Who Makes ONN TVs In The Market – Full Details For You

ONN TVs are famous in the industry, and people love them to add to their new homes and even offices. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve heard about ONN TV from someone and want to get one.

This blog will tell you who makes ONN TVs, their features, and where to buy one. 

The manufacturer behind ONN TVs is the well-known manufacturing company, Durabrand. This company makes ONN products, including ONN TVs and Walmart sells them. But who will give you a warranty on your TV issues and repairs? It’s Element Electronics.

ONN brand TVs are one of the most selling devices from Walmart stores. The high-quality and top-notch features of these TVs make them the reliable yet affordable price.

So, let’s take a closer look at the company and factory and know more about this brand’s TVs.  

Who Owns ONN TVs Brand? 

The owner of ONN TVs is Walmart, which works as a distributor and gets its delivery from a manufacturing company.

If you think Walmart makes ONN TVs, you’re wrong. These TVs are exclusively manufactured for Walmart, so they are only under their ownership. 

Who Makes ONN TVs?

Who Makes ONN TVs In The Market – Full Details For You

The company that manufactures ONN TVs is Durabrand, which is a trading name for Walmart. This factory works in China, i.e., their plant, and manufactures these TVs and other ONN products.

They supply products to Walmart stores where users can buy their favorite items. 

Why Should You Get An ONN TV?

Well, if you want to buy an ONN TV for yourself, it’s necessary to know exactly what you’ll get. In short, ONN TVs are best for home use to watch movies and shows, and yes, in 4k.

So, let’s mention a few main things about this TV brand and enable you to decide. 

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One of the best features of ONN TVs is their reliance on a reliable brand, Walmart. Plus, the brand producing these products is trustworthy.

We have seen a lot of appreciation and positive reviews from consumers who have used ONN TVs. 

When it comes to a safe purchase, Walmart offers a unique warranty for faults and repairs. You have to take your TV to any nearest store, and you’ll get your TV after being repaired by Element Electronics.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about the quality and service. 


The best part about ONN TVs and why they are most popular among users is their affordable prices. You can get your desired size at competitive rates that no other brand offers.

This is a perfect budget option for those who want to enjoy the big screen for a low price.

The belief that “cheap price means cheap product” is inaccurate. Although ONN TVs are budget-friendly, you can expect features of a pricey brand.

But keep your expectations limited; you won’t get some features offered by brands like Sony, TCL, Samsung, or LG. 

Value For Money  

Think of performance, and the ONN TVs won’t disappoint you. ONN TVs offer the best value for your money, getting a little better than your budget.

Though limited, features like design, display, and sound output, are worth its price. Here’s what you’ll get for your money:

  • A Stunning Design

You’ll get a modern and attractive design for your bedroom, guest room, or anywhere else. If you are a design-oriented person, you should put your money here.

Body-wise, it’s pretty solid and durable. You get multiple options for connecting Fire Stick or any USB device.

  • A Perfect Display

If we talk about its picture quality, you can enjoy real-life pictures in 4K resolution. You won’t find this display even in some high-budget alternatives or at least in TVs at the same price tag.

So, you can enjoy Netflix and gaming on your console with high-quality graphics.

Best Place To Buy ONN TVs From

As ONN TVs are manufactured for Walmart, you can buy one from any nearest Walmart store in your city.

You can also buy one from other stores and even online, but you might not get the original device. For the best performance and quality product, the best option is Walmart.

You can buy other accessories like a remote, cable, etc., from another store. However, we won’t recommend buying a TV online or from another store.

You will find it cheaper if you buy the TV directly from Walmart. To get one, visit the store or order from the Walmart website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes ONN TVs for Walmart?

Durabrand, a company based in China, manages the manufacturing of ONN TVs. However, Walmart holds the selling rights or ownership and sells them in their stores. If ONN TVs are sold at Walmart, it does not mean Walmart makes them. 

Is ONN a good TV product?

Yes, ONN TVs are excellent for home and office use. They offer great build quality and clear images in 4K. With a reasonable price tag, they are the best-selling products. If you want to get one for your living room, we recommend it. 

What is another name for ONN TV?

Durabrand is the second name for ONN TV. Although it’s Walmart’s generic brand, it’s manufactured by Durabrand. So, you can call ONN TV Durabrand TV for its manufacturing rights with this company.  

Is ONN only sold at Walmart?

You can buy the original ONN TV only either at the local Walmart store or online from their website. If you want a used or refurbished TV to save some bucks, you can go to Amazon or any local store in your city. 


Well! That’s all about who makes ONN TVs in the market and for whom. It’s clear from this discussion that Walmart owns this brand, and Durabrand manufactures these TVs for Walmart.

They are available at Walmart stores for customers to buy from. 

ONN TVs are reliable and affordable products offered by Walmart. If you want to get a TV of average quality for your home, ONN TV is the best.

It won’t burn your pocket, and you’ll be amazed at its features and performance. 

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