How Do I Connect Fire Stick To Another TV – A Complete Guide

Do you want to connect Fire Stick to another TV to have fun on the go?

If so, this blog is for you.

We’ll guide you about the Fire TV Stick, how to connect it to another TV, and the complications you may face.

So, keep reading till the end, and you’ll find the solution.

Quick Info

It’s easy to connect Firestick to another TV, and you can do it yourself. You have to unplug your Fire TV Stick from the old TV, plug it into the new TV, and do the setup. If you faced issues with connecting to Wi-Fi, try Wi-Fi with the same name and password you used earlier.

Knowing the connection process from plugging into getting Wi-Fi is essential when connecting Firestick to another TV. If you can do this, you can connect the Firestick easily wherever you want.

But don’t worry; we have your back covered to take you through the process.

Can You Connect the Fire Stick To Another TV?

Can You Connect the Fire Stick To Another TV

The Fire TV Stick is a perfect device for spending time with your partner or friends.

You can play your favorite music at a party or watch a favorite show at a gathering.

What spoils the fun is when you can’t connect your Firestick to a new TV at your friend’s place for the first time.

Connecting a Firestick to another TV to watch your favorite show at your friend’s house is a great experience.

But do you think it’s possible to connect the Fire TV Stick to any TV you want?

So, the answer is yes. You need to unplug the Firestick from one TV and connect it to another.

Do you feel we have made this process very easy to perform? Lol! You don’t have to do much.

Your Firestick has an HDMI to insert into the TV’s port and a micro-USB for charging it.

So, when you want to connect your Fire TV Stick to any other TV, the TV must have an HDMI port.

How To Connect Firestick To Another TV – Steps To Follow

How To Connect Firestick To Another TV

If you’ve been trying to connect your Firestick to another TV for the last few hours, you’re lucky.

We’ll explain this entire method in great detail to make it easy.

Now, let’s move ahead and learn the steps to connect your Fire TV Stick to another TV.

Unplug Firestick

  • Unplug your Fire TV Stick from the TV it’s plugged in.
  • Remove the adapter from the power socket.

Plug-In Firestick

  • Plug your Firestick into the TV’s HDMI port you want to connect.
  • At the same time, plug in the adapter to keep it on.

Do The Setup

  • Turn on your TV and Firestick and wait until you see “Amazon Fire TV Stick.”
  • Once it appears, press the Source button on your remote and select HDMI.
  • Now, the device will begin booting and wait for a few minutes to complete.

Connect To Wi-Fi

  • As your Firestick needs a Wi-Fi connection to work, connect it to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Once done, all your favorite apps will appear on your Home Screen.

Complications After Moving Firestick

Complications After Moving Firestick

Most of the time, when we connect a Firestick to another TV for the first time, we face a few problems.

So, we’ll discuss these issues and provide their solutions in this section.

Before performing any step, understand the problem and follow the particular steps.

No Signal Message

It could be for resolution if you saw a “No Signal” message after connecting your Fire TV Stick.

This happens because, on your old TV, the resolution was different.

And on your new TV, you get a different resolution setup.

If this is your case, follow these steps:

  • Check the display resolution of the new TV.
  • Unplug the Firestick and replug it into your old TV.
  • Change the resolution to match the new TV.
  • Reconnect to the new TV, do the setup, and voila!
No Signal Message

Remote Not Paired

Remote pairing is another problem you might face when connecting your Fire TV Stick to another TV.

How would you know that your remote is not paired?

So, by pressing the keys, it won’t switch between menus. Follow these steps to solve this issue:

  • Unplug your Firestick and TV, wait for about 10 seconds, and plug them back.
  • Do the setup; your Firestick will start booting; wait for Home Screen to appear.
  • After that, press and hold the Home button on your remote for up to 30 seconds.
  • By doing so, you’ll see a “Remote Paired Successfully” message at the corner.

Can’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Last but not least, you can also encounter Wi-Fi connectivity issues after moving Firestick to another TV.

This happens because your Fire TV Stick needs the same Wi-Fi network to which it was previously connected.

If you are far from Wi-Fi, we’ve got a solution.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering option in your phone settings.
  • Edit the Hotspot name and password and set the ones on your Wi-Fi router.
  • Turn on your Firestick, disconnect from the TV, and reconnect after a few seconds.
  • Set up your Fire Stick TV again, let it boot, and connect to your device hotspot.
  • That’s all, and your Firestick will connect to your Mobile Hotspot automatically.

You should read this post ‘Do You Need Internet for Firestick?‘ if you want to know about this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can move your Firestick to another TV by unplugging it from your old TV and plugging it into the new one. Sometimes, the device fails to work, but if you are in your Wi-Fi range, it’ll connect automatically, and you can enjoy it.

No, you can connect your Firestick to any TV you want and don’t need to purchase a separate one. So, if you’re going to connect your Firestick at your friend’s place to their TV, you can do this with convenience.`

Yes, you can take your Firestick from one to another house and use it on another TV. Just keep in mind the TV you’re putting on the Fire TV Stick must have an HDMI port and provide the same Wi-Fi setting.
So, you can take your Fire TV Stick anywhere without any worries.


Well! That’s all about how to connect Firestick to another TV with simple steps.

Fire TV Stick allows you to enjoy your free time or days off where you want. This innovative device is like a studio and an alternative to the internet you can carry.

One of the best things about the Firestick is you won’t lose your media and apps installed on it. When you connect it to any TV, you’ll get access to all your previous data to play and enjoy.

So, you are now ready to go to your friend’s house, on a picnic, or to a hotel with your Fire TV Stick.

After reading this guide, we hope you can connect your Fire TV Stick to another TV. After moving your Firestick, you can have some problems connecting it back.

If you have any of the abovementioned issues, go through these steps again.

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