[Fixed] White Spots On Samsung TV – Best 4 Ways To Remove

Sometimes the quality of Samsung TV screen decrease when it gets older. White spots on Samsung TV appear on the screen that reduces the visuality and looks bad. These spots appear on the screen When some parts of the screen move to other locations from their place. Spots may also occur due to the LED backlights that Samsung TV emits.

If you are facing the same issue you would definitely be in search of a solution to this problem. No need to worry at all, it is normal. In this article, we are going to discuss:

  • Reasons for White spots on Samsung TV screens
  • How to fix the issue of white spots

Hope you would get a complete guide to fix your problem. Stay tuned till the end to get the solution. So, without wasting time anymore let’s get straight into the article.

Samsung Tv with white spots on the screen

[Fixed] White Spots On Samsung TV - Best 4 Ways To Remove

When you open the Tv you will find a few LED lights inside it with some lenses and plastic reflectors covered by these lights. These lenses inside the Tv are fixed with glue just in the front of the LED lights.

So often when Samsung TVs get overheated the LED lights in the TV shift to another location which causes white spots on the screen. Due to these spots, the quality of the picture reduces. When these spots appear on the screen they look ugly and it may irritate you while you are watching your favorite serial on Tv.

2 Reasons for White spots on Samsung TV screen

The following are 2 main reasons for white spots on the screen:

  1. Dead pixels 
  2. LED Reflectors

1. Dead Pixel

Any picture that we watch appears on the screen due to the pixels of LED or LCD Tv. The quality of the picture depends on the pixel of the screen. High-quality pixels offer good-quality pictures on the screen. 

Sometimes, these pixels get damaged at a specific location and cause white spots at that position on the Tv Screen. In this way, the Dead pixels cause spots to appear on the screen.

2. LED Reflectors

Just like pixels of LCD or LED reflectors also decides the quality of the picture that appears on the screen. These reflectors spread LED lights on-screen and if these reflectors move from their position they cause a white spot on the screen.

4 Ways to Fix spots on your Samsung TV screen

Following are the ways to fix the spots on your TV screen

1. Adjust the brightness of your TV 

In some cases, the brightness can cause spots on the screen. High brightness can overheat your Tv screen due to which the pixels may get damaged. Then the damaged pixels cause spots on the screen. So, you need to Adjustment the brightness by the following steps:

  • Turn ON your Samsung Tv screen 
  • Go to the setting 
  • Now, Find and tap Picture 
  • Click on Expert settings
  • Reduce the brightness as much as lower you can choose

2. Check the physical damages

Internal damage does not cause spots on your screen all the time. Some physical damages can also be a reason. Therefore, before changing or checking the internal setting give a look at the physical damage. 

Step to check physical damages:

  • Turn off your Tv before unplugging 
  • Now, it is time to unplug your Tv
  • Here you need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Use a flashlight and shine on your Samsung Tv screen and all other parts
  • Look carefully at the screen

You may see any physical damage like:

  • Cracks 
  • Damaged glass
  • Deformation
  • Dents

It’s possible that you might see any physical damage. The most appropriate way to fix this issue is to take your Tv to an expert. But if you have not seen any physical damage you need to explore other solutions.

3. Contact Technicians

In case when your Tv has a warranty yet you can contact any Samsung support team in your Area. They will find and fix the damage free of cost. You can contact them through:

  • Online support 
  • Via Toll-Free number (1-800-726-7864) 

But if the warranty of your Tv has ended then contact some local experts. These professional technicians will solve your problem faster at a low cost.

4. Reglue the Reflector of your Tv 

The reflectors inside your Tv spread light in different areas at one time. When the reflectors of your Tv become damaged they won’t be able to spread the light. This light will reflect at a specific point without spreading. Due to this a white spot will appear on the screen.


For this solution, you will need to open your Samsung Tv. Opening the Tv and repairing internal components is not easy it may harm you. So, you should open the Tv just in case you have done this before. This will save your screen to become more damaged.

Steps to Reglue the reflectors of your Samsung TV 

Step 1. (Gear up )

While this type of fix, electric shocks are common. If you are not an expert you may be harmed by electric shock. So, to prevent this effect make sure to wear footwear and safety gloves while working and checking your Tv.

Step 2. (Keep the items )

Before starting the repair process make sure you have all the items ready that you may need while fixing. The following are the items you need while working:

  • Screwdrivers 
  • Superglue 
  • Toothpick
  • Prying Tool
Step 3. ( Unplug the TV )

Turn the Tv off and Unplug it from the power source.


After turning your Tv off wait for 15-20 minutes. During this period capacitors of the Tv will easily drain all the energy. This will protect you from any harm when you will open the Tv.

Step 4. ( Unscrew the back cover of your Tv )

Hold the screwdriver and find the screw at the back of your Tv screen. Now, it’s time to unscrew all the screws. Keep in mind which screw has to be at which place. Because the screws have different sizes. While Gluing it will be easier for you to screw at the right position.

Step 5. ( Lift the back cover )

Before lifting the cover make sure that you have unscrewed all the screws. Because if even a single screw remained unscrewed and you try to lift the cover. The cover of the Tv will break. Here create a gap between the back of your Tv and its cover with the help of a pry tool. This way you can lift the cover easily.

Step 6. ( Remove the Scree of your Tv )

Now, if you didn’t have unscrewed the screen frame before. Lift the screen up by using the prying tool and disconnect the cables.

Step 7. ( Remove the diffuser panel )

Once you open the Tv you will see a white paper-like layer called a diffuser panel. To keep the repair process continuing you have to remove the diffuser panel after opening the Tv.

Step 8. ( Glue the Reflectors in their place )

Now, look carefully that all the reflectors are at their location or not. All the reflectors should be in their place otherwise this may cause a white spot on the screen.

Step 9. ( Assemble your Tv again )

Now, when you have done the repair process:

  • Set the diffuser panel in place
  • Reset the screen 
  • Flip you Tv
  • Screw the Tv back carefully 
  • Now, turn your Tv ON 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main causes of white spots on Samsung Tv screens?

The main causes that we mostly observe are dead pixels or damaged reflectors. There might be some physical damage as well.

What are LCD Spots?

Spots on the screen that might be due to dirt or stuck and dead pixels. Dirt spots can be easily cleaned. But the stuck and dead pixels are a little harder to fix.

How much does it cost to fix bright spots on Tv?

Including replaced parts, labor, and all other expenses fixing the bright spots cost $100 to $150.


If you noticed white spots on your Samsung Tv screen you must be worried but it’s not a big deal. It might be due to dead pixels or damaged LED Reflectors. We have discussed all the solutions above. Hope you get the solution to your problem.

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