How To Remove Bright Spots on Samsung TV? Fixed in 10 Steps

White or bright spots on your Samsung Tv screen are common problems.

If you are a Samsung user facing this bright spots issue, too. You must be here to find a solution to these spots.

Relax, this is not a big deal many Samsung users face the same issue especially when their Tv get older.

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Some questions like why are these spots appearing on the screen? And How you can get rid of them can reflect in your mind. Shortly, these loose reflectors are the main cause of this problem. Once these reflectors are repaired you can get rid of these irritating spots.

In this article we  will discuss briefly:

  • Reasons for these bright spots 
  • Steps to solve the bright spots issue on the screen.

Why Bright Spots On Samsung TV?

How To Remove Bright Spots on Samsung TV? Fixed in 10 Steps

If you see white spots on your Samsung Tv screen these are due to stuck pixels inside the screen.

But many times there are dead pixels that cause black spots instead of white spots on the screen.

It is wrong to say that the white spots on the screen appear due to the damaged or moved reflectors of the LED Screens.

Samsung LED TVs are not made using any reflectors.

Therefore, there is not any concern of damaged reflectors to these white spots in LED TVs.

Some Samsung TVs like LG TVs use reflectors and may have white spots when the reflectors move from their position.

But these reflectors really belong to the bright spots that appear on the LG screen.

Whenever the reflectors get misplaced from their location you will see some bright spots on the screen.

Reason Behind Bright Spots On Samsung TV

Reason Behind Bright Spots On Samsung TV

The main reason for the bright spots on any Samsung Tv screen is the reflectors. Reflectors can really affect the visuality of your Tv screen.

When these reflectors inside the Tv get loose they cause bright spots. Reflectors are basically used to spread the light instead of emitting it at a single point.

But, when these reflectors move to any other location they cannot work properly.

Due to this all lights inside the Tv shine at a single point. Then you see a bright spot on that particular point.

In this way, bright spot on Tv screen due to the reflectors.

How To Solve Bright Spots On Samsung TV?

Before we start our step guide about the bright spots.

Here is one thing you should be aware of. The thing you should know is the opening of the Tv.

How To Solve Bright Spots On Samsung TV

It means you have to open the Tv to start the repair process.


If you have already done opening any Tv (before) you can open it this time, too. But if you haven’t experienced the opening of a Tv you should contact an expert for this purpose.

In case, you want to get this experience now, make sure to use all the safety measures.

Following are some safety measures to follow:

  • Wear your Footwear
  • Don’t forget to use gloves while working
  • Follow all the instructions carefully for opening

In this way, you can save yourself as well as your TV from any harm.

Step 1. Ready the items you need while working

As you have to open the Tv and glue the Tv back once you have repaired the reflectors.

The things you need during this process are given below:

Step 2. Unplug the Tv

Now, you need to unplug your Tv. Before unplugging turn your Tv off and then unplug it from the main power supply.

Unplug the Tv 


Wait for a few minutes so that the capacitor can drain the remaining power. This will save you to get any electric shock.

Step 3. Unscrew and remove the screw from your Tv

Find all the screws present at the back of your Tv.

Now hold the perfect size Screwdriver and unscrew all the screws.

Unscrew and remove the screw from your Tv

Here using magnetized and demagnetized screwdrivers can make work easier.

During Unscrewing do not forget to have a good concentration on screw placement according to the sizes.

This means all Screws have different sizes place them properly so you don’t miss any screws.

Step 4. Remove the back cover of your Tv

Once you have unscrewed all the screws from the back of the screen.

It’s time to remove the back cover of your Tv screen. For this purpose, you may need to lift up the cover.

It may be a little harder so use a prying tool to make a gap between the Tv and its cover.

Step 5. Flip your Tv

Now to make the repair process easier place or flip your Tv in such a position that your Tv back faces the roof.

Flip your Tv

No need to worry about the components. Samsung TVs are lightweight that can prevent damage.

Step 6. Remove your Tv screen

You have to unscrew the edges of the screen to remove your Tv screen.

A pry tool can be used to lift up the frame of the screen.

Now, you will see ribbon cables disconnect these cables carefully from the screen.

Step 7. Lifting of the diffuser panel

After removing the cable you will see a diffuser panel inside your Tv.

These Diffuse the light from the reflectors. You have to lift these diffusers to see the reflectors

Step 8. Regulate the reflectors

Just beneath the diffuser panel here are the reflectors. There are some lenses that are misplaced from their location and cause spots.

These lenses might be loose and moved from their place. You need to regulate the reflectors in place.

Step 9. Put the diffuser back

As you have done repair now it’s time to rape up. Insert your diffuser penal at its place and press to lock it in its location.

Step 10. Return the screen and cover of the Tv back

The second last step to follow is returning the screen and then the cover of the Tv back to their place.

First, Return and screw your screen and its frame.

Secondly, Screw the cover of the Tv back carefully.

Step 11. Test your screen

Test your screen

This final step is plugging and testing the screen.

Now Plug in your Tv and Turn it ON. Finally, Test your screen.


If your screen is not working and you still cannot get rid of the bright spots you should contact an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some lenses are present inside the Tv. LED lights shine through these lenses. When these lenses move to any other location reflectors shine the lights at a single point that causes White spots on the screen.

Including the labor and replacement parts fixing of bright spots generally cost around $100 to $150 to fix. Which is a normal cost.

No, LED lights do not burn out. There is not any filament that can cause the burning of LED lights. LED TVs are just like LCD TVs. They last as long as a Transistor due to the semiconductor material.


Bright spots on TVs never look good on the screen. These spots are due to the reflectors when they move to another location.

We have already discussed all the steps to fix this problem.

Make sure you follow the steps carefully, moreover, following the tips may become easier for you.

In addition, it’s important to make sure that your TV is in the warranty, don’t try to fix it. You can contact your seller for any troubleshooting.

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