How To Disconnect Spotify From Alexa? 3 Must-Try Methods

I love Spotify, but sometimes I want to change my mood.

So, how to disconnect Spotify from Alexa?

If you have the same question, you are at the right place!

Today, I will share the simple steps to disconnect Spotify from Alexa.

It won’t take long, and you can always reconnect later if you change your mind.

So let’s dive in!

How To Disconnect Spotify From Alexa?

You can disconnect Spotify from Alexa by using the Alexa app, Spotify app, or on the Spotify website.

All of these three methods are straightforward.

How To Disconnect Spotify From Alexa?

Spotify App

By Alexa App

This method is the easiest. You just need to follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Alexa app on your phone or tablet.
  • Look for the menu icon and tap it to access the menu.
  • Within the menu, choose “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Music & Media.”
  • You will see a list of linked devices in the “Music & Media” section. So just locate “Spotify” and tap on it.
  • Choose “Disconnect.”

It’s also super easy to reconnect it using the same steps as before.

By the way, now that you know how to disconnect Spotify from Alexa, let me tell you about some awesome features the music streaming service offers!

First, I want to talk about Spotify Connect.

This feature lets you control your Spotify music using your Amazon Echo.

Once you’ve linked your Spotify account to your device, you can easily ask it to play your playlists and favorite songs from Spotify.

And if you’re a Premium Spotify user, you can access some exclusive offers like hands-free listening.

This feature is perfect for working out.

Here’s a fun tip! If you use an Echo Dot, it can act as a fantastic makeshift speaker!

It will play your songs loud and clear throughout your space!

By Alexa App

1. Use Alexa app

By Spotify App

If you don’t use Spotify anymore, try these steps to disconnect it from your Alexa:

  • Access the Spotify app.
  • Tap on “Settings.”
  • Find “Linked devices” under “Account.” Then, you can see all the connected devices to the Spotify account.
  • Locate “Alexa” on that list and choose the trash can symbol to disconnect the device.

You’ve successfully disconnected Spotify from your Alexa account.

So, you won’t be able to use voice commands to play music from Spotify on your Alexa-enabled device anymore.

But don’t worry! If you change your mind, you can easily follow the same steps to link the two accounts once more.

2. Use Spotify app

By Spotify Website

The last method for disconnecting Spotify from Alexa is to use the Spotify website. The steps are simple:

  • First, launch a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your computer.
  • In the address bar of the web browser, type in “” and press “Enter” to visit the website.
  • Log in to your Spotify account to access your account.
  • After logging, you should see your username. So click it to display a drop-down menu.
  • Select “Account.”
  • In the account settings, find the “Spotify Connect” section, then choose “Disconnect from Alexa.”
  • A pop-up confirmation message will appear on the screen. It asks you to confirm that you want to disconnect Spotify from Alexa.  So click “Okay.”
  • Finally, you should receive a notification indicating that Spotify has been successfully disconnected from Alexa.

3. Use Spotify website

Why Is Spotify Over Other Music Services?

Spotify is such a nice choice for listening to music.

Here are the reasons why I love it more than other music services.

Music experience

Spotify offers so much music – over 50 million songs!

With this app, I have a massive music library at my fingertips.

I can find all types of songs and artists quickly.

Special features like Spotify Connect also allow me to control my music using voice commands with devices like Alexa.

Free tier

Another great thing is I can try Spotify for free!

Then, after the trial period, I decide whether to subscribe or not.

Mobile app

Spotify’s app is awesome! It works on my phone smoothly and is easy to use.

I can search for songs and create playlists.

The functional app also helps me manage my music whenever possible.

Another advantage of the app is that it can run on both Android and iOS devices.

So just install it on your phone regardless of the operating system, and there you go!

Why Is Spotify Over Other Music Services


Collaboration is a fantastic aspect of Spotify that makes the music experience even more enjoyable.

I love how easy it is to find and create playlists.

I can also share them with my friends.

This feature is cool because it lets me connect with more people through music.

It’s a fun way to discover new songs and artists I may not find on my own.

Discovery feature

One of the best things is Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist.

Every week, Spotify recommends new songs it thinks I’ll like based on what I’ve been listening to.


1. Why does Spotify keep disconnecting?

There are various reasons for it. For example:

  • The internet connection is weak.
  • Your app is outdated.
  • You are using multiple devices.
  • The limited data usage may make Spotify disconnect from your Alexa.
  • The data in the cache has been damaged.

2. Why did my Alexa randomly disconnect?

Your Alexa may disconnect randomly because of the unstable internet connection.

Another cause is that the Echo doesn’t connect.

3. How do I fix Spotify Connect?

Spotify may disconnect due to app issues or outdated software.

So, you need to restart the app, update it and the device’s software.

You can also try disconnecting Spotify from your device and reconnecting it.

4. Why can’t I update my Spotify?

You should check the internet connection first.

Then, restart your device. Cleaning the cache is also helpful.


You can disconnect Spotify from Alexa easily with three easy methods: the Alexa app, the Spotify app, or the Spotify website.

Each method has only a few steps. So feel free to choose the method that suits you best.

Thank you for reading!

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