings” – Source: YouTube

  • Tap on “Intelligent Mode Settings” if it’s in the “Off” state.
    Then, it will be on. On the other hand, if you want to deactivate the mode, click on it again so the mode can turn off.
  • There is a list of features for Intelligent mode. You can choose the ones you want to turn on or off.

As I mentioned earlier, there are up to five features. Samsung doesn’t ask you to activate all of them.

So, feel free to experiment with each option and settle on the best settings for your needs.

However, please note that the Intelligent Mode is only available on some Samsung TV models, such as The Serif, The Sero, The Frame, and QLED (not including the Q6 series).

Besides, make sure nothing is blocking the sensor.

It’s often on the front bottom side of your TV.

If you unintentionally block it, your TV can’t sense the environmental and content conditions.

Another benefit of this mode is that the on-screen options may appear in your language.

So, no worries if they don’t look exactly like the ones I use in my instructions above.


The Samsung Intelligent Mode can adjust the settings of your TV by analyzing the surrounding environment.

It can also remember and repeat your previous settings when you display the same content.

Interesting, right? So why don’t you try it? With this feature, you don’t always have to keep the remote control.

Just rest on your sofa and enjoy your movie time! Thank you for reading!

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